Katy Perry California Gurls Costume 2023 (Making Your Own Katy Perry California Gurls Costume)

DIY Katy Perry costumes can be made in a variety of ways. Based on the outfit and clothes she wears in the California Gurls music video, we’re showing you how to make a Katy Perry California Gurls costume.Let,s make Katy Perry California Gurls Costume.

Costume for Katy Perry’s California Gurls

It’s fun and colorful to make a Katy Perry California Gurls costume. This can be worn as a Halloween costume. Both adults and children can wear it. As a costume idea for couples, it is also possible to use it. For example, women could dress like Katy Perry or Snoop Dog, while men could dress like Katy Perry or Snoop Dog. Here’s everything you need to create your own Katy Perry California Gurls costume.

Katy Perry California Gurls Costume
Katy Perry California Gurls Costume

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California Gurl Costume by Katy Perry

California gurl Katie Perry costume.
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Dress by Katy Perry for California Gurls

It will be challenging to find Katy Perry’s candy dress in the music video for this Katy Perry fancy dress. Thank goodness it is possible to buy a replica of Katy Perry’s clothing in this music video.

The California Gurls in High Heels by Katy Perry

This Katy Perry fancy dress requires an exotic pair of high heels. Katy Perry wears a pair of high heels that resemble stripper heels in the video. With this fancy dress, I recommend choosing a pair of pink stripper high heels.

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I decided to dress up as Katy Perry this year in the candy dress from the California Gurls music video! After so many hours of work, I was delighted with the result! My friends think it’s excellent, and I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments about it!

From an eBay corset top, I made the entire dress myself! For the sprinkles on the top of the corset, I used fabric paint, styrofoam, and extra material from the skirt, and for the candy canes, I used glitter and markers. I bought all the charms at a craft store. Everything was glued on with hot glue. Making the ice cream cone was the most challenging part! Painting and decorating the cone and sewing the scoops just right so they looked ruffled like a real scoop took so much time! I had the most fun hot gluing the charms and everything to the corset top and wearing it!

Taking two heart shapes out of purple felt and stuffing them with scrap fabric, the headband was made by cutting them out at Walmart and gluing them together. Katy’s skirt is made from fabric panels, and the stockings and shoes were bought at the mall for cheap! It was purchased from Party City and cut by me to resemble Katy’s wig more closely.

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