5 Best Taco Belle Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast, who is making a reappearance in a live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1991 animated feature, is a cosplayer’s dream with her characteristic yellow ball gown and natural grace. If you’re going for a finer look at this year’s Halloween party, this tips will help you stand out.
Obtain Belle’s complete look by pairing a genuine Costume Princess Belle Dress with a simple Women’s Ballerina Ballet Shoe. We chose a Bow from Huge Hair Bows for your hair. We chose a Beauty and the Beast Belle Costume and accented with The Trading Picnic Basket for a different look. To add the finishing touches, consider adding a delicate necklace and a pair of elegant gloves. These accessories will elevate your Belle costume and make you the belle of the ball at any Halloween party.

Taco Belle Costumes
Taco Belle Costumes

How to make Taco Belle costume

Taco Belle Princess Belle Ball Gown 

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Ball Gown Worn by Princess Belle Wearing this gorgeous yellow princess ball gown will make you feel like a beautiful princess.  

Taco Belle Princess Bell Brunette Wig 

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Princess Bell Brunette Wig Dress yourself as Princess Belle by donning a brown wig that accurately replicates her hair colour and styling choices. 

Taco Belle Red Sheer Fabric 

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Red Translucent Fabric You may make red tomatoes out of this red thin cloth. Put it in key locations across the entirety of your yellow ball gown.  

Taco Belle Green Sheer Fabric 

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Green Sheer Fabric You may represent green lettuce with this green sheer fabric. Put it in key locations across the entirety of your yellow ball gown.  

Taco Belle Fabric Glue 

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Fabric Glue If you have some handy fabric glue with you, there is no need to sew your clothes together.

Most people adore puns. One’s ability to be punny is something that can be appreciated by people of any age. Why not take those clever remarks and turn them into costumes instead? The name Taco Belle is a mix of Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and the well-known Mexican fast food restaurant Taco Bell. Taco Bell was inspired by Princess Belle.

Who wouldn’t want to be the world’s most famous princess of the fast food industry? It’s a foodie’s dream come true and a pun master’s ultimate masterpiece.

Taco Belle takes the golden ball gown that Belle wore in Beauty and the Beast and modifies it by adding ingredients that are characteristic of tacos, such as lettuce and tomatoes. Here is everything you require to have the appearance of Taco Belle.

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About the Taco Belle

After participating in a photograph in 2012, Olivia Mears, who was attending college at the time, was the first person to wear the Taco Belle outfit. She made the decision to eat at her neighbourhood Taco Bell while dressed as Princess Belle from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. In 2015, she took this idea and turned it into a full-blown pun by designing a Belle gown that had tacos as part of the ensemble. The title “princess” fits Belle perfectly. In spite of the fact that she was teased for having Stockholm Syndrome, she ended up falling in love with Prince Adam. She is known for her kindness, and people in her town adore her. Not only is she known for her generosity, but also for her passion for reading. She has a kind and protective relationship with her father, Maurice, and will even put herself in harm’s way to watch out for him if necessary.

She has a need for adventure, and when her father is captured by the beast, she finds herself thrust into it by accident. Taking his place and with the intention of escaping later, Belle uses the force of her presence to teach the beast how to love. She does it without even trying, yet she manages to break the enchantment that the rose casts, which frees the people who live in the castle and allows them to return to their human selves. She finds herself suddenly wealthy, with dozens of maids, and closets full of gorgeous clothes, just as one would expect from a fairy tale, and the two of them live happily ever after.

Belle Clothes for Cosplay

Princess Belle, the protagonist of a story as old as time, is undeniably one of the most fashionable members of her group. Although it is enjoyable to go all out and spend a lot of money on a ballgown, this is not something that may be achievable for everyone. If money is not an issue, then it is our recommendation that you get her signature gown from a local costume shop. Even though it is possible to place an order for it online, the best way to ensure that it will fit well and that it is of a high enough quality is to make the purchase in person.

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A white blouse paired with a full apron in any shade of blue that may be topped off with a white half apron is a straightforward method to achieve the look you want at a price that is more manageable for most people. You’ve successfully achieved Belle’s more country-chic style if you accessorise with a compact basket filled with books. Roses are an excellent accessory option for either of these costumes. When it comes to group cosplay, it only makes sense to include either the Beast or the crafty Gaston. There are also some entertaining options available in the form of animated furniture pieces. Some examples of these include Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Cogsworth. Browse through our featured images for more fashion inspiration. Send us your photos so we can share your style!

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