14 Best Bo Peep Toy Story Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2024

Little Bo Peep is a porcelain doll from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story animation series. She appeared in the first Toy Story film while Andy played make-believe with his toys. He summons Woody to save her and the day, as always! She’s a sweet and thoughtful doll with a genuine outlook on life. Unlike Woody, who is hesitant to give any toy away or sell it to a new family, Bo Peep understands that it is simply part of who they are as toys.
After a few years, Bo Peep is handed to an older adult. She attempts to get Woody to accompany her, but Woody cannot leave Andy alone. She then spends some time in an antique store before deciding to depart and embark on an adventure. Bo Peep is tired of being the damsel in distress. She’s more than simply a gorgeous face made of brittle stuff.

Bo Peep Toy Story Costumes
Bo Peep Toy Story Costumes

How to Make Bo Peep’s Costume from Toy Story

This adorable Renaissance-style outfit worn by Bo Peep may be recreated using contemporary garments such as the ones shown below:

Bo Peep Pink Corset

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Get this top with a blush-colored corset.

Bo Peep Blue Waist Belt

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Use this waist belt to bring out the blue in your outfit.

Bo Peep White Skirt

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Put on this white skirt.

Bo Peep Pink stickers

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Dot the dress all over with polka dots and then decorate it.

Bo Peep Petticoat

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Wear an article of clothing for volume.

Bo Peep Pink Polka Dot Fabric

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You can also use this fabric as an alternate layer over the clothing.

Bo Peep Pink Tulle

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To create a little drape that sits on top of the waist, cut a piece of pink tulle and utilize it.

Bo Peep Blue Leg Warmers

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Get a pair of these blue leg warmers as well.

Bo Peep White Ankle Socks

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Put on some white socks.

Bo Peep Black Mary Janes

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Mix and match the socks with this set.

Bo Peep Yellow Wig

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You should wear a yellow wig and do your hair in an updo style.

Bo Peep Pink Bonnet

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A pink bonnet should be worn atop the wig.

Bo Peep Blue Cane

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Please take care of this shepherd’s blue cane.

Bo Peep Full Costume

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A set of the Little Bo Peep costume is also available for purchase.

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About Bo Peep

The critically acclaimed animated film series Toy Story has a female character named Bo Peep. She was more of a supporting character in the previous three movies, but she had a significant part to play in the fourth one.

She is portrayed as a shepherdess who occasionally lets her sheep go off alone. In addition to this, she is described as an innovative and incredible figure who is not mainly a damsel in distress. Porcelain Bo Peep is portrayed as Woody’s sweetheart throughout the many films in the Toy Story franchise.

The Bo Peep costume is a vintage-style gown in pink and blue with pink polka dots on the skirt. The bodice is in the manner of a corset. You have the option of purchasing the dress and corset separately. It would be best if you got a white skirt and put pink polka dots on it.

Get some blue leg warmers, white socks, and black mary jane shoes to complement the adorable skirt. In addition to it, she wears a pink bonnet cap and has blonde hair. The outfit is only complete with the blue shepherd’s cane.

Top Bo Peep Halloween Costume Guide

Toy Story creators Pixar created Bo Peep as one of the first toys in the Toy Story franchise. Even though Bo Peep wasn’t officially one of Andy’s toys, he still utilized her in many of the scenarios he made up in his head. Whether Andy’s playfulness was responsible for bringing Sheriff Woody and Bo Peep together or if they discovered each other on their own, they finally fell in love. They don’t get to spend a lot of time by themselves because Woody is the leading toy, but they make the most of the time they have.

Bo Peep has a level head and can reason things out. Even though she may have feelings for Woody, she doesn’t allow those sentiments to stop her from pursuing the goals she has set for herself. She does not take the fact that she is a toy for granted and is aware that doing so comes with significant responsibility. Despite Andy’s make-believe portrayal of her as the helpless heroine in distress, Bo Peep is perfectly capable of looking out for herself. This Bo Peep costume guide will help you understand Woody’s potential love interest. You may go on a brand-new journey while dressed as Bo Peep by donning the following: a Bo Peep costume, a pink bow, plush versions of Billy, Goat, and Gruff, a Bo Peep action staff, a blonde wig, flat shoes.

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Bo Peep Costumes for Use in Cosplay

Bo Peep was crucial in the first Toy Story film, but the third film completely wiped her out. The fact that she was made of porcelain was mainly to blame for her absence. The creators had low hopes for her ability to make it through the dangerous journeys the other toys went on. Bo Peep makes a comeback in the fourth movie and appears to be doing rather well for herself. Even her appearance has been updated to be more contemporary. She is not restricted in any way by a single owner, and as a result, she is leading an exciting existence. She is delighted with her independence and does not lament her decision to vacate Andy’s house.

You may transform this original outfit into a group cosplay for an exciting twist on the idea! A flock of sheep or Woody himself may accompany you on your journey. There is also the possibility of going with another pair, such as Woody and Bo Peep, in addition to Ken and Barbie. In either case, channel the adventurous spirit of Bo Peep, and let your imagination go wild! Remember to submit your submission for our annual Halloween Costume Contest before the deadline! Your Bo Peep costume has piqued our interest, and we can’t wait to see how it comes out!

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