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Kung Lao costumes

Kung Lao Costume Instructions

