Hungry Caterpillar Costume for Halloween 2023

One of the most famous works of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, is a beloved children’s book worldwide and is widely known as one of the most famous children’s books. This story is about a caterpillar growing and eating different fruits before making a cocoon and transforming into a butterfly.

There’s no reason why we can’t look like the Very Hungry Caterpillar. You only need a green-striped shirt, black tights, a red beanie, and a few different colored pieces of felt paper to complete this project.

Here’s how to make a Very Hungry Caterpillar costume

Men’s Fleece Jogger Pants from Essentials

Hungry Caterpillar Costume
Hungry Caterpillar Costume

By pairing your costume with plain black joggers, you will enhance the bright colors of this Halloween outfit. Classic casual pants are relaxed legs and an elastic drawstring waistband for a lounge-ready look.

There are elastic cuffs at the ankles and pockets on the side seams of the trousers.

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DIY Craft Squares In Assorted

Cut out felt paper shapes that look like fruits and cut holes in the middle of them, and paste them around your shirt.

A unique, non-woven fabric that can be cut, folded glued, sewn, and stapled – even painted and drawn on.

Sleep Sack – Newborn Infant Wearable Blanket – Baby Fleece Sleep Sack

You can transform your little one into this classic character from a children’s book with this costume set. Cuddle Club fleece wearable blankets provide a safe sleeping environment because they replace loose blankets in the crib.

These adorable style options combine cute novelty with safe sleeping functionality – sharing pictures of your sleeping infants on social media has never been easier or more fun!

A diaper bag with an inverted zipper allows you to change a diaper quickly and easily. With a roomy sack that allows room for kicking but cannot be kicked off, the sack promotes proper hip development, ensuring your baby stays warm and safe all night.

Sleeveless designs keep your baby cool and comfortable overnight, reducing overheating risks.

Caterpillar Character Costume for Kids

This costume set lets your child dress up as their favorite book character.

A green tunic with a red hood completes the outfit.

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This is the story of Very Hungry Caterpillar.

In his book, Eric Carle describes how he was inspired while punching holes with his hole puncher while writing The Very Hungry Caterpillar. After speaking with his editor about it, he later developed his initial idea of a bookworm protagonist into a caterpillar. The book has been adapted into many video versions for television, VHS, and DVD in the past several years.

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