Monarch henchman Costume Cosplay and Halloween 2023

The Venture Bros. is a show centered around the Monarch and his posse. The monarch butterfly gave him the idea. Along with The Monarch are his girlfriend-turned-wife, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (aka. Dr. Girlfriend), and his gang members.
Monarchs wear black and yellow as their main costume. On the backs of the Monarch and his henchmen are yellow wings. Meanwhile, Dr. Girlfriend prefers gold chiffon across her back. We have the Monarch and his group of venture bros. are here with everything you need to look like them?

Masks and the belt emblem were cut from craft foam. Velcro was used to attach the belt emblem to the mask, and black elastic glue was used to glue it. For the lenses, we used red cellophane. Pipe cleaners were used for the antennae, which were fed through small holes in the top of the second skin suit.
I had a little trouble with the wings. Wireframes were originally the basis of the design, and we bought orange tights to slide over the frames to create a sheer wing. Despite wearing plus-size tights, the large wings bent when using the tool. The wings were constructed using cheap orange fabric, a pattern made around the frame, and the fabric sewed onto the frame. Under the shirts, we made a harness that held the wings in place using elastic and buckles.

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