Darth Revan - Full Costume

Darth Revan – Full Costume – Inspired by Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Custom Prop Replica Costume 2024

Revan – Throughout the Star Wars universe, there is a character named Revan. As the role-playing video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, he was created by BioWare in 2003. It is up to players to decide the gender of Revan, what his appearance looks like, and what path he takes throughout the game, but canonically Revan is a male who follows the light side. 

Revan Story

As part of the story, Revan was a former Jedi who lived during the Old Republic Era (roughly 4,000 years before the original Star Wars film trilogy). Darth Revan became a Sith Lord and founded a Sith Empire to conquer the galaxy, fighting against the Republic’s armies. His friend and apprentice, Darth Malak, betrayed Revan and left him dead during a battle in which Malak sought to usurp him. The Jedi then captured Revan, had his memory erased, and gave him a false identity to rejoin their ranks and help defeat Malak and his Empire. “Darth Revan” is not revealed to the player until later in the game; before that, the character has no defined identity, and the player believes that Revan is not alive.


Due to Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in April 2014, most Star Wars books, comics, and video games published since the originating 1977 film Star Wars are now known as Star Wars Legends and are no longer considered canon.

Behind the scenes

The first appearance of Revan’s mask appeared in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for the Xbox and PC, developed by BioWare.

In the standalone comic Masks by writer John Jackson Miller, the backstory of how Revan acquired the mask is revealed.

A picture of the mask appeared on the official website for BioWare’s forthcoming PC game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The player-controlled character shuts down an ancient complex constructed by Sith Lord Darth Revan. It appears there is a tomb at the end of the video, and Revan’s mask lies in front of it.

Masks depict the mask with red and gray colors, while Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic portrays the helmet as red and gray.

As of the third quarter of 2007, Hasbro’s Darth Revan action figure featured Revan’s mask.

Also released on November 16, 2007, the miniature set of Star Wars Miniatures features Revan wearing the mask.

Mighty Muggs released a figure of Darth Revan in 2009 that included the mask. A miniature bust of Darth Revan, which features the mask, was released in January 2011 by Gentle Giant Studios.

Darth Revan costumes from Star Wars

Ideas for Darth Revan costumes from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The protagonist and playable character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is Revan. He is known for many nicknames, but the one that caught people’s attention and interest was the Darth Revan name. What is remarkable about this character is his outfit, which is a popular choice for those cosplaying Star Wars characters outside of the movies.

This guide will feature Darth Revan’s full costume. It consists of an all-black robe outfit with a metal plate vest and a red sash hanging in the middle. It also comes with a hooded robe attached to the metal plate vest and a pair of black gloves. In addition to his mask, he wears grey boots. Additionally, LED Lightsabers in three different colors will be included as props as part of the set.


It was initially planned that Revan would appear in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. As an advisor to the dark side embodiment, the Son, Revan, appears as a Sith Lord alongside Darth Bane in the third-season episode “Ghosts of Mortis.” Lucas was hesitant to include Revan because their presence on the screen would conflict with his view of the Force at the time.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s visual dictionary guide references one of the Sith Eternals’ legions being named following Darth Revan. 

1. Black Tunic Hooded Robe for Darth Revan Cosplay Costume from Cosplay sky

Despite Darth Revan’s futuristic clothes, his outfit combines medieval elements with old elements. Costumes refer to the clothes of the medieval period. Several leather items, such as body armor and gauntlet bracelets, are also part of his outfit. Finding all these pieces could be challenging. Thanks to the kit, we have a reasonably high-quality product.

  • The color of the letter is black
  • Cloth + leather: uniform fabric
  • Impediment
  • Closes by pulling up
  • Black outfit with a hooded tunic from CosplaySky

The following are included:

  • Make sure you read the size chart in the product description before placing your order!
  • Before placing your order, please check all address information, including street name, city, state, zip code, phone number, and the recipient’s name.
  • The high quality of our costume makes it suitable for parties, festivals, daily wear, etc.

2. Cosplay helmets and masks for the Darth Revan character from Xcoser

Darth Revan’s mask/helmet is another futuristic piece of the costume, covering his face and maintaining his mythical appearance.

  • Polyurethane-Soft Resin
  • A high-quality resin mask that is 70% hard, durable, and collectible!
  • Since there is enough breathing space, it is safe and smells less.
  • Fits most adult and teenager heads, measuring 21-23 inches.
  • An XCOSER logo is included as well as a masquerade mask. The XCOSER brand is known for making cosplay costumes and accessories in over 20 countries.
Men Captain Boots

3. Men’s Captain Boots by Fustasma by Pleaser

Darth Revan’s boots seem reasonably standard compared to the costume kit, which has several unique items. Many characters from the Star Wars franchise wore similar boots. It shouldn’t be hard to find the right ones. Knee-high boots made of black leather would be nice.

  • Made from 100% manufactured materials
  • Rubber soles
  • The height of the shaft is 17″ from the arch.
  • Approximately 1.5″ in the heel
  • The approximate size of the platform is 0.75 inches.
  • Approximately 18″ from the top to the bottom of the boot
  • The size is true to size.

4. Lightsaber designed by force FX for Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader

In Star Wars, red lightsabers are a standard weapon used by antagonists, which is no exception. A pair of them is also in his possession.

Force FX Lightsaber from Star Wars The Black Series

5.Force FX Lightsaber from Star Wars The Black Series

This lightsaber from The Black Series will bring all your favorite missions and battles from Star Wars to life! Darth Vader, while a highly proficient lightsaber fighter, failed to possess much finesse. Instead, he relied on the raw power of the Dark Side to crush all his opponents. This Force FX Lightsaber features light and sound effects and a metal hilt to feel like Darth Vader. If you engage in a heated argument, you can imagine how it would feel. Adding this light saber to any Star Wars collection will enhance it. There is a separate price for each.

Here is more information about this item

  • Makeup Star Wars stories and adventures.
  • Collect all of the articulated Star Wars action figures that are available separately
  • There are realistic action features in most of the Star Wars vehicles.
  • With the role-playing gear, you can act like your favorite characters.
  • Jedi or Sith, Battle Droid or Clone, Jedi or Sith, Jedi or Sith

Item information

  • This is a standard-sized item
  • Cartoon Characters in the Star Wars universe
  • The Star Wars brand
  • Measures 3.27 by 45.12 by 4.25 inches; is 3.35 ounces
  • Color Red, silver
  • The Style of Standard Packaging

WARNING: Small parts are a choking hazard. The product is not suitable for children under three years of age.

Every sith lord wears black gloves.

  • This polyurethane is 100 percent polyurethane
  • Impediment
  • Closed with a pull-on system
  • Use only handwashes
  • It included a pair of gloves

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