8 Best Kiss Me Candy Girl The Purge Costume for Halloween 2023

Despite her short airtime, the Candy Girl is recognizable because of her flashy outfit. In addition to wearing a pink skirt with a tutu, she wears thigh-high boots in black leather, a devil mask in red lettering, and pink underwear. Make Your Favourite Kiss Me Candy Girl The Purge Costume for Halloween.
In addition to having a double bun hairstyle and carrying an AK-47 gun, Candy Girl also has a double bun hairstyle. You can recreate Candy Girl’s creepy style by checking out our list below!

Kiss Me Candy Girl The Purge
Kiss Me Candy Girl The Purge

How to Make the Candy Girl from The Purge Costume

Kiss Me Candy Girl Pink Corset

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If you are going to wear a corset, make sure that it is pink.

Kiss Me Candy Girl Pink Underpants

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Put on hot pink underpants if you want to look hot.

Kiss Me Candy Girl Pink Layered Tutu Skirt

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With a pink layered tutu skirt, you will be able to match your corset perfectly.

Kiss Me Candy Girl Pink Stockings

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Choose a pair of soft pink stockings that make you feel seductive and feminine.

Kiss Me Candy Girl Black Thigh High Boots

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Make sure you get a pair of lace-up thigh-high boots in black that is laced up at the back.

Kiss Me Candy Girl Kiss Me Mask

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I was hoping you could look at this terrifying to-kiss-me mask replica you can get for yourself.

Kiss Me Candy Girl Large Gun Prop

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To carry a large prop (M16 or AK-47), get a large gun (M16 or AK-47).

Kiss Me Candy Girl Black Double Wigs

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Can’t you do a double bun style because your hair isn’t long enough? No worries! Put on these black bun wigs, and you’re good to go!

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Candy Girl Costume

About Candy Girl (Kimmy)

There was a recent movie release called The Purge: Election Year, a sequel to the new successful thriller franchise: The Purge, in which Brittany Mirabile played the Candy Girl or Kimmy, an attractive and eye-catching character.

Senator Charlie Roan, a candidate running for the office of President of the United States in this year’s Purge, is being targeted by her opponent. Leo Barnes, a former police sergeant who now works as Roan’s head of security, is now responsible for their safety of Roan.

There is the opportunity for the audience to see the Candy Girl in the form of Kimmy, who appears to be a violent and disturbing child before the Purge begins. Because she’s pissed at the convenience store owner, she’s back to terrorize his business. Together with her friends, she is unfortunate to be shot down.

Kimmy is Candy Girl’s first appearance as a high school student. When she is caught, she threatens the store’s owners before leaving. The following night, once the Purge begins, Kimmy and her friends return to the store and begin taunting the owner with assault rifles. Kimmy and her friends damage the store throughout the night. 

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Candy Girl Cosplay Costumes

In 2013, there was only one movie in the Purge franchise. Eventually, four movies and a TV show were produced. Something was thrilling about doing whatever one pleased for one night every year. One of the reasons why The Purge franchise is so successful is its simplicity, which can be expanded into many different storylines. Assault rifles are loaded into Candy Girl’s elegant and slightly bloody outfit as she seeks revenge. 

You don’t have to terrorize the streets. However, you can still get some friends together and dress up as the Freaks from the first movie, Skeletor, Big Daddy, or Capital A. Send us photos of your Candy Girl costume in our Halloween Costume Contest, and let us know what you think!

A guide to the best candy girl Halloween costumes

Candy Girl is essential in the popular action-horror film The Purge: Election Year. An annual event allows people to commit crimes without punishment for one night in the movie. However, there are ways to protect yourself from the dangerously crazed, regardless of whether everyone joins in.

Kimmy, played by Brittany Mirabile, is also known as Candy Girl. Kimmy and her friends return on The Purge night to seek revenge after being unsuccessful in robbing a candy store. Of course, you wouldn’t want to cross paths with her if you were sane after that night. Corsets, Bikini Briefs, Tutus, White Stockings, Black Boots, Kiss Me Masks, Toy Guns, and Fake Blood will give you the bloodthirsty Candy Girl look.

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