8 Best Ash’s Sing Costume for Halloween 2023

I want to introduce you to Ash, a porcupine who loves to sing! To symbolize her porcupine features, she can wear a headband made up of mouse ears and a mouse nose as part of her cosplay. She is also wearing a black striped shirt with a red plaid skirt, denim jeans, and a black striped shirt. A pair of sneakers and a toy guitar will complete her rocker costume ( Ash’s Sing Costume for Halloween ).

Ash's Sing Costume
Ash's Sing Costume

How to Make Ash’s Costume from Sing

Black Wig

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Spiky wigs are the perfect way to start her rocking costume.

Striped Shirt

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Then it would be best if you got a shirt with stripes.

Plaid Skirt

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Getting her a red plaid skirt as her bottoms may be a good idea.


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You can wear denim jeans underneath the skirt if you want.

High-cut Shoes

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This pair of sneakers is the perfect way to keep the indie vibe going all day long.

Animal Nose

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With this nose, you can add a cute look to her look and make it stand out.

Animal Ears

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In addition to wearing these mouse ears, you can also use them as a hat.

Toy Guitar

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A toy electric guitar would perfectly finish any costume as a finishing touch.

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About Ash

Sing is an animated film that features Ash as one of the characters. Scarlett Johansson voices the anthropomorphic crested porcupine in this animated film. In the movie, Ash is one of the main characters who play an essential role. Ash is described as a prickly porcupine with a punk rock attitude who is hard to be around. During the audition, she has her boyfriend, a selfish and unsupportive individual, cheating on her with Becky as they are in a relationship. Despite her best efforts, her boyfriend has been holding her back. Buster usually wants Ash to be a pop star, while Ash wants to be a rock star during the rehearsal stage since Buster wants Ash to be a pop star.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most memorable characters in the blockbuster animated film, Sing, is an anthropomorphic koala bear. This animal is different from any other animal you will encounter. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Buster Moon, the theater’s owner and producer, a theatre Schuster (not by choice), and an exceptional singer! I understand that Moon is an incurable optimist who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. He has an insatiable passion for showbiz, as evidenced by the fact that he refused to give up on his original plans to restore an old theater even when they didn’t turn out how he had planned.


After attending his first performance at the age of six, Buster developed a love for theater. The young Buster will never forget the experience he had that day. At that moment, he promised himself that one day he would have a theater of his own and be a star. Finally, Buster Moon could obtain the theater he always dreamed of owning with the help of his father, who worked endlessly at his carwash.

Halloween Costume Guide for Buster Moon

It’s not every day that you come across an anthropomorphic koala bear in his mid-30s who can croon like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, dresses impeccably sharp, and is one of those awesome guys who makes everyone jealous. There is no doubt that Buster Moon is the main attraction of the animated movie Sing, and he is the main character of the film. The proud owner of a theater that’s seen better days concocts a plan to raise the funds he needs to restore the theater to its former glory by organizing a singing competition in order to increase the necessary funds. It is not surprising that things go south quickly when a lot of mayhem ensues. This Buster Moon costume guide will help you achieve the optimistic crooner’s look.

As if cosplaying the incorrigible Buster Moon, you grab the mic, take the stage, and strike up an evergreen jazz ballad of your own. The costume includes a Koala Latex Mask, a White Dress Shirt, a Red Bow Tie, a Blue Suit, a Brown Belt, Brown Dress Shoes, and Gray Paw Gloves. This slick Buster Moon outfit will stir up a lot of hysteria at any Cosplay convention hall, as it will make the crowd go wild!

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Cosplay costumes for Buster Moon

At the next big Cosplay convention, you and your friends can choose the Sing character of your dreams. Ash, Gunter, Johnny, Mike, Rozita, and Meena, Buster Moon’s cohorts, will be joining your troupe as Buster Moon’s cohorts. The other option is to make Buster look like Nana Noodleman, who was one of the earliest inspirations in Buster’s life, and he will tag along on the adventure with her. With the help of your friends, you will be able to become a crazy motley crew from Sing that will be sure to make everyone crack a smile.

Get full inspiration from the animated film Sing by dressing up with Buster Moon’s exact look as he appears in the movie. For your performance, you’ll also need a koala mask and gray fur paw gloves in addition to your navy blue suit and red bow tie.

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