Bert and Ernie Sesame Street Costume for Halloween 2023

Bert and Ernie are good friends and roommates, but they have different personalities that make them good friends and roommates. First, it should be noted that Bert is a severe and studious puppet who prefers learning new things and strives to enjoy his many hobbies without interruptions. While Ernie, on the other hand, is a very extroverted and loud character with a penchant for practical jokes, he is also very extroverted and loud.
There is a typical depiction of Bert and Ernie bickering but making up at the end of the day. Ernie wears ragged red sneakers, denim pants, and a horizontally striped sweater, while Bert wears a white turtleneck shirt underneath a striped sweater- Bert and Ernie Sesame Street Costume.

Bert and Ernie Sesame Street Costume
Bert and Ernie Sesame Street Costume

How to Make Bert Costume

White Turtleneck Sweater

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An ordinary white turtleneck shirt is the perfect starting point for your Bert outfit.

  • You will likely become a fan of wearing a turtleneck with your gray suit like a true gentleman, paired with blue jeans like a true gentleman. Moreover, you can also wear it with your jeans, denim jacket, and trench coat to complete your look. There is no doubt that turtlenecks play an essential role in your wardrobe.
  • A turtleneck design with a slight stretch makes it warm, soft, and comfortable for spring, fall, or winter layering. It is appropriate for casual, outdoor, party, or everyday wear.

Green Striped V-Neck Sweater

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A multi-colored striped sweater is a great way to keep warm during winter.

In addition to its comfort and versatility, this soft cotton sweater has a crew neckline, ribbing at the hem and cuffs, and a wide hem.

  • Since this is a 100% cotton sweater, you should be aware that if you drier it in a hot setting, it will shrink. If you want to minimize shrinkage, use low heat. If you maintain the size, lay the item flat while drying.

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Olive Green Pants

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Adding a pair of olive pants to your outfit will make you look extra put together.

  • A straight leg, with slight ease through the hip and thigh, provides a comfortable fit for the hip and thigh. The waistband sits at the center of the dress.
  • The garment is made of a soft, durable cotton blend with a gentle stretch.

Blue and Beige Casual Shoes

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If you are wearing bright casual clothing, pair it with beige shoes.

  • Shoes for men designed by professional German designers are some of the best you will find on the market. There is also a trend culture contained in the style of the boots, making them suitable for you to wear at a variety of banquets and regularly wear on a casual basis.
  • We have the most suitable office shoes for men, premium faux leather dress shoes for men, men’s wedding shoes, and men’s casual dress shoes available in our online store.

Yellow Beanie

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To mimic Bert’s skin tone, you should wear a yellow beanie.

  • An all-day warm beanie made of double layers of knitted fabric.
  • It is designed with rib-knit cuffs so that this beanie can make any outfit more comfortable and stylish.
  • It is a great everyday essential to have a beanie hat with a cuff like this one. A variety of colors are available.

Black Faux Fur Fabric

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Your beanie will look great with Bert’s hair by sewing faux fabric onto it for the tufts.

  • Soft and fluffy fur is on this fabric, made of high-quality fake hair, silky, velvety, smooth, and comfortable to the touch. The bottom of the material is also very gentle and friendly to the skin.
  • It is an exquisite piece of artistry: the artificial fur on the fabric is of very high quality, the effects are very realistic, the hand feels smooth, the cut is neat, and the hair does not fall out easily.

Assorted Color Felt Fabric

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Your beanie will have Bert’s face made out of felting fabric.

  •  In a rainbow of colors, one piece of each color, 40 sheets of felt fabric in assorted colors, meeting your various needs, this item is available in 42 colors.
  • The multi-colored felt crafting squares are great tools for your family to make decorations for the home, parties, and holidays, such as felt Christmas tree ornaments. They are also good educational material for kindergarten students and patchwork enthusiasts.

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Full Costume Set

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Would you like to avoid the hassle of DIY? It is better to grab this onesie instead of the other one.

