6 Best Ben Hanscom Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Ben Hanscom, who was timid and intelligent, did not always stand out, except for the few occasions when Henry Bowers bullied him for being overweight. Beverly Marsh was one of the first acquaintances that he would make in Derry. Ben soon developed a crush on Beverly, but she was only interested in Bill when they were children.
As they both grew older and returned to Derry, Beverly soon developed feelings for Ben and began dating him before marrying him. Ben’s return to Derry was not without difficulty. He had always dreaded the entity known as It and vowed never to experience its horrors again. Eventually, he mustered the courage to return and combat It one last time to ensure that no more children were harmed. Despite his initial fear, Ben’s love for Beverly and his desire to protect the children of Derry motivated him to face It once more. With the support of his friends, he confronted the entity head-on, determined to put an end to its reign of terror and bring peace back to their hometown.

Ben Hanscom Costumes
Ben Hanscom Costumes

How to Dress Like Ben Hanscom

Ben Hanscom Men’s Short Layered Wig

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Ben Hanscom Men’s Crew Socks

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Ben Hanscom Men’s Solar System T-shirt

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Ben Hanscom Casual Cargo Shorts

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Ben Hanscom Man Beach Cruiser

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Ben Hanscom Men’s Fashion Sneaker

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Greatest Ben Hanscom Costume Guide

In the film It, Benjamin “Ben” Hanscom is a novice to the town of Derry, Maine who assists in deciphering the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of children. Despite being bullied and pushed around by Henry and the others, he is a likeable character who utilises his intelligence and engineering skills to aid the others in their battle against It. Additionally, he is obsessed with Beverly Marsh. This Ben Hanscom costume guide will assist you in achieving the look of the club’s sharpest and chubbiest member.

Ben Hanscom’s appearance will require a few objects if you wish to join the Loser’s Society in Stephen King’s It. Complete the look with a short, layered wig similar to Ben’s hairstyle, a men’s solar system T-shirt, cargo shorts, crew socks, men’s fashion footwear and a beach cruiser!

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Ben Hanscom’s Cosplay Costumes

Prepare to replicate the appearance of Benjamin “Ben” Hanscom from Stephen King’s horror novel It. As the most intelligent member of the society of losers, you must improve Ben’s appearance. His attire is indicative of his nerdiness, consisting of a solar system shirt and cargo shorts. You can imitate his unruly hairstyle by wearing a brown, layered prosthesis. Normal hosiery and tennis shoes comprise Ben’s footwear. You should be ready to confront It on your own now that you have mastered Ben’s appearance.

Confronted by the menacing clown Pennywise, you will require the assistance of a few close, dependable associates. Gather as many friends as possible and have them dress as Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough, and Richie Tozier from the Loser’s Club to confront psychotic Henry Bowers and other local bullies.

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