French foreign legion fancy dress costume Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Costumes based on French foreign legion uniforms have been a staple of fancy French dress for decades. As a result, quite a few versions can be found in most large French cities. The French Foreign Legion fancy dress costume is usually made up of a simple combination of clothing items that can be found at any French boutique or department store with a modest price tag.

French foreign legion fancy dress costume

A foreign legionnaire in combat uniform

The Foreign Legion wore the French olive uniform F1 between the 1970s and the mid-2010s, and the camouflage uniform F2 since 2000 (the same cut as F1). Thus, French foreign legion uniforms typically consist of French army surplus clothing and gear: French olive drab French Male 1937 H/T boots, French CCE helmet, French F1 fatigues, French camouflage uniform F2, etc.

However, it is possible to get a completely new French Foreign Legion fancy dress costume that will include everything you need (including the equipment listed above) for under 25 Euros. The best thing about these costumes is that wearing them makes you look like an authentic French foreign legionnaire ready for action at any time! Even though they’re cheap and made from inexpensive materials, these costumes can help you stand out in any crowd.

Note also that French Foreign Legion fancy dress costumes are not just limited to men – women can wear them.

Legion regiments, companies, or even platoons are often distinguished by subtle differences and modifications in the standard combat uniforms. For example, French foreign legionnaires can wear the French Foreign Legion beret of their regiment over all other headgear.

French society wouldn’t be the same without the French Foreign Legion.  

The French Foreign Legion is a unique element of French society with its traditions, culture, and charisma. French Foreign Legion fancy dress costumes are not merely an item on a list of “international” costumes that you can wear for one night at your office Halloween party – they’re an opportunity to join this elite military history and become part of the legend!

Today’s French Foreign Legion has earned itself respect worldwide by serving in places like Mali, Afghanistan, Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Chad, Djibouti, Kosovo, Somalia, Tchad… members.

Garrison Service Combat Uniform French

Foreign Legion French Male 1937 H/T Boots French CCE Helmet French F1 Fatigues French Camouflage Uniform F2 French M49 gas mask French canteen French F1 cap French military history belt French Male 1956 H/T boots French Male 1947 H/T boots.

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Headgear: A French military kepi (when topped with the Legion cap badge) or dark blue beret (worn by French Marines). French Foreign Legionnaires have a French-style fire-resistant combat helmet. French Blue Peaked Hat French Dragoon Helmet French Gendarmerie Shako French Infantry Helmet French Gas Mask Canister French Kepi French Marine Beret French Marines Helmets French Marines Lightweight Helmet French M1917 New Testament Cover – Soldiers’

Equipment: There are no armor or body protection elements in the uniforms of the Foreign Legion, though most modern legionnaires wear ballistic vests when serving outside France. They must rely on other units for support roles such as artillery barrages and air support. The basic legionnaire kit includes: o A pair of socks (usually grey) o A pair of long pants (olive drab, khaki, camouflage).

Neckwear: Corsican neckerchief (dark red) tied around the base of the collar, not too loose, not too tight. French Foreign Legion French Foreign Legion Cap French French Foreign Legion French Plain White Long Sleeve Shirt Long Sleeved French Blue T-shirt French Red Long Sleeve Shirt.

Shoes: A pair of leather French Army parade boots (when not in combat) or military boots, called Brodequins. The ankle boots are black with black laces. There are no “boots” issued by the French Foreign Legion to its members, so legionnaires must procure their footwear at their own expense, but there is also an allowance for purchasing two pairs of boots annually. Some prefer old WW2 vintage US paratrooper boots (“jump boots”), which the legion unofficially accepts as a substitute for regular army issue boots.

Shirt: White cotton shirt. French Lake-up Black Italian Dress Shoes Plain White T-Shirt Short Sleeved Blue Shirt.

Trousers: Olive drab cotton trousers. There are long and short versions, with the regular being worn about 2 inches above the ankle, while the riding versions are folded to produce a sharp crease (called cotes) before each leg is tailored to be 18 1/2 inches long. The shirtsleeve length varies according to legionnaires preference; 5 cm or 2 inches longer than that required by regulation is not uncommon for comfort during long duty hours.

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