Violet Cartoon Halloween Costume Award, Receives Best in Costume Award”

Violet Cartoon Halloween Costume Party Award Certificate Myrtle Marrissa

Dear Costume Update Enthusiasts,

It is with immense joy that we announce Myrtle Marrissa as the distinguished recipient of the “Best in Costume Award” at our recent Halloween Party! Myrtle’s enchanting portrayal of the Violet Cartoon character not only sent shivers down our spines but also showcased unparalleled creativity and spookiness.

Award Details:

  • Recipient: Myrtle Marrissa
  • Costume Theme: Violet Cartoon
  • Recognition: Best in Costume Award
  • Event: Halloween Party

Certificate of Achievement:

We proudly present the “Violet Cartoon Halloween Costume Party Award Certificate” to Myrtle Marrissa. This certificate signifies her exceptional talent and commitment to creating the spookiest and most creative costume at our Halloween Party.

Award Presentation:

The award was presented by Olivia Wilson, our esteemed School Principal, and Frank Marcel, the Vice Principal, both of whom were thoroughly impressed by Myrtle’s attention to detail and the eerie charm exuded by her costume.

Myrtle’s Winning Costume:

Myrtle Marrissa’s portrayal of the Violet Cartoon character transcended traditional Halloween costume expectations. The meticulous attention to detail in recreating the iconic character, paired with a spooky ambiance, set her costume apart as a masterpiece of creativity.

Words from the School Leadership:

“Myrtle Marrissa’s Violet Cartoon Halloween costume not only embraced the essence of Halloween but also showcased her dedication to creativity and individuality. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!” – Olivia Wilson, School Principal

“The Costume Update Halloween Party was filled with remarkable outfits, but Myrtle’s Violet Cartoon costume stood out as a true representation of the spooky spirit we celebrate during this festive season.” – Frank Marcel, Vice Principal

About Costume Update:

Costume Update is your ultimate destination for the latest updates on costumes, fashion, and creativity. We celebrate and recognize individuals who push the boundaries of costume design, and Myrtle Marrissa’s victory at our Halloween Party is a testament to the innovation and talent within our community.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features from Costume Update!

Warm regards,

Myrtle Marrissa

Founder, Costume Update

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