16 Best Barley Lightfoot’s Onward Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Barley Lightfoot’s elf costume includes blue body paint, elf ears, and blue hair. Start with a black blouse over a denim vest and cargo pants for his outfit. Barley has a pair of trainers as well. Round up his outfit with spiked bracelets or arm guards. To fully embody Barley Lightfoot’s character, consider adding some accessories such as a messenger bag or a worn-out map to reflect his adventurous spirit. Additionally, you can enhance the overall look by incorporating Barley’s signature staff, which he often carries on his quests.

Barley Lightfoot's Onward costume
Barley Lightfoot's Onward costume

How to Make Barley Lightfoot’s Costume from Onward

Barley Lightfoot’s Blue Body Paint 

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Body paint in a blue hue The exposed flesh should be painted with a layer of blue paint.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Black Shirt

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Shirt in black After that, go get a black shirt. 

Barley Lightfoot’s Vest

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Vest You also have the option of getting a vest made of denim.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Patch

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Patch You should apply the patches as you see fit.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Spike Bracelet

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Spike Bracelet Put on this amazing bracelet as well.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Arm Guard

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Guard of Arms Put an arm protection on the arm that is not injured.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Cargo Shorts

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Carry-On Shorts Combine the shirt with these comfortable and functional shorts.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Sneakers

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Sneakers Put on a pair of trainers for an additional touch of laid-back style.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Ears

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Ears To complete his elf costume, he needs a set of elf ears.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Blue Hair Chalk

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Chalk for the Hair in Blue Use this hair chalk to achieve a colour match with the skin.  

Barley Lightfoot’s Hat

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Cap This cap will round out the ensemble well for him!

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About Barley Lightfoot

Barley Lightfoot appears in the animated film Onward. He is a big, boisterous 19-year-old tall elf that enjoys magic and plays fantasy roles. He’s a free-spirited individual who is more interested in the past than the present. He will seek to preserve historical sites. He is Ian’s older brother as well as his mentor.

In the animated Disney Pixar film Onward, Barley Lightfoot plays a happy and rambunctious teenage elf. Barley and his brother learn the value of magic in a world of magic and fantastic creatures at a time when magic is slowly vanishing. Barley becomes the ideal companion to accompany his brother, Ian, on a journey to uncover magic, as he becomes the protective guardian over his brother after losing their father at an early age. While both Barley and his brother want to use the magical wizard staff to bring their father back to life, Barley approaches the endeavour with hope and excitement, whereas his brother is more sceptical.

Chris Pratt’s voiced character Barley Lightfoot becomes one of the uncommon Disney or Pixar characters to have a tattoo. On the exterior, Barley appears strong and rebellious, but on the inside, he’s simply a goofy teenager who longs to see his father again.

Guide to the Greatest Barley Lightfoot Costumes

Barley Lightfoot is a young elf who sets off with his brother to rediscover their world’s lost magic. Although living in a world full with elves, trolls, mermaids, unicorns, and other mythological creatures, Barley discovers that his planet is filled with technology and magic is slowly dying away. On his brother’s 16th birthday, however, their mother presents them with a gift that their father left behind after his death: a magical staff! Because magic is rarely utilised nowadays, the sons seek to use the wizard staff’s ability to bring their father back to life for only 24 hours.

This Barley Lightfoot costume guide will help you achieve the image of the wild and raucous blue elf. Use a Black T-shirt, Denim Vest, Green Cargo Shorts, Blue Beanie, White Socks and Black Converse Footwear to cosplay Barley’s rebel outfit. Blue hair, elf ears, a spiked bracelet, and pins complete the ensemble.

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Cosplay Costumes for Barley Lightfoot

Barley Lightfoot, who is both cheery and silly, can’t wait to embark on his trip to uncover magic with his brother Ian. Barley sets out to find the lost magic of his world, eager to bring his father back to life. In a world full of mythological animals, Barley is a blue elf that dresses rebelliously but is adorable, loveable, and protective. Cosplay as Barley from Disney Pixar’s Onward, complete with blue hair and a black beanie. Barley is also dressed in a black T-shirt, a denim vest, and green cargo shorts. Finally, to complete the rebellious elf appearance, add white socks and black Converse trainers.

Don’t go on your mission alone, like Barley! Cosplay as your younger brother Ian, mother Laurel, and other magical creatures from the Pixar film with your best pals. You can bring the magic to life all night long with these one-of-a-kind costumes!

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