12 Best Bonnie and Clyde Couple Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Ronnie and Clyde, the criminal duo from Saturday Night Live, are the new Bonnie and Clyde. They are ready to rob banks and put on awkward shows. Clyde is ready to confidently walk into any bank, threaten to kill, and take the money. Conversely, Ronnie is too shy to tell the customers and bank employees what to do. No one in the bank can hear him when he tries to use his “outside voice,” so Clyde has to take the money herself. As the police get closer, Clyde tells Ronnie to clean up. Of course, Ronnie raps a verse without fear as soon as Clyde leaves.
Andy Samberg and Rihanna did the second part of the Shy Ronnie skit on Saturday Night Live. It was called “Ronnie and Clyde.” In 2010, Shy Ronnie was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, even though its first performance was in 2009.

Bonnie and Clyde Couple Costumes
Bonnie and Clyde Couple Costumes

How to make Outlawed Duo Bonnie and Clyde Costume

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Classic Bob Blond Wig

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To imitate Bonnie’s haircut, get a blonde bob wig in the traditional style.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Pink Beret Hat

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You may take your femininity to the next level by donning a light pink beret made of wool.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Pink Sweater

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A light pink sweater with a straightforward pattern will look great with the color of your hat.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Brown Pencil Skirt

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Pair the sweetness with a brown skirt with a pencil shape, and you’ll have a nice contrast.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Black and White Scarf

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Add a black and white patterned scarf from your grandmother’s era and wrap it around your neck.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Oxford Shoes for Ladies

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Put the finishing touch on Bonnie’s outfit by selecting a pair of oxford shoes in any color scheme that strikes your fancy.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Brown Fedora Hat

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Getting a chocolate brown fedora hat for the males in your life would be best.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Three-Piece Black Suit

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It would be best to search for a black three-piece suit with a few white stripes.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple White Shirt

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A simple white button-down shirt will do the trick just fine.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Brown and White Necktie

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Discover a necktie in white and brown with a design that is comparable to the one you have.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple Oxford Shoes for Gentlemen

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Put the finishing touch on your Clyde outfit by slipping into a pair of black formal oxford shoes.

Bonnie & Clyde Couple The Revolver Props

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Remember to accessorize the outlaw pair outfit with the revolver prop firearms before you head out the door.

Even though the movie Bonnie and Clyde were made in the 1960s, it was very true to the style of the 1930s, when the two criminals lived. The most famous image from the movie is of Bonnie leaning on the car while Clyde is sitting in it.

In the picture, Bonnie is wearing a pink beret, a pink shirt with a scarf around its neck, a brown pencil skirt, and oxford shoes. Conversely, Clyde wears a brown fedora, a black suit, a brown and white tie, and black oxford shoes. The revolvers are what they use as weapons. Check out our list of ways to dress like the outlawed duo.

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About Bonnie and Clyde

The movie Bonnie and Clyde came out in 1967. It was about one of the most famous criminals in American history. The movie is a biographical crime film that tells the story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the most famous criminals in the United States in the 1930s. Faye Dunaway plays Bonnie Parker, and Warren Beatty plays Clyde Barrow.

In the movie, Bonnie is tired of being a waitress and meets Clyde when he is trying to steal her mother’s car. Clyde excites Bonnie, and she wants to join him because she hates her normal life. They start with small thefts and then move on to bigger ones, like robbing a bank. Things also get more dangerous as they go. Bonnie and Clyde have asked C.W. Moss, who works at a gas station, and Clyde’s older brother Buck and his wife Blanche to help them with their next robberies. Things don’t go well, which is a shame.

Best Clyde Halloween Costume Guide

In the Ronnie and Clyde skit on Saturday Night Live, Rihanna plays Clyde, who helps Shy Ronnie. After putting on a bad show in a first-grade classroom, the two are back to rob a bank and put on another show. While Ronnie stands awkwardly, Clyde sings to the people in the bank and tells them to get out of her way so she can take the money and run, just like the real Bonnie and Clyde. Shy Ronnie fails to perform in the end, which makes Clyde feel bad and makes her take the money and leave.

With this Clyde costume guide, you can look like a very skilled bank robber. Cosplay Clyde’s criminal look by putting on a Pin Stripe Suit Set, a Leather Crop Top, and a pair of Black Shoes. Next, put a Bowler Hat and Fingerless Gloves on top of a Red Hair Wig. Last, add a toy gun and a money bag prop to finish the bank robber look.

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Clyde Costumes for Cosplay

Even though Clyde can sing and act well, her partner Ronnie can’t, which makes her feel embarrassed and ashamed of her partner. While Clyde walks into the bank confidently with a big gun, Ronnie walks in awkwardly with a small gun he doesn’t even know how to use. When the police finally come to catch the two criminals, Clyde grabs the money and runs, leaving Ronnie to clean up the mess alone. Wear a pinstripe suit over a leather crop top to cosplay as Clyde. Use black shoes, fingerless gloves, a bowler hat, and a wig with red hair as accessories. Lastly, a Clyde costume wouldn’t be complete without a fake gun and money bag.

Without Bonnie or Ronnie, in this case, Clyde is nothing. So grab a friend and act like Saturday Night Live’s funny crime team. Have fun making people laugh all night by singing songs, making death threats, and taking the money and running.

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