Winter Costume Award Certificate at Larana Studio Halloween Party

Winter Costume Award Certificate - Myrtle Marrissa

Dear Costume Update Community,

We are delighted to announce that Myrtle Marrissa has once again captivated the spotlight, winning the esteemed “Best Costume Award” at the Larana Studio Halloween Party! Myrtle’s winter-inspired ensemble demonstrated unparalleled style and creativity, earning her well-deserved recognition from both the event head and the guest judge.

Award Details:

  • Recipient: Myrtle Marrissa
  • Recognition: Best Costume Award
  • Event: Larana Studio Halloween Party
  • Certificate: Winter Costume Award Certificate

Certificate of Achievement:

This Winter Costume Award Certificate is presented to Myrtle Marrissa in recognition of her stylish and innovative costume at the Larana Studio Halloween Party. The certificate, signed by Drew Feig, Event Head, and Juliana Silva, Guest Judge, serves as a testament to Myrtle’s outstanding contribution to the festive ambiance of the event.

Myrtle’s Winning Winter Costume:

Myrtle Marrissa’s winter-themed costume dazzled attendees with its creativity and attention to detail. Her ensemble not only reflected the spirit of the season but also showcased her unique flair for combining style and imagination.

Words from the Event Leadership:

“Myrtle Marrissa’s winter costume was a standout at the Larana Studio Halloween Party. It not only demonstrated a keen sense of fashion but also added a touch of magic to the festivities.” – Drew Feig, Event Head

“As a guest judge, I was impressed by the level of creativity on display, and Myrtle’s winter costume truly stood out. It was a refreshing and stylish take on the Halloween theme.” – Juliana Silva, Guest Judge

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Warm regards,

Myrtle Marrissa

Founder, Costume Update

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