Mount Rushmore Costume for Halloween 2023 ( In one package )

A few American presidents are memorialized on Mount Rushmore, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It is an enormous monument that shows the faces of the presidents carved into the side of a mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The process of creating a Mount Rushmore-like sculpture will require creativity, but the results will be memorable. You will need a gray shirt, gray pants, gray sneakers, wooden dowels, wire, paper mache, paint, and costume accessories.

Anyone can make a Mount Rushmore costume.

Gray long-sleeve shirt
Gray long-sleeve shirt

1. With this gray long-sleeve shirt, you’ll look like a member of the mountain club.

There are two needles in the collar, and it is seamless as well as tape around the shoulders and neck for durability. Double-needle hems on sleeves and bottom

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Sport Gray Joggers Match the top
Sport Gray Joggers Match the top

2. Sport Gray Joggers Match the top with a pair of gray joggers.

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  • With a drawstring for a better fit, the waistband is covered with elastic
  • Elastic and the cuffs can be adjusted for a better fit on the legs
  • With softness and reduced pilling for no loose threads
  • Pockets on the side seams with jersey lining
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3. Sneakers in grey. Continue the gray theme with your sneakers.

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Breathable knit uppers keep your feet dry and comfortable. Exceptionally flexible and durable M.D. outsole. Anti-skid sole grooves reinforce safety.

A unique design makes it easy to put on and take off the socks. The socks have a fashionable style that goes well with many outfits. Walk, run, jog, work, travel, gym, sports, etc.

Wooden rods
Wooden rods

4. Make your Mount Rushmore headpiece frame using c.

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There’s nothing quite like a smooth dowel that doesn’t require sanding to get to work! Woodpeckers’ square wooden dowels are made from hardwood birch and pre-sanded to save time. Paint or stain the beautiful wood or leave it unfinished.

You need this square dowel rod if you are woodworking, building, or crafting. The extra-long 48″ length makes it ideal for large projects, but it can also be cut to any size you prefer. Making furniture chair legs (or any woodwork) has never been easier.

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At Woodpeckers, we make sure that your wooden sticks for crafts are sustainably sourced. We are proud supporters of the Arbor Day Foundation, planting trees to protect our planet. When you’re sweating over a spectacular project, choosing wooden dowel rods that are the right size makes all the difference. Visit the Woodpeckers storefront to find wood dowels in every diameter and length a woodworker could want.


Chicken wire as the vertical frame
Chicken wire as the vertical frame

5. Mount Rushmore headpieces can be made using chicken wire as the vertical frame.

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This small size chicken wire netting is solid yet flexible so that you can use it for your DIY projects like cabinet door replacement, jewelry holders, photo walls, DIY floral decor, Christmas wreath frames, lampshades, jar covers, etc. It’s the perfect craft chicken wire for creating unique primitive, rustic and shabby chic home decor and crafts.

Hexagonal galvanized chicken wire fences are ideal for chicken and rabbit containment, lawn and garden fencing, and protecting plants from curious critters.

  • The chicken wire mesh is made from durable hot-dipped galvanized iron wire with a diameter of 0.6mm, which is FREE OF LEAD, so it is not easy to rust. Flexible and lightweight, it makes your crafts more accessible; Sturdy chicken wire mesh for longer-lasting performance;
  • You can cut and shape each floral chicken wire net however you want. 

6. Masks for the three American presidents. Attach the masks to the chicken wire, leaving room for your head.

7. Use instant papier mache to create the mountain shape and cover the president’s masks.

Instant papier-mache is the original. Just add water, no paper strip cutting, no paste, and you have 100% recycled paper. Molds in minutes; adheres to almost any surface; sands, saws, cuts, and drills quickly; dries remarkably hard.

Easy to paint and add texture, detail, patterns, and color to school projects, dioramas, decorative objects, and intricate sculptures. Simple to clean up with just soap and water. This product is safe and non-toxic; it meets or exceeds all U.S. and European testing standards.

8. Paint your headpiece gray with gray acrylic paint once it is dry.

This high-flow paint is pre-mixed with the correct amount of pouring medium, so you won’t have to prepare it. You can choose from various colors, including metallics, neons, pastels, and primary colors.

Each large bottle comes with 8 ounces of paint and a convenient snap cap to keep your stains from drying out. Our products are designed and created by artists at Arteza. The arts represent human experience for us. That’s why we strive to make our art supplies accessible to everyone.

