Alph from Pikmin 3 Costume for Halloween 2024 (DIY Costume Guide for Austin Powers Fans)

Alph from Pikmin 3 Costume
Alpha from the Pikmin 3 costume

Alpha is dependable, sweet, and solid. An excellent cosplay option for Nintendo fans, he is the most loyal engineer a captain could ask for.
White shirts, white pants, and white shoes with blue soles are the essential elements of Alpha from the Pikmin 3 costume. The blue fabric paint adds details to the top and complements the blue gloves that Alph is wearing. Temporary blue hair dye can be used to achieve Alpha’s hairstyle. If you need to purchase an acrylic head bubble, check YouTube for tutorials on attaching a thick silver wire to the top of the drop and instructions on enlarging the neck holes if necessary. Wrap the wire with blue LED lights and glue the battery pack behind your head behind the bubble. DIY Costume Guide for Austin Powers Fans (Alph from Pikmin 3 Costume)

Little Buddy and Blue Flower Pikmin Plush

1. Little Buddy

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The Pikmin plush collection based on Nintendo’s popular video game series comes from Little Buddy Toys! The plush measures approximately 6 inches tall – the perfect size for cuddling and collecting! The material is soft and huggable. Machine washable. Give this plush to an Alpha from Pikmin 3 costume fan in your life, or add it to your collection!

Nintendo published Pikmin in 2001 for the GameCube, a puzzle strategy video game. The Alpha from Pikmin 3 series was created and produced by Shigeru Miyamoto.

2. Blue Flower Pikmin Plush

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Nintendo released Pikmin for the GameCube in 2001. It is a puzzle strategy video game. The first game in Shigeru Miyamoto’s Pikmin series was designed and developed by him. 

Alpha from Pikmin 3 costume plush toys from Little Buddy Toys are based on Nintendo’s popular videogame series! 7-inch tall plush is the perfect size to cuddle and collect! Soft and cuddly. Surface washable. This Pikmin plush is adorable and would make a great gift for any Pikmin fan!

Little Buddy Pikmin Winged and Pikmin Rock Little Buddy Plush
Little Buddy Pikmin Winged and Pikmin Rock Little Buddy Plush

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Little Buddy Toys brings you this cute Pikmin plush collection based on Nintendo’s popular series of videogames.

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Taking inspiration from Nintendo’s popular videogame series comes a collection of Pikmin plush toys from Little Buddy Toys!

With a height of 5.5 inches, this plush is a great size to cuddle and collect! Made from plush material that is soft and cuddly. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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Alp is kind, cheerful, and gentle, showing genuine concern for the safety and well-being of each Pikmin and crew member. However, Brittany suggests that he might be rather absentminded based on their interactions. In addition to being interested in technological devices, Alpha is a capable engineer who configures objects found on PNF-404 for the crew’s use in their quest for food. Although some specific lines of dialogue are different in different regional versions of the game, Alph’s personality remains largely intact.

Buy Items

  1. A white pair of pants
  2. and a white shirt
  3. paired with blue shoes
  4. painted blue
  5. gloves
  6. with blue hair color pomade
  7. for Head Bubbles
  8. on Wire Silver
  9. Blue LED Lights
When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of each Pikmin and crew member, Alph is compassionate, upbeat, and sensitive. His interactions with Brittany suggest that he may have a tendency to be forgetful. Alph is a smart and skilled engineer who configures items found on PNF-404 for the crew to utilize in their search for sustenance. He is also particularly interested in modern devices. With the exception of a few specific lines of conversation, Alph’s personality is fairly consistent across the various regional editions of the game.
He has cerulean blue hair that resembles Captain Olimar’s in shape, a medium-sized nose, freckles on his cheeks, and sharp ears. He is dressed in a white spacesuit with a cerulean blue lapel. He constantly has his big, round eyes wide open, just like Olimar or Louie do when they’re startled. Of all the playable leaders, he is by far the shortest and most likely the youngest. He dons a huge space suit, similar to the other members of the crew, complete with a transparent helmet and antenna. The light on the antenna, along with his gloves, boots, and hair, are all cerulean blue in color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alph’s role in Pikmin Bloom?

We’re rolling out Pikmin Bloom worldwide! You can add information to the wiki by following this guide. In Pikmin 3, Alpha is one of the three leaders. As part of a mission to remedy the famine on their home planet of Koppai, he visits PNF-404 with Brittany and Charlie.

What is Alph allergic to in Pikmin 3?

During the E3 2012 Pikmin 3 demo, Alpha was the only character playable. He wore a blue spacesuit but a basic model with no elaborate facial features. Brittany’s notes indicate that Alph is allergic to mangos and avocados.

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