5 Best Betty Cooper Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Betty Cooper is another Riverdale High School student who habitually gets her nose into situations where it does not belong! Betty has always been known for being perfect and having no problems, but what no one realizes is how well Betty conceals her insecurities and family issues!
Betty has always had feelings for her best friend, Archie Andrews. She does not want to jeopardize their relationship by becoming a couple. Archie experiences jealousy when Betty sets her sights on a new man, Jughead Jones, and is unsure why! The two then become friends with Veronica Lodge, a new girl with a lot of history with this town and the people of Riverdale. Everything on the show is becoming increasingly mysterious, to the point where Betty can’t trust anyone.

Betty Cooper Costumes
Betty Cooper Costumes

How to make Betty Cooper Costume from Riverdale or How to Dress Like Betty Cooper from Riverdale

Betty Cooper Crown sweater

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Gray sweater with a crew neck, the front of which features a large yellow crown with a heavy black outline. Be sure to get one of these, as it is the essential component of the costume and can be identified quickly and easily.

Betty Cooper White shirt

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Layering her clothing is something that Betty does daily as a matter of habit, and this ensemble is not an exception to that rule. In order to pull off this look, you’re going to need a crisp white dress shirt to layer under your sweater.

Betty Cooper skinny, low-rise, black pants

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Aside from that, she typically wears tight pants, such as the ones described in this article. It is recommended that you wear skinny black pants, but fitted blue jeans are also acceptable.

Betty Cooper Cream, block heel ankle boots.

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Betty adores wearing these beige ankle boots with a block heels. She utilizes them regularly because she wears them with a variety of her outfits. Make sure that you have room in your costume for them.

Betty Cooper’s Practice outfit

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Another possibility is to dress in the outfit she wore to her practice.

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Betty Cooper’s Overall Look

That’s how Betty dresses most of the time. That being said, let’s take a look at one of Betty’s most memorable ensembles. We’re referring to the gray crew-neck sweater with the yellow crown and the white shirt and skinny black pants she wore to Jughead’s birthday party in season 1, episode 10: The Lost Weekend.

Betty from Riverdale versus Betty from a comic book

It’s difficult to pinpoint specific differences between Riverdale’s Betty and Betty from the comics because they rarely wear the same outfit twice. Nonetheless, their styles follow a pattern heavily influenced by their personalities.

To begin, Riverdale Betty appears afraid of deviating from the old-school feminine preppy line and disappointing her oppressive mother; thus, the typical academic overachiever style of tight ponytails, shirts, crew-neck sweaters, cardigans, and semi-formal blouses. This gives her a robotic appearance.

The comic book Betty was a completely different story. Mary Sue could do anything and was not afraid to break a nail. Her best qualities are spontaneous, simple, fun, and being the true girl next door. Her tomboy wardrobe comprised most blue jeans, shorts, sneakers, t-shirts, and casual blouses.

About Betty

Betty Cooper, played by Lili Reinhart, has been Archie’s best friend since he was four. Once a sweet tomboy, she has transformed into an unsettling overachiever. She’s always been hopelessly in love with Archie, but Veronica is the one who always seems to win over the redhead.

Betty first appeared in 1942 as Archie’s love interest before becoming involved in a never-ending love triangle with her platonic love and her best friend and rival, Veronica.

Archie eventually asked Betty for her hand in marriage, but they were still children. Nonetheless, Betty advised him to wait until they were both 18. Only time will tell how this relationship develops.

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Betty Cooper Halloween Costume Ideas

Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper is Archie Andrews’ best friend in the original Archie comics and the new Riverdale television show on The CW. The original comic strip inspires the front but with a darker twist! Betty, played by Lili Reinhart, appears flawless despite being in a relationship with Jughead Jones, as she is a straight-A student at Riverdale High School. However, as the show progresses, Betty reveals her true colors, which aren’t as bright as everyone imagined. With this Betty Cooper costume guide, you can see Riverdale’s perfect girl next door.

Wear a Polka Dot Shirt, Pink Cardigan, and Women’s Jeans to channel Betty Cooper’s soft and feminine style. Accessorize with a pink cardholder purse and black ankle boots. Betty is known for her blonde ponytail, so if you don’t already have blonde hair, put on a Blonde Wig to throw back in a hair tie!

Cosplay Betty Cooper Costumes

Betty, tired of being viewed as the perfect daughter, sister, and student in Riverdale, turns to her new friend, Veronica Lodge, who is in a relationship with Archie Andrews. Betty Cooper’s look is reasonable, so you might already have a few essentials in your closet! Check your wardrobe for jeans, a pink cardigan, and black ankle boots. A polka dot shirt can be found in almost any retail store. Look for the pink wallet online and the blonde wig at a costume shop! Pull that wig back into a tight ponytail to achieve Betty’s signature look!

Of course, Betty wouldn’t go anywhere without her friends, so dress up as Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones from The CW show Riverdale this Halloween for a too-cool-for-school group cosplay! Please send us a group selfie of all the Riverdale High School guys so we can feature your outfit in the Betty Cooper costume gallery!

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