Shy Guy Mario costume for Halloween in 2023-Shy Guy Mario costume Ideas

In the popular Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros. 2, Shy Guys first appeared as enemies of Super Mario. Due to their shyness, they wear their signature masks. Their first appearance was in Nintendo games, and they have appeared in many more. Mario and Luigi become obstacles and enemies because of the faceless guys. The Shy Guys may seem cute, but they are deadly nonetheless. With this Shy Guy costume guide, you can cosplay Mario’s enemies.
Wear a Red Hooded Cape, Purple Scrub Pants, Military Web Belt, Purple Van Shoes, and a Shy Guy Mask to cosplay one of the Shy Guys. Whether the Shy Guys Mario are incredibly creepy or completely adorable is up to you!

How to Dress Like Shy Guy

Shy Guy Mario costume
Shy Guy Mario costume

1. Red Hoodie

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It is a good idea to start your Shy Guy outfit with a plain red hoodie as the basis for your business.

2. Purple Joggers

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Make sure you wear a pair of purple joggers to match your shirt.

3. Purple Sneakers

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If you have a team of purple sneakers, be sure to match your joggers to them.

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4. Mask

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Make sure you don’t forget to wear (or DIY) a Shy Guy-inspired mask, as that will be the most critical piece of your outfit.

5. Gold Plated Belt

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You can accessorize with a simple gold buckle belt.

6. Red Gloves

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Shy Guy’s sleeves extend to his thumbs, so you can add a pair of red gloves to your business to match his sleeves.

How To Dress Like Shy Guy From Super Mario Bros

The best way to dress like Ginny Weasley is like the character in Super Mario Bros.

The costume of Shy Guy has a colorful appearance that makes him stand out from the crowd. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and you can create your style.

Undoubtedly, the essential part of this costume is the Shy Guy Mask. Unfortunately, a lot of work is involved in making this mask on your own. Therefore, you would benefit from getting the Shy Guy mask.

Make sure you get a black belt with a gold buckle and purple loafers to complete your Shy Guy Halloween costume.

Shy Guy Halloween Costume

It is common for shy guys to appear as enemies in Super Mario Bros franchises. Because of their shyness, the masks can recognize them when they wear them even when they are not wearing them.

The first appearance of Shy Guys was in Yume Kōjō:

 After the release of Super Mario Bros. 2, they were carried over to the Mario universe from Doki Doki Panic. Super Mario games usually have shy boys. Still, spin-offs are more likely to have them. Treehouse member Nate Bihldorff voices them.

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Shy Guy Cosplay

Typical shy guys wear red robes, brown belts, and white masks. Shy boys can wear different clothes. Video games show the Shy Guys’ other behavior through their robes.

The color of their robes identifies video game characters. Super Mario Advance, for example, shows red Shy Guys walking off the ledge but turning around when they hit an obstacle and blue Shy Guys walking near the ridge.

Even though the Shy Guys have a regular basic movement, there is a difference in behavior between the Shy Guy subspecies.

About Shy Guy

These little guys with red hooded capes try to stop Mario from achieving his goals in the Super Mario Bros. video games. In the early days of Nintendo, the Shy Guys were minor characters but soon became enemies of the famous Italian plumbers. In the Nintendo video game Mario Kart, you can even play the Shy Guys on go-karts.

Throughout the Super Mario Bros. games, Shy Guys first appeared as minions of enemies. Over time, they became their masters and attempted to defeat Mario whenever possible. Although they have a terrible reputation, you can catch the Shy Guys on a team with Yoshi in Mario Super Sluggers. Due to their shyness, Shy Guys never reveal their faces, keeping their appearance under their masks a mystery. The only person who knows how they look is Luigi.

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