Harry Potter Slytherin costume Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Hogwarts Slytherin costumes come in two varieties. Slytherin House students are required to wear the uniform. Outfit includes sleeves, sweaters, robe, and other clothing needed for Slytherin House.
Choosing the Slytherin Quidditch uniform is your second option. This outfit includes a uniform, helmet, goggles, golden snitch, quaffle, and Bludger bat and ball.

In addition, I have collected a few optional accessories that will complete your costume accessory. I have done all the work here, so you don’t have to worry about which outfit you choose. Everything you need for a Slytherin costume is included, ranging from the Hogwarts school robe to clothes, scarves, hats, and the Quidditch uniform.

Harry Potter Slytherin costume

Slytherin Student Costume for Adults

A pull-on luxury heather knit sweater with a striped neckline, white dickie front, and long sleeves with green lines is imported in full-length black with hooded sleeves and a green neckline closure.

This Harry Potter costume is an officially licensed adult costume made from polyester material. The packaging logo and signature can help you determine a proper safety test procedure.

Slytherin Student Adults Costume
Slytherin Student Costume for Adults

Disguise women’s Slytherin

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  • Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween costume accessory or a night with friends, this Harry Potter costume is sure to impress.
  • Women’s authentic Slytherin costume accessory with a screen-printed Slytherin patch and satin stitching.
  • It’s a movie-inspired schoolgirl uniform based on the Harry Potter movies, so you will look like a student at Hogwarts!
  • Set this Women’s Slytherin uniform with one of our Slytherin robes and a wand for the ultimate Slytherin costume
  • When caring for this adult Slytherin skirt and top, it is recommended that you hand wash or spot clean it. The collar includes a necktie.

Hogwarts Wizarding World Dress Skirt, Teen and Tween

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  • Worn as a Halloween costume or dressed up among friends, this outfit will make an impression
  • This authentic Gryffindor costume for women features a vibrant screen-printed Gryffindor patch with satin stitching.
  • Dress just like a student at Hogwarts with this Harry Potter dress! A movie-inspired uniform that will have you looking just like a Hogwarts student!
  • Take your costume to the next level by pairing this Women’s Harry Potter dress with one of our Gryffindor robes and a wand.
  • If you want to maintain this adult women’s Harry Potter costume accessory, it is advised to hand wash or spot clean it. Includes collar with the necktie.
Slytherin Student Costume
Disguise women's Slytherin costume

Robes for cosplayer characters

Cosplay robes are a great option if you are looking for something last. A benefit of cosplay costumes is that they are made from durable materials instead of mass-produced ones. There are details on particular Cosplay robes not found on robes not designed for the purpose. The details of the robe can vary but can be fully lined or have hidden pockets inside. I did see at least one kid’s robe on Etsy and several on Amazon, but most Cosplay robes are for adults.

Slytherin Robe Child Costume from Harry Potter

Featuring a large black robe with linen shades, tight front straps, and the Slytherin Crest printed on the front, this is a Harry Potter Slytherin luxury Robe Child Costume.

A hood is attached to it. The official logo is on the front and is made for kids (size 12). Machine or hand washing is recommended.

Robes for cosplayer characters Costume
Robes for cosplayer characters Costume

Grey Sweater Costume

Every Hogwarts student wears a sweater under their uniform, which they undoubtedly appreciated during the cold, snowy winter months. Decorative white and green accents surround the wrists and bottom of the shirt on the Slytherin sweater.

It is tough to find a replica of the Slytherin House sweater and an official licensed Slytherin sweater. However, some handmade sweaters can also be purchased on Etsy. For customers looking for Slytherin sweaters, I have provided several sources.

Shirt (for Women) in white

Hogwarts students also wear white shirts as part of their school uniforms. The school robes rarely have shirts underneath, but they exist, so you should give one a try, especially if you plan on making your outfit as accurate as possible.

You can determine what type of shirt works best for your costume based on whether the shirts have long or short sleeves. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pick a favorite shirt because there are so many to choose from.

Did You know about – Lyra Belacqua costumes for Halloween or any fancy dress?

The skirt (for women) is made of grey fabric.

There are no pants for the girls at Hogwarts. As a result, Hogwarts girls were required to wear skirts instead. I chose styles as close as possible to the dresses seen in the movies.

If you like the skirts in the movies, you don’t have to wear the same one. Instead, choose a skirt that falls over your knees if your dresses are longer. Alternatively, if you’d like them a bit shorter, that’s fine, too. You just have to make sure that it is gray.

Costume for adults in the style of Harry Potter

The Deluxe Robe is part of the Harry Potter costume for adults. There is a hood lining and green front facings on the robe. In addition to two metal clips on the clasp, the front of the bag is embroidered with a logo.

Yummy beanie

The beanie hat is another style of hat worn by Hogwarts students. This hat is perfect during the winter months since it can be pulled down to cover your ears and keep your ears warm.

Knitted in Slytherin House colors, this beanie is a perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan. Occasionally, the house’s crest is placed just above the forehead of some styles. Selecting their hats at Hogwarts is good news, especially since the school gets pretty cold during the winter.

Robe bearing the Gryffindor emblem from Harry Potter Child’s Costume

There is a Harry Potter Gryffindor costume made of 100% polyester for children. A hooded black robe with lining is also included.

The packaging logo and signature can help obtain a proper safety testing procedure. In addition, these socks are of exceptionally high quality, and your child will enjoy wearing them.

At Hogwarts, what do Slytherins wear?

Two Slytherin costumes are available for the Hogwarts school. If you choose, you can wear the uniform of Slytherin House. Slytherin House robes, sweaters, and other required attire are included in this outfit.


Therefore, here is our preferred Harry Potter costume pick for adults or children. You can choose from our selection if you are a Harry Potter fan and would like to dress up as a member of your favorite Hogwarts house. We hope that this article will help you discover the perfect Harry Potter costumes for your child or yourself, whether you are a Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Gryffindor. Personally, we love Gryffindor costumes. What is your favorite Hogwarts house? Tell us in the comments.

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