Charlie Chaplin Costume for Halloween 2023

‘The Tramp,’ a disguise Chaplin used to share joy and laughter with his audiences, was a character who endured the hardships and losses of his life to make his films. Though he was regarded as one of the greatest icons in film history because of the contributions of his persona, Charlie Chaplin lived a difficult life.

The Tramp’s costume is one of Charlie Chaplin costume most well-known looks in his films. In addition to his hat, bowler Charlie Chaplin suit, and fake mustache. In addition, he carries a cane.

Charlie Chaplin wore a tramp costume.

Charlie Chaplin Costume
Charlie Chaplin Costume

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6. Derby Deluxe Costume Hat – Black

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7. Chaplin Moustache from Rubie’s Costume.

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9. Wooden Cane

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Chaplin’s character, The Tramp, is fond of carrying a wooden cane. A black plastic tip and a sharply curved handle make this walking cane long and slender.

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10. Star Costume

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Forget about DIY struggles with this costume set. With 125 years of experience in costumes, wigs, makeup, and accessories, Smiffys is one of the leading charlie Chaplin’s fancy dress suppliers. It is important to note that all Smiffys products will come in Smiffys branded packaging.

Beautiful costume! I received a lot of compliments on it. Although the flower fell off, I superglued it back and pinned it so it didn’t ‘droop.’ While it is a fairly cheaply made costume, it doesn’t look that way when I put it all together. Recommend!

Information about Charlie Chaplin

Sydney John Chaplin (born Hill) and George Wheeler Dryden were half-brothers of Charlie Chaplin. Both brothers were actors and directors who worked with Charlie Chaplin during their careers.

This realistic Adult Charlie Chaplin Costume will make you look like the iconic silent movie star of the 1920s and 1930s. This is an excellent alternative to the usual 1920’s Gangster costumes and will have you looking as if you’ve stepped out of a movie.

Charlie Chaplin’s Adult Costume consists of a black pinstripe Charlie Chaplin suit jacket with an attached beige waistcoat and a white mock shirt. Also included are matching black pinstriped trousers so that you can look like Charlie Chaplin.

If you’re having a charlie Chaplin’s fancy dress party, this costume makes a great choice for a movie theme or the 1920s or 30s look. You will instantly look like the leading man of that era if you wear a bowler hat and mustache.

Details & Design

Charlie Chaplin is a movie icon, and this adult costume transforms you into him. A black jacket with a button on the front starts off the outfit. The vest has a gray plaid pattern and buttons down the front, while the shirt front fits under the jacket and comes with an attached tie. Also included in the costume is a pair of gray pants with an elastic waistband to provide a comfortable fit. Put this bowler on your head for a classic 1920’s look! A faux mustache completes Charlie’s look with his signature facial hair. Made of synthetic fiber and adhered to the head, the mustache completes the look. We recommend using spirit gum (sold separately) for multiple uses. You’ll have a look straight out of the 1920s when you put it all together!

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