Cousin Eddie wife Catherine Costume Halloween 2023

While cousin Eddie and Catherine’s costume may command a lot of attention in the room, it doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good thing. Cousin Eddie’s life is so different from ordinary suburban life that you’ll find yourself cringing with all his awkward moments and hiding behind something in the case of the truly embarrassing ones.

Catherine and cousin Eddie’s costume most memorable outfit was his fluffy bathrobe when he was cleaning outside. A beer can and a comfy winter hunting hat keep him warm and comfortable. Check out what Cousin Catherine and cousin Eddie costume wear.

Eddie and Catherine are married. I’d say she’s been long-suffering while he’s a bit forgetful. Since Cousin Eddie lost his job, they lived in an RV during the holidays. It’s a good thing Catherine is super patient as a series of shenanigans ensue.

Cousin Eddie and Catherine’s costumes look like night and day when it comes to what they wear. Cousin Eddie is best known for wearing a white robe, black socks, and an Eskimo hat, whereas Catherine wears a striped winter scarf, a brown khaki coat, and a green hat.

National Lampoon’s Vacation Cousin Eddie Costume

Cousin Eddie wife Catherine Costume
Cousin Eddie wife Catherine Costume

Hotel Spa Terry Robe for Men

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When it’s cold outside, what’s a nice outfit to wear? Cousin Eddie doesn’t care that it’s not a fluffy white bathrobe.

An attractive robe with a shawl collar, a self-belt, and a patch pocket on each side.

Comfortable crew socks

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No one has ever called him fashionable. Cousin Eddie wears a pair of calf-high black crew socks. FreshIQ Advanced Odor Technology helps fight stinky feet while keeping feet odor-free.

Our Cool Comfort fabric keeps feet dry and wicks away moisture. A breathable mesh panel provides ventilation.

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With FreshIQ’s advanced odor protection technology, you’ll never have to worry about stinky socks or underwear again. So now you don’t have to be concerned about your socks or underwear smells. With X-Temp’s patented technology, you will always be comfortable and cool throughout the day, no matter your temperature and activity. Comfortable socks from Active Cool keep you warm and comfortable. Arch compression: these socks cradle the foot and stay in place rather than slide into the shoe like other socks. The crew length socks are designed to hit midcalf and stay in place.

Oxford Wingtip Lace Dress Shoes for Men

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The classic black Oxford is a peculiar outfit combination with a bathrobe.

Women, men, and children of all ages can all find something to enjoy. Our collection includes boots, dress shoes, heels, sandals, sneakers, and many other unique styles and designs so you can maximize your fashion at the lowest possible price.

Windproof Russian Hats in Winter

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Cousin Eddie stays warm and comfortable during the cold winter months at a hunting camp.

Leaf Collection System

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Originally, Cousin Eddie was not getting rid of leaves, but the thought counts. Consider the leaf blower hose as an alternative.

A separate trash can and blower vacuum will be needed.

Large Joker Joker Fake Cigar Costume.

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As one of your Cousin Eddie props bring a fake cigar.

Can Bank Tin in Blue and White

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Also, you can bring Cousin Eddie a beer can since he likes the beverage so much.

Making Catherine’s Costume

Catherine Costume
Catherine Costume

Waterproof Trench Coat


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We begin with a classic and respectable khaki trench coat.

This cotton-blend collar coat is made of water-repellent fabric, ideal for rainy days.

This shirt has a button-front, a spread collar, and a back vent. Every day, we improve the process by listening to our customers and fine-tuning every detail to ensure quality, fit, and comfort.


Denim Skinny Slim Fit Women Bottoms


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Pair this with brown pants for a casual look.

The sleek, stretchy fabric of these slimming skinny leggings creates a put-together look that’s equally lounge-worthy.

A sleek and flattering fit keeps you comfortable throughout the day; it is ideal for all body types.

Knee-high pull-on boots for fall weather


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Keep the brown theme going with brown high boots.

Those boots are awesome! Let’s be honest. As soon as I put these on, I immediately wrote a review. I was immediately drawn to the color. The color matches the picture perfectly.

There are no snags, loose threads, or discolorations in the stitching or material. They seem to be of really good quality for faux-leather boots, especially when you consider how cheap they are!

I also like the little bit of heel on them.

Winter Scarf


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For a more festive look, don’t forget your striped scarf.

Dress for the weather in style with outerwear and sweaters that are polished

It comes in various designs, with rich, vibrant colors that make it an excellent gift for men and women.

Artificial Christmas Leaf


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Make your brooch with this Catherine Christmas vacation costume leaf.

The mistletoe pick features pale green leaves with bright white berries and a red satin bow at the bottom.

Due to their wire design, these picks can be used for more than just holiday decorating, such as embellishing a garland or adding some sparkle to a wrapped gift!

Pom Knit Soft Thick Beanie Skully Hat


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Add a green striped beanie for a stylish look.

The Hat Depot Winter Tie Dye & Catherine Christmas vacation costume & Striped Cuffed Pom Knit Soft Thick Beanie Skully Hat is the perfect beanie for Christmas and everywhere else. This hat combines both styles to turn heads and comfort so you can wear it all the time. You can use it for your daily activities as well. Even those wearing eyeglasses, headphones, or Bluetooth earbuds will be able to use this. A great gift idea!

Warmest and most stylish winter beanie for all ages and genders. The perfect fit will keep your head and ears warm, ideal for all winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or looking stylish and matching your party outfit. If you have thick hair, you have enough room to carry all of it inside, even if it is problematic.


Find out more about Cousin Eddie.

The actor Randy Quaid plays the role. Though you might know him as the goofy, country-living cousin, Quaid has been nominated for an Academy Award. Quaid has starred in many other films besides Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain, and Kingpin.

She played Catherine in Brokeback Mountain. In addition to those films, Flynn appeared in Babe, Vegas Vacation, and The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island.

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