12 Best Lilly Poison Costume Men In Black Movie in 2024

Lilly Poison Costume
Lilly Poison Costume

Make your own DIY Lilly Poison costume if you’re a fan of the Men In Black movies. In Men In Black 3, Nicole Scherzinger played Lilly Poison, and that costume is based on that character.

Men in Black 3 Lilly Poison Costume idea

In addition to looking fantastic, the Lilly Poison costume also feels sexy. The Men in the Black costume idea could also be used as a Halloween costume idea for a group where everyone dresses in a different outfit. Here are all the details on how to make your very own Lilly Poison costume.

Lilly Poison Costume Men In Black Movie

Dress by Lilly Poison

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Dresses worn by Lilly Poison will form the basis for your Lilly Poison costume. Therefore, an elegant black dress made to look as though it is made of leather is required. An article of short clothing is also recommended.

Ankylosing syringes

It will be necessary for you to wear a necklace around your neck to hold your visitor’s pass. Choose a chain that fits around a soldier’s neck to keep the dog tag around his neck.

Lilly Poison Costume
Lilly Poison Halloween Costume

Earrings with Lilly Poison

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This Men in Black fancy dress requires you to choose a suitable pair of earrings. Choose silver hoop earrings that are oval.

Lipstick named Lilly Poison.

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In order to pull off these Men in Black Halloween costume, you will most likely need lipstick. The lipstick you need should be a dark red color.

Lilly Poison Costume Men In Black

Lilly Poison (Men in Black 3)

Aliens Lili poison and Boris the Animal are the main antagonists in Men in Black III. American singer Nicole Scherzinger plays the lead character.

Her first appearance in the film occurred in Lunar Max Prison, carrying a cake. The guards were horrified when they saw her french kissing Boris after passing through the security checkpoints. After that, Boris’ strategy went into action, as Lilly brought out a pet of Boris’ similar to an insect, the Weasel, who eliminated most soldiers. Lilly accompanied Boris after he reunited with the Weasel, and she gave him a large blaster she had stolen from the armory. Soon after, Boris killed the guards while Lilly followed close behind.

Boris pulled out a blaster and blasted a hole into the roof, which caused everyone to be sucked into space, but Lilly caught up to Boris, who grabbed her with one arm. She was sucked into the vacuum of space as he dropped her, telling her: “Sorry, darling. We loved the cake.”. and released.

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