8 Best Miguel Rivera Coco Costume in 2023 (Make Dress Like Miguel Rivera)

In the film Coco, starring Disney Pixar, Miguel Rivera is a young boy of 12 years old who possesses a profound passion for music. The only obstacle is that his family does not particularly enjoy listening to music. They have a rule against playing music that is passed down from generation to generation, and as a result, they last did so in years. Moreover, his relatives are under the impression that listening to music will bring them more misfortune due to a curse handed down by Miguel’s great-great-grandfather and grandmother.
Her husband left behind the great-great-grandmother of Miguel so he could pursue his career as a musician and travel the world. She was abandoned to care for her family, and she vowed that her family would never again be involved with the music industry in any capacity. Miguel, being such a good son, did everything in his power to support his family, but he couldn’t deny the pull of his love for music! When Miguel finally decides to pursue his musical interest, he finds himself in a place he never expected: the Land of the Dead. Miguel is given a chance to talk to some of his ancestors and hear the stories of their lives.

Miguel Rivera Coco Costume
Miguel Rivera Coco Costume

How to Dress Like Miguel Rivera

Miguel Rivera White Tank Top

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A plain white tank top is what Miguel wears most of the time to keep himself comfortable. These Fruit of the Loom Tank Undershirts are a great way to give your child’s wardrobe a boost of both fashion and comfort. They are constructed of a supple rib knit fabric that is wonderful for layering, and they have a fit that is designed to be flexible. Every cotton t-shirt is finished without tags and has an adjustable fit for optimal comfort. In warmer weather, an alternative to an undershirt that is more comfortable and cooling is to wear one of our sleeveless tanks.

Miguel Rivera Red Hooded Sweatshirt

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Because of his red hooded sweatshirt, Miguel succeeded in disguising himself while he was in the land of the dead. Note: We removed the drawstrings following the CPSC standards, which state that no clothing for children under 12 should include drawstrings. This item is ideal for Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, Costume Parties, Cosplay, Trick or Treating, and many other occasions! Additionally, it is comfortable enough to be worn daily.

Miguel Rivera Denim Pants

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Miguel keeps things simple and comfortable with a timeless pair of denim pants.

It does have a “pull tie,” if that’s what you’re asking. Additionally, it has an elastic band, so you can use the pull tie to cinch the pants if necessary or tie them a little looser for aesthetic purposes.

Miguel Rivera Brown Boots

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Wear a solid pair of brown boots that you can run about in. Of course, giving your child the finest would be best. And there is no better option for footwear than Apakowa Boots. The handcrafted outdoor boot provides your child’s ankles with the necessary support, enhancing comfort and security for any activity. Depending on the color choice, long laces with 8 or 10 metallic rings guarantee a snug and secure fit. Thanks to rubber soles, they have the traction they need to navigate rough terrain outside. The synthetic slip-resistant sole enables your kid to engage in preferred activities while providing all the benefits of security footwear and a high level of comfort—the ideal mixture for your child. Allow him to travel with two Apakowa Boys.

Miguel Rivera Skeleton Gloves

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Put on skeleton gloves to make yourself appear like everyone else from the dead. This skeleton costume accessory includes one set of kid-sized skeleton costume gloves.

Miguel Rivera Mask

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Put on this mask to appear like Miguel. Our props are produced of premium Latex and are expertly crafted by our artisans. Delicate design and excellent craftsmanship.

This mask is ideal for masquerade balls, parties, and cosplay events.

It’s a fantastic complement to your clothing for a play or historical reenactment event.

Miguel Rivera Guitar

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Miguel makes sure to pack a guitar since he loves music. A guitar prop can be utilized as a costume accessory or party decoration. It is not intentionally used as an instrument. The music instrument’s softwood construction makes it lightweight, and the plastic strings guard against splinters.

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About Miguel

Anthony Gonzalez provided the voice acting for Miguel. In addition to Icebox, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Last Ship, and Phobias, Gonzalez is renowned for his parts in these television shows.

If you want to learn more about Miguel and the other characters from Coco, check out the following websites: Miguel is an aspirational young man ready to sacrifice anything to realize his goals. Miguel continues to explore methods to make his musically-inclined goals and dreams a reality despite his family strongly disapproving of them. Because of this, when Dia de Los Muertos rolls around, he is inadvertently transported to the Land of the Dead.

It’s not hard to fool people into thinking you’re Hector (mainly because his a living kid). You must paint your face and wear skeleton gloves, a white tank top, a red sweatshirt with a zip-up front, light-washed denim pants, brown shoes, and face paint. You have to also think about bringing a guitar with you.

How to dress as Miguel Rivera (Coco) for Halloween

Miguel Rivera is the primary protagonist of the film Coco, produced by Disney Pixar and voiced by Anthony Gonzalez. Music was forbidden in his family for generations, making it difficult for the ambitious guitarist, 12 years old, to follow his love. However, after Miguel is transported by magic to the Land of the Dead on the Day of the Dead, he searches for his musical hero Ernesto de la Cruz, hoping to get some guidance from him. You’ll have the look of Pixar’s newest star Miguel Rivera if you follow our Miguel Rivera costume guide.

A White Tank Top, a Men’s Red Hoodie with some White Tape to form the stripe, a pair of Men’s Blue Jeans, and Chukka Boots are all you need to dress like Miguel, who favors a laid-back aesthetic. Because music is essential to Miguel and he is interested in hearing other people play it, don’t forget to bring along his White Guitar with Guitar Strap so that you may demonstrate your musical abilities (or at least pretend like you have some).

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Cosplay costumes for Miguel Rivera (Coco)

You could dress up as several Pixar characters, but no one quite like Miguel from the Disney Pixar movie Coco! However, despite the ease with which one might imitate his style, he could be a more straightforward young man. The fact that you already own a few materials that may be used for his outfit is one advantage of his appearance that you should keep in mind. Before going out to buy new clothes, ensure you have a white tank top, jeans, boots, and a red hooded sweatshirt in your closet. If you don’t already have any of these items, you may find clothes that are very identical to those worn by Miguel Rivera at almost any store that sells anything online. Add white tape to the red hoodie to achieve Miguel’s unique appearance. You may use virtually any guitar and guitar strap, but you should go for a white guitar if you want to replicate Miguel’s instrument as closely as possible.

Because Miguel does not go on his voyage alone, enlist the help of a couple of your pals to dress up as Dante the dog or Hector so that you may have the entire Coco cast join you. Please send a picture of your cosplay outfit to be included in the gallery so that others can also check it out.

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