Since we genuinely care about our customers, we want to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience with our products. All of our products are made with pride. Please let us know if you have any issues with our products, and we’ll address them.

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9. Gray Hair Wax Apply some gray hair wax to your hair.

Made of plant extracts, no irritation to the scalp, and is environmentally friendly and healthy for you. Style and dye your hair at the same time: A water-based wax that is easy to use and allows you to be molded, shaped, and sculpted simultaneously.

Mount Rushmore Costume
Mount Rushmore Costume

10. Paint your whole face gray with face paint.

  • Snazaroo body and face paints are made with cosmetic-grade ingredients. Intense pigments provide all-day coverage and vibrant colors. It comes in a resealable package and contains 18ml (0.6oz) of face paint.
  • The face paints in Snazaroo are made with the most delicate skin in mind and are fragrance-free. An independent dermatology professor and professional toxicologist have evaluated all Snazaroo face paints. Snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only ingredients approved by EU and FDA toy and cosmetic regulations, and they are paraben-free, fragrance-free, and non-toxic.
  • Water-based Snazaroo face paints are easy to apply and remove. Use a brush or sponge to apply the desired color on the skin smooth after adding a few drops of water. After you’re done, remove the makeup with soap and warm water without scrubbing or harsh cleaners.

11. Imitating Teddy Roosevelt, put on a fake walrus mustache.

  • Impressive and realistic! This natural-size, self-adhesive false mustache has a natural appearance, an ideal choice for theatre, cosplay, and parties of all kinds. Whether you wear it alone or with other special attire, it makes you look great all day and all night. Available in adult sizes.
  • Do you prefer history, drama, or comedy? There were a lot of rugged cowboys and quite a few lanky comedians who wore walruses, including Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, and Teddy Roosevelt. Lech Walesa was also wearing one, as was Mario. The famous Mario was also wearing one. There weren’t too many women, though. Until now. So what are your thoughts? What will you do with this versatile and highly stylish mustache?

12. Round glasses with a silver frame Complete your mustache with some round glasses.

  • Glasses with a circle shape and clear lenses. Great for fashion!
  • Adjustable nose pads and spring hinges provide comfort.
  • Both women and men will enjoy them! They will make you appear more intelligent, too!

13. Would you like to save time by purchasing a complete costume set instead of DIYing it? Instead, buy this one.

  • Parties with educational items
  • For celebrations

Mount Rushmore is a popular tourist attraction, but why?

Mount Rushmore is the nation’s pride, meant to demonstrate its greatness. The monument’s rich history is evident in the fresh air located on the Great Plains.

Mount Rushmore information in detail

Four enormous sculptures are carved into the southeastern face of Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills National Forest, depicting the faces of four American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. 

Between 1927 and 1941, the granite rock face was carved into 60-foot-high sculptures, among the world’s most significant works of art. The sculptures are a popular tourist attraction in the United States. In the eyes of the Lakota Sioux, the original inhabitants of the Black Hills region, Mount Rushmore represents a desecration of sacred lands. In the late 19th century, gold miners and white settlers displaced them. 

Mount Rushmore costume made from scratch

The family took a trip to Mount Rushmore in September, and we came home with an idea for Mount Rushmore costumes! They took some time to make but were fun to wear. Initially, it was constructed from odd pieces of wood found at home to build a rectangle frame with upright supports. Then, to “mold” the mountain, I used chicken wire and attached a staple gun. Finally, cut yourself a hole in the middle to complete your project.

The masks for the president were purchased online at a costume supply store. The tape was used to attach them. I then paper-matched the entire structure and applied a second coat after it dried. It’s pretty time-consuming! My costume was then sprayed with gray spray paint once it dried. My next step was to add another layer of textured paint to give it a “rocky” appearance. Finally, I attached the shoulder straps using the staple gun using old pieces of fabric.

In the end, I draped the old sheet over the back of the bed and sprayed it gray to conceal it. I wore gray face paint (black and white mixed), an old gray wig, and glasses to represent Teddy Roosevelt.

Despite taking a lot of time to make, this costume won the first place award at a local contest. Congratulations!

Touches of finality

Once the paint has dried, all left is to create the shoulder straps that will help support the costume. However, because it is made of paper mache, it is very light — just unwieldy.

I made my shoulder straps using old blue jeans — I folded them over and sewed them down the middle. Then, more staples from the staple gun secured me to the wooden frame.

As well as covering the open back, I also used the staple gun and an old bed sheet to create a clean/finished appearance.

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