Stylish costume Award Certificate at Borcelle School Christmas Party

Stylish costume Award Certificate - Myrtle Marrissa

Greetings to All Fashion Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to announce yet another accolade for the talented Myrtle Marrissa. She has been honored with the “Best in Costume Award” at the Borcelle School Christmas Party, a testament to her exceptional style and creativity. This recognition, detailed in the Stylish Costume Award Certificate, highlights her remarkable talent in costume design.

Award Details:

  • Recipient: Myrtle Marrissa
  • Award: Best in Costume Award
  • Event: Borcelle School Christmas Party
  • Award Certificate: Stylish Costume Award Certificate

Prestigious Recognition:

The certificate, a formal acknowledgment of Myrtle’s fashionable and innovative approach, was presented by Harper Russo, the esteemed Guest Judge, and Olivia Wilson, the Event Head of the Borcelle School Christmas Party.

Myrtle’s Winning Costume:

Myrtle Marrissa’s costume stood out at the Borcelle School Christmas Party for its unique blend of festive charm and fashion-forward design. Her ability to transform traditional holiday themes into a stylish and contemporary ensemble was applauded by all.

Comments from the Judges:

Harper Russo, Guest Judge: “Myrtle Marrissa’s costume was a perfect amalgamation of creativity and elegance. It was a joy to see such a fresh and stylish interpretation of a Christmas theme.”

Olivia Wilson, Event Head: “Myrtle’s costume brought a new level of sophistication to our Christmas party. Her eye for detail and style is truly exceptional.”

About Costume Update:

At Costume Update, we’re dedicated to showcasing the latest and most innovative trends in costume design. Myrtle Marrissa’s latest achievement at the Borcelle School Christmas Party is a shining example of the incredible talent within our community.

Stay tuned to Costume Update for more inspiring stories, fashion insights, and the latest news from the world of costume design.

Best Wishes,

Myrtle Marrissa

Founder, Costume Update

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