Commander Lexa The 100 Costume for Halloween 2024

Lexa is known as the Commander when she unites the 12 clans under one banner. She is strong, well-respected, aloof, and honest in doing what is best for her people. Her willingness to compromise goes beyond her desire for peace rather than outright violence.
It is evident from Lexa’s attire that she is a formidable warrior. She conceals several weapons in long-sleeved black shirts, distressed black pants, thigh-high boots, black armor, and a red cape- Commander Lexa The 100 Costume for Halloween.
Alycia Debnam-Carey plays Lexa, commanding the Coalition against Mount Weather as Commander of the 12 Clans. She commands respect for her vision and influence. Yet, despite being merciful to her, she also trusts the Sky People. In this video tutorial, she shows you how to style your hair.

Commander Lexa The 100 costume
Commander Lexa The 100 costume

How To Dress Like Lexa From The 100

Dress like Lexa and take inspiration from her;

A long brown wig, fingerless gloves, ripped moto leggings, and a pulled pullover sweater complete the Lexa costume.

There are several Lexa Costume Accessories available, including:

  • Knitted dragonhide armor.
  • Black face paint.
  • Leather laces.
  • A sword hanger.
  • Leather leg garters.
  • Leather battle arm guard bracers.
  • Medieval leather belts.
  • Pauldron shoulder armor.

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Best Commander Lexa Halloween Costume Guide

This top costume guide will help you pull off the Cosplay of Commander Lexa from the post-apocalyptic television show The 100. She is responsible for uniting the clans and ruling over them as Commander.

Put on a pair of Classic Gloves for your hands and a long sleeve sweater to look like Commander Lexa. Protect your shoulders with shoulder armor. 

You will need a Razer Edge and Leg Strap Sheath, a Cold Steel Sword, and a Dubh Knife for your weapons. Knee-high boots are a good choice for your shoes. Last but not least, get a black tattoo on your face. Finally, apply a Flat Sheet of Burgundy and Stage Blood.


Lexa Cosplay

As a visionary leader, Lexa’s deep desire to do what is best for her people, even if it means going against tradition, makes her influential among the Grounders.

She has shown her willingness to seek peaceful resolutions by welcoming the Ice Nation into her Coalition or showing mercy to the Sky People.

As a leader, she must remain detached and listless, with occasional eruptions of anger, despite being stoic and somewhat cynical. She must not allow emotions to sway her judgment to be a good leader, as she has earned a reputation for brutality among Grounders for her willingness to make difficult decisions.

In the Ice Nation, Costia, who loved Lexa but was tortured and killed, chose to detach from people, believing that love lacked emotional strength.

To assure her people’s safety, Lexa makes deals with Clarke and Roan to benefit her people, not above betraying her ally. She is a dedicated and loyal citizen with a strong sense of duty and loyalty to her people.

Lexa cares about the children she trains despite her emotional detachment. She is more vulnerable when she is with those she trusts. She values their opinion and prioritizes their welfare over her own.

Upon becoming a commander, Lexa made the young Night types of blood pledge their loyalty to the Thirteenth Clan out of love for Clarke’s people.

Lexa’s low self-esteem is attributable to the violent childhood she had due to Costia’s death and Lexa’s betrayal of Clarke.

Even as a great warrior, Lexa was always willing to accept death in dangerous situations, even as the Commander of 12 clans. Clarke is adamant that Lexa not die despite her command of 12 families. Lexa appears to view herself as expendable despite her knowledge of 12 lines.

Lexa regrets most of her betrayal of Clarke during the Mount Weather War. However, her relationship with Clarke ultimately leads her to believe that life should be more than survival.


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