17 Best Blade Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

The superheroes of the 1990s had an influence on Blade’s iconic appearance. He is attired in a dark armor vest, black tactical trousers, leather gloves and shoes, dark sunglasses, and a long leather coat.

Although Blade employs a variety of weapons in combat, his most recognizable weapon is the sword. Check out our list below if you want to know what you need to complete this appearance.

Blade Sight : You can go the extra mile by having a tattoo and a haircut similar to his. Add fangs to finalize the vampire’s appearance. To truly embody Blade’s iconic appearance, consider adding a few key elements. First, a tattoo resembling the tribal markings on Blade’s face would add an extra touch of authenticity. Additionally, a slicked-back hairstyle or a buzz cut would further enhance the character’s edgy look. Finally, to fully embrace his vampire persona, adding fangs would be the perfect finishing touch. 

Blade Costumes
Blade Costumes

How to make a Blade Costume

Blade Dark Sunglasses

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Dark Sunglasses Blade needs to wear a pair of dark sunglasses in order to shield his eyes from the light. You should also get a pair for yourself.  

Blade: Full Blade Costume for Men

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 Full Blade Costume for Guys Investing in a complete Blade outfit is the most efficient course of action. This outfit consists of a vest, a pair of trousers, and gloves, in addition to a trench coat.

Blade Black Shoes

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Pairs of Black Shoes Choose a pair of black tactical shoes that are comfortable for you to wear and go with those. 

Blade Sword Prop

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Sword Prop Since a sword is Blade’s signature weapon, you should search for a sword prop that has an appearance that is comparable to the one used in the game.

Blade Tactical Belt

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Tactical Belt Once you have a costume sword, the next thing you should do is purchase a tactical belt to carry your “ammo.”

Blade Padded Vest

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Padded Vest If you wish to select your own outfit on your own, you should begin with a shirt that seems like it was made for bike racing. It will convey the idea that the character is wearing modern armor. 

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Blade Black Pants

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Pairs of Black Pants It would be fine to wear any basic pair of black trousers. merely to ensure that they are a good fit for you.

Blade Leather Gloves

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Gloves made of Leather You should protect your hands by purchasing a basic pair of black leather gloves.

Blade Long Leather Trench Coat

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Long Trench Coat Made of Leather Put the finishing touch on your ensemble by donning a long black leather trench coat.

Blade Leg Holster

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Leg Holster Blade is a lethal killing machine who always has a large arsenal at his disposal.

Blade Aluminum Stake

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Aluminum Stake Although silver is traditionally used to slay vampires, aluminum will do just fine for your cosplay needs.

Blade Blade DVD Collection

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The Whole Collection of 12 Blade DVDs Become a part of the Blade universe by purchasing the Blade DVD set, which includes all four films in the Blade franchise: Blade, Blade 2, Blade: House of Chthon, and Blade: Trinity are the titles of these three films.

Blade Funko Pop! Blade Vinyl Figure

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DVDs Become a part of the Blade universe by purchasing the Blade DVD set, which includes all four films in the Blade franchise: Blade, Blade 2, Blade: House of Chthon, and Blade: Trinity are the titles of these three films.

About Blade



The supernatural, comic book heroes, and action all come together in the 1998 film Blade, which was produced in the United States. Wesley Snipes portrays the lead role as Blade, who is also the name of the movie. In the narrative, Blade is a Dhampir, which is a type of creature that may be described as a human with vampire abilities who defends people from other vampires.

The doctor was able to save Blade’s life and transform him into a Dhampir despite Blade’s mother being under attack from a vampire while she was giving birth to him. This is the reason Blade became a Dhampir. After countless years had passed, the youngster eventually matured into a vampire hunter who helped individuals who were unable to defend themselves against vampires.

Blade became a commercial success despite receiving mixed reviews from film critics. The film grossed $70 million at the box office in the United States and $131.2 million worldwide.

Eric Brooks, or Blade, as he is more commonly referred to, is a ruthless assassin and skilled combatant. Blade was born to a mother who had been bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant, and as a result, Blade inherited characteristics from his mother’s assailant. The being that is half-mortal and half-vampire possesses superior human strength as well as enhanced healing abilities. The superhuman senses, speed, and stamina are just some of the vampire traits that he acquired. In addition to this, he aged considerably less quickly than the typical human. He has a solitary purpose in mind, which is to safeguard the human race.

Blade is an expert in various forms of martial arts and was brought up to kill vampires. In his role as a “daywalker,” he seeks them out and kills them. Even when interacting with the people who are closest to him, he shows almost no emotion. That does not mean, however, that he is unable to experience love on some level. In addition to his love for Abraham Whistler, he also has a relationship with Nyssa. Despite the fact that he may have inherited a craving for human blood, he abhors feeding and is eventually instrumental in the development of a serum that can combat the urges. It demonstrates his ability to connect with his human nature by having him personally administer the serum.

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The Best Blade Costume Guide

Years after Wesley Snipes brought the popular Marvel Comics character to the big screen with the movie Blade, the character of Eric Brooks, a half-vampire and half-mortal, is just as popular a cosplay now as he was in the late 1990s. This is due to the fact that Eric Brooks is a unique and interesting character. If you follow this easy costume guide, we will be able to transform you into a “daywalker” like Blade, who protects humans from vampires while wearing his signature look.

Let’s begin with the little extras, shall we? Choose a cool pair of Sports Sunglasses, a Men’s Tactical Belt, and a Warrior Sword to outfit yourself with. In terms of apparel, a Universal Vest should be worn underneath a Black Leather Trench Coat, and men’s Leather Gloves should be worn with both items. Put the finishing touches on Blade’s military style by outfitting him in some Men’s Cargo Combat Pants and a pair of Black Jungle Boots.

Blade Cosplay Costumes

Marvel’s Blade is an excellent choice for a classic comic book character to dress up as for the next convention you attend if you are interested in participating in a costume contest. The film adaptation of the 1973 comic book was Marvel’s first successful venture at the box office in 1998. We recommend visiting a local costume shop in search of his signature leather trench coat and a Samurai sword in order to put together a fantastic costume. The rest of his outfit, which is all black and consists of fundamental pieces of clothing, is probably already in your wardrobe somewhere. If you wear a black shirt, black trousers, and boots that match, your outfit will look almost perfect! After that, all you’ll need to do is add a pair of dark sunglasses to your look.

Even though Blade is more of an introvert than the rest of the group, it is still possible for them to cosplay together. Blade might not have any friends, but he does have allies that you can count on, such as Karen Jensen, Bloodpack, or Shen. You can include them in your narrative. You can add Nyssa to your couple’s cosplay if you want. Bringing in Nightstalkers or Vampires is a fun option for parties with a larger number of people. Make sure you take a look at the featured pictures to get even more ideas for your Blade cosplay. Show us your best Blade look, and feel free to share pictures with us.

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