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5 Best Lyra Belacqua Costume in 2023

The process of making your own DIY Lyra Belacqua costume is quite simple if you want to dress up like Lyra Belacqua from His dark Material. Making Lyra Belacqua costumes for Halloween or any fancy dress occasion is straightforward.

His Dark Materials – Lyra Belacqua Cosplay Costume

Lyra Belacqua’s costumes are easy to make and require very little clothing. You can easily make your own DIY Lyra Belacqua cosplay costume using the information below.

The Lyra Belacqua Collection

The Lyra Belacqua Collection

In addition to her short height, she has a skinny figure. The color of her hair and eyes is light blue. For the trip through Asia she was planning when Lyra was twenty, Anita dyed her hair dark brown and shaved it short.

Shirt designed by Lyra Belacqua

Your dress will need to be accompanied by a suitable shirt. Ideally, a collared shirt with long sleeves is appropriate. Light colors and tiny patterns should be used for this bag. The shirt should be old-fashioned.

dressing up costume
Lyra Blacqua women leather jacket

I am dressing up as Lyra Blacqua for Halloween.

The girl is from Oxford, England, and is named Lyra Belacqua. Pantalaimon is a pine marten who settled down to become a pine marten when twelve years old. Lyra possessed a unique ability to read an altimeter before she was formalized.

Boots from Lyra Belacqua

In terms of footwear, you will need a pair of boots to wear with your Lyra Belacqua costume. Boots should be brown and flat-soled. They should also be laced up.

Golden Compass of Lyra Belacqua

The socks of Lyra Belacqua

Socks must be long enough to extend above your boots in order to be seen. Light-colored socks should be worn while walking.

Golden Compass of Lyra Belacqua

A golden compass is essential to your Lyra Belacqua fancy dress if you want it to look fabulous. The Golden Compass is an item you can purchase here, a replica of the one used in the show.

What is the actress who plays Lyra in His Dark Materials?

Rising child star Dafne Keen plays Lyra Belacqua.

Despite being born in Madrid, the 14-year-old British-Spaniard has soared to fame due to His dark Materials.

However, it took her some time to overcome the competition to win the show.

Hi, My favorite Halloween costume Evil Queen costume. You maybe love it too!

Lyra Belacqua cat costume

What is Lyra Belacqua’s background?

Lyra Belacqua, also known as Lyra Silvertongue, is the main character in the book series His dark Material, which was adapted into a movie, The Golden Compass, starring nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. You will learn how to be just like her in this article.

What should I wear to look like Lyra?

Lyra-esque would be an apron over a dress if you can find one! Look at Lyra’s Oxford dress with its old-fashioned smocks that could be worn today with a pair of modern boots, entwining the two worlds.

If you looked like Lyra, what color would your hair be?

As in the books, Lyra’s hair is blonde in the movies, but it’s a brownish-reddish color. It’s not what you look like. You like Lyra because of the way you act. But it would be best if you practiced looking innocent and slightly rude and rebellious.

Lyra is loud-mouthed, right?

Please don’t assume that Lyra is loud-mouthed; she is quiet but louder around adults. You don’t need to be afraid of lying. As much as possible, make people laugh and smile, but glare at those who are boring/annoying/insulting.

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