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Uhtred The Last Kingdom aspires to avenge the death of his family from his ambitious uncle and reclaim his birthright as the heir of Bebbanburg. Despite his violent and ruthless nature, he is sometimes arrogant. Despite this, he remains loyal to those he considers worthy and is determined to achieve his goals.
As a testament to his strength, Uhtred’s outfit is battle-ready. His clothing includes a gray long-sleeve shirt, a medieval waistcoat, black pants, a fur neck warmer, black boots, black gauntlets, numerous weapons, and a Viking shield. Find more ideas about Uhtred The Last Kingdom Costume for Halloween.

Uhtred The Last Kingdom
Uhtred The Last Kingdom Costume

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How To Dress Like Uhtred From The Last Kingdom

Cosplay the character Uhtred from The Last Kingdom with furry shoulder capes, leather pants, king costumes, medieval gauntlets, wooden Viking shields, foam swords, and Norse knives.

A costume for Uhtred of Bebbanburg

In both The Saxon Stories and The Last Kingdom, Uhtred Ragnarsson, a pagan, becomes increasingly complex in his loyalty and general behavior. In the book series, Uhtred is based on the historical Uchtred the Bold, who flourished in the 11th century.

Uhtred Halloween Costume

His restlessness is described as a trait in his youth, as he opposes education and plays with armor and harp, but his savagery becomes apparent after the Danes capture him.

Additionally, he uses the name of his foster brother several times to hide his true identity from the enemies he interacts with, such as when he goes ashore in Sword Song and reclaims Lundeen. Above all else, he is determined to oust his usurping uncle and take his rightful place as Lord of Bebbanburg.

His arrogance, though well earned by killing fearsome Danish warlords, gives some people the wrong impression of Uhtred since he hates breaking oaths.

About Uhtred From The Last Kingdom

He was raised to hate Mercia, East Anglia, Wessex, Scotland, and the Danes by his father, Ealdorman Uhtred, Lord of Bebbanburg. 

The name Uhtred was always given to the eldest son of Ealdorman Uhtred, but after his older brother was killed in a failed battle against the Danes, Osbert’s name was changed to Uhtred. Uhtred was never taught sword arts in Bebbanburg because his stepmother wanted him to be a priest.

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