8 Best Gudetama Costume for Cosplay and Halloween 2023 (A Lethargic Egg’s Fashionable Appeal)

The character of Gudetama is a Sanrio character known for being a lazy egg. As Gudetama’s caricature goes, Gudetama is the yellow yolk, and he likes to lie down on his egg white blanket when he’s not at work. A lot of the young generation is fascinated by this lethargic egg because he seems to have a disenchantment with working, which is something that many people can identify with.Let,s make Gudetama Costume. 

The costume for Gandetama is an easy one to make. Depending on your taste, you can either wear a Gudetama-inspired outfit consisting of merchandise or make yourself look like a lazy egg by wearing a yellow onesie and a DIY cracked egg around your waist.

Gudetama – Outfit Costume – How to Make


Gudetama Costume
Gudetama Costume

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The yellow shirt with Gudetama’s face would be a good place to start. It’s a classic boys’ wardrobe staple, and the Calvin Klein Long Sleeve Sateen Dress Shirt is a long-lasting, comfortable piece of clothing. An impeccable match for any dress pants, this shirt features a button-down style with buttoned cuffs, shirttail hem, point collar, two additional buttons, and a modern fit that’s perfect for business casual occasions.

All of our kid’s clothing is made with high-quality materials for maximum comfort, durability, and lasting power.

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White Full-Zip Hoodie

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To make it appear like Gudetama is lying on egg whites, you should wear a white zip hoodie. It has been machine washed. 4.5 ounces of lightweight slub fabric create a textured look: full-zip front and wide cuffs with a ribbed waistband.

 This classic pullover features hand pockets and an adjustable hood for a classic look—all the comfort of Hanes with our famous tag-free back neck.

White Ballet Skirt

Hanes Women's Full Zip Slub Cotton Jersey Hoodie

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Your hoodie will look great paired with a white ballet skirt. 

You can add a bubble hem on your various dresses to make them look fluffy and cute, with three layers of soft tulle to hold the dress’ shape and two layers of lining to prevent scratching lovely, sensitive skin, and an elastic waistband to adjust the dress’ size.

This is a great decoration for dance, ballet, costumes, dress-up, jazz and tap, and party favors. The skirt can also be worn under ROCK n ROLL, vintage dresses, and other outfits, or it can be worn alone as a skirt.


Topdress Women and Cap
Topdress Women and Cap

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Don’t forget to wear a Gudetama-inspired hat to keep to the theme.

Featuring a cotton cap with a square logo patch at the front and a Coolmax sweatband with moisture-wicking properties. A hook-and-loop back closure provides a comfortable fit.

Here is a guide on how to make Gudetama’s Eggshell costume

Yellow Fleece Hoodie Onesie

Yellow Fleece Hoodie

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Make your Gudetama costume with a yellow fleece onesie. 

If you want extra comfort, wear these to bed or whenever you feel like it! You can wear these on long flights, camping trips, weekend getaways at the lakehouse, movie nights, etc. In these warm, fun, stylish jogging suit jumpers, you will be looking for any excuse to stay wrapped up!

White Felt Fabric

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If you would like to add a cracked egg to the waist portion of your Gudetama costume, you can create it from white felt fabric by creating the shape of an egg. 

 Our Felt Fabric products are imported, but they are cut and packed in Los Angeles with great care. All Felt sizes from Feltworld.com are made from synthetic fibers (100% Acrylic) with a higher density than most other synthetic crafts felts and offer superb durability for ease of manipulation, cutting, and gluing without unraveling creasing. If you are looking for something to cut into shapes, decorate with, or just about anything in between, then this is the right tool for you!

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Gudetama beanie with Carhartt label sewn on front, stretchy rib-knit fabric. Hand washes only.

Gudetama’s main purpose

As mentioned earlier, Gudetama is composed of two Japanese words: Gudegude, which means lack of energy, and Tamago, which means a lazy egg.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hello Kitty came about in Japan in 1974 when a company called Sanrio, based in Tokyo, hired designer Yuko Shimizu to create a cartoon character that would appeal to the preteen girl within all of us. In the meantime, Sanrio had been trying to come up with a new critter to decorate a plastic coin purse it was planning to produce since it already had a bear and a dog (and, curiously enough, a strawberry) in its growing cast.

In her book Hello Kitty Hello Everything, the designer Shimizu “wants to create a cat that’s kittenish for sure,” author Marie Y. Moss writes. The designer wanted the cat to prefer a catnap over a catnip. So he drew a white cat wearing an orange bow and blue overalls. Sanrio introduced Hello Kitty for the first time on November 1, 1974. Her head was turned sideways as she sat between a milk bottle and a goldfish.

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