Myrtle Marrissa Clinches Best in Costume Award at Studio Shodwe Christmas Party Award

Best Halloween Costume Certificate - Myrtle Marrissa

Dear Costume Update Readers,

I am thrilled to share the exciting news with you—Myrtle Marrissa has emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious “Best in Costume Award” at the Studio Shodwe Christmas party! This accolade is a testament to Myrtle’s exceptional sense of style and creativity, making her stand out among the crowd.

Award Details:

  • Recipient: Myrtle Marrissa
  • Recognition: Best in Costume Award
  • Event: Studio Shodwe Christmas Party
  • Presented by: Lorna Alvarado, Event Head
  • Judged by: Aaron Loeb, Guest Judge

Event Overview:

The Studio Shodwe Christmas party, known for its dazzling festivities and vibrant atmosphere, reached new heights of excitement this year. Myrtle Marrissa’s costume not only captivated the attention of fellow partygoers but also impressed the esteemed judging panel led by the talented Event Head, Lorna Alvarado, and Guest Judge Aaron Loeb.

Myrtle Marrissa’s Winning Costume:

Myrtle’s impeccable fashion sense and attention to detail shone through in her carefully crafted costume, earning her the coveted Best in Costume Award. The unique blend of creativity and style showcased in her attire left an indelible mark on the Studio Shodwe Christmas party, making her a standout winner.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Myrtle Marrissa for this well-deserved achievement. Her dedication to costume craftsmanship has not only left a lasting impression on the Studio Shodwe Christmas party but has also set a high standard for future events.


“Myrtle Marrissa’s costume was a true work of art, embodying the spirit of creativity and festivity we aim to celebrate at Studio Shodwe events.” – Lorna Alvarado, Event Head

“As a guest judge, I was impressed by the level of talent and innovation on display, and Myrtle Marrissa’s costume stood out as a shining example of both.” – Aaron Loeb, Guest Judge

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Congratulations once again to Myrtle Marrissa for this remarkable achievement!

Best regards,

Myrtle Marrissa

Founder, Costume Update