  • Our yellow muppet Bert is a serious, intellectual, and severe character. You have chosen him to represent you. As you can see from the picture, this union suit has Bert’s well-known striped shirt and pants design. Wear them with your favorite shoes, socks, or slippers, and they come with a hood with 3D features like fuzzy hair, eyebrows, embroidered eyes, an oval orange nose, and ribbed cuffed fabric at the wrists and ankles.
  • It is made from soft polyester fabric, making the footless costume pajamas comfortable to wear. This item is easy to care for: it can be machine-washed with colors on cold, tumble-dried on low, and removed immediately after use.

How to Make Ernie Costume

Blue and Orange Striped Sweatshirt

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If you want to keep everything casual, wear a blue and orange striped shirt.

  • It is an intelligent addition to every guy’s closet to have the Stripe Long Sleeve Tee in the closet. The T-shirt features a bold stripe pattern and is crafted from soft cotton.
  • As a result, it is the perfect complement to practically any workplace dress code, school uniform, family wardrobe, and everyday clothing collection.

Blue Denim Jeans

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You can pair your long-sleeved shirt with casual denim jeans to complete the look.

With five pockets, a classic wash, and a touch of stretch, these jeans are a relaxed fit with a classic look.

Orange Beanie

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You can imitate Ernie’s orange skin tone by wearing an orange beanie.

One size fits most head circumferences, ranging from 22.0″ to 23.2″ (56cm to 59cm).

  • An all-day warm double-layer knitted beanie will keep your head warm throughout the day.
  • The ribbed cuff design of the beanie adds comfort and style to any outfit
  • Everyday essentials like this classic cuff beanie hat are a must-have. The product is available in multiple colors.

Black Faux Fur Fabric

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Ernie’s hair should be made of black faux fur fabric.

  • Soft, fluffy fur: the fabric is made of quality faux fur that is silky, soft, smooth, and comfortable to the touch, and its bottom is gentle and skin-friendly.
  • Designed with exquisite artistry, this fabric has finely crafted artificial fur, a realistic effect, a smooth hand, and a neat cut, and the hair does not fall out easily.

Assorted Color Felt Fabric

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Creating Ernie’s face with felt fabric can make your beanie even more fun.

  •  You can choose from a rainbow of colors, each with one piece of fabric and 40 sheets of felt material in assorted colors to meet your project’s various demands.
  • Multi-color crafting felt squares make excellent DIY materials for your family to drive home, party, and holiday decorations, such as felt Christmas tree ornaments; they can also be used in kindergartens and for patchwork projects.

Rubber Duck

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If you would like to bring along a rubber duckie, as the rubber duckie is one of Ernie’s best friends, please do so.

  • Suitable size for children, girls, and boys of all ages – The duck is of moderate scope and is ideal for children of all ages.
  • The little yellow duck is floating on the water because its body has enough air to keep it from sinking. You can make sound by squeezing it, adding some fun to bathing.

Full Costume Set

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With this Ernie onesie, you’ll be able to keep everything accessible while you’re out and about.

Your choice has been Bert, our severe and studious yellow muppet dedicated to his studies. There is a striped shirt and pants design on this union suit that Bert is well-known for. Wear them with your favorite pair of shoes, socks, or slippers because they have ribbed cuffed fabric on the wrists and ankles, so they stay in place. They feature a 3D hood with fuzzy hair, eyebrows, embroidered eyes, and an oval orange nose.

The footless costume pajamas are made from a soft polyester fabric that is comfortable to wear. The care instructions for this garment are simple: machine washes cold with colors, tumble dry low, remove promptly, and do not iron.

You can wear these union suits as part of your Halloween or cosplay look, as family pajamas, or as part of your group event as a costume. In addition, they make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and fans of the show.

About Bert and Ernie

Frank Oz was the actor who voiced Bert in the series. In addition to his roles in The Muppet Show, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, and The Muppets Take Manhattan, and Oz has also appeared in other projects.

Jim Henson provided the voice of Ernie. Aside from The Muppet Show, The Dark Crystal, and The Muppet Movie, Henson has starred in other films.

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