12 Best Teen Titan Raven Costume for Cosplay in 2023

Raven is solemn and cautious since she is compelled to suppress her emotions to limit the scope of her powers. She is reserved and acts as though she does not feel anything, which gives the impression that she is the most mature member of the group. She deflects any attempts made to get closer to her by hiding behind snarky remarks. Nevertheless, she is relatable because, like most people, she fears losing control. Even though her gloomy demeanor makes it challenging to get along with her, she still manages to win the devotion of the other squad members.
Her tight friendship with Beast Boy is undeniable evidence of the more human aspect of her personality. Even though they couldn’t possibly be any more dissimilar to one another in terms of their personalities, the fact that they have characteristics that are opposed to one another makes them attractive to one another. As a result, most fans believe there is the possibility of a more committed relationship between them in the future. Raven is happy to continue humiliating Beast Boy with her sarcasm for the time being, and Beast Boy is delighted to reciprocate her attention with his laid-back ways and his desire to make Raven laugh. Excellent possibilities for a couple’s costume!

Teen Titan Raven Costume
Teen Titan Raven Costume

How to Dress Like Raven

Raven Dark Purple Cloak

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Invest in a long cloak that is dark purple and comes with a hood on it.

Raven Black Bodysuit

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If you want to do this, look for a simple black bodysuit with long sleeves that you can quickly wear.

Raven Purple Finger-less Gloves

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Wear finger-less gloves, and make sure that they are purple to give that fighter aspect to the character.

Raven Nude Stockings

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For smoother legs, you should consider getting some nude stockings.

Raven Purple High Heel Boots

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The perfect pair of purple high-heel boots would be a pair of purple boots with purple heels.

Raven Red Jewel Brooch Pin

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Make sure you get a red jeweled brooch pin that you can attach to your chest underneath the cloak tie, and wear it like this.

Raven Gold O-ring Belt

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If the belt doesn’t stay on your waist or is not fastened enough, you can use black hair clips to attach the strap to your bodysuit, if the belt doesn’t stay on your waist or if it isn’t fastened enough.

Raven Light Grey Body Paint

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You can apply it to your face.

Raven Purple Wig

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Please take a look at her purple wig to get a sense of what she is all about

Raven Forehead Gem

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In addition to her crystal-shaped red forehead gem, you can also use a red marker or a red bindi as an alternative.

Raven Action Figure

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You can now add Raven to your DC collection with this action figure!

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About Raven

Teen Titans is an American animated television series featuring characters from the DC Comics universe. One of the primary characters in the show is Raven, who Tara Strong voices. One of the five original Teen Titans, Raven, was one of the founding members. She is a hybrid composed of Azathians and demons in equal parts.

Arella Roth, a resident of the extradimensional realm of Azarath, and Trigon, a demonic being from another dimension, are Raven’s parents. Raven is their daughter. After Arella’s passing, Azar, the spiritual head of the temple of Azarath, is the one who tends to Raven’s needs. Raven was instructed to keep her power under control and was prepared to withstand the evil influence of Trigon. Because Raven spent her youth honing her abilities, she can now teleport, project her astral self, and provide empathic healing to others in a very effective manner. The clothing that Raven wears conveys both her personality and the mystic power that she has. She wears a dark purple cloak, a black bodysuit with long sleeves, a red jewel brooch pin, and a gold belt. She also has on purple shoes and purple gloves. To dress like the legendary Raven, follow the steps on our list, which may be seen below.

A guide to the best Raven Halloween costumes

Transform into Raven, a character from Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. Raven is a hybrid being that is half-Azarathian and half-demon. Put together a costume that makes you seem like one of the original five members of the DC Comics cartoon superhero team. Outfit yourself with a Purple Raven Wig, Turtleneck Outfit yourself with Purple Raven Wig, Turtleneck Long-Sleeve Leotard, 80 Denier Semi Opaque Tights, a Purple Hooded Cloak, and Mid-Calf Pocket Boots. Crystal Bindi Pack, Antiqued Gold Toned Rivoli Pendant Link, Antiqued Gold Plated Circle Flat Tag Pendant Link, 5 Stones Chain Bib Statement Necklace, and Light Grey Face Paint are all included in the entire cosplay costume for Raven.

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Cosplay costumes for Raven

Consider dressing up as Teen Titan’s Raven for the conventions going on this year if you want to portray a secretive character with a dark side. Playing this well-known figure is a lot of fun, especially if you dress in black and give your hair a glossy lavender finish. You already have the vast majority of the items needed to achieve her look in your wardrobe somewhere. If you’re dead set on making everything yourself, a satin sheet in a deep purple color may serve as a good cloak, and her accouterments can be carefully bought or replicated if necessary. Stick-on stones like those you’d find in the craft department of your local store might be used to imitate Raven’s birthmark.

If you decide to make this a collective effort, there are at least four additional characters from Teen Titans that you may dress up as. This makes portraying Teen Titans an easy choice for cosplayers. Because of their strong relationship, Raven and the laid-back Beast Boy make for an excellent choice. Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans, are all included in her collection; with them, the original founding members of the Teen Titans would be complete. Please check the photographs we’ve shared for further inspiration on how to pull off this style, and as usual, send us your pictures!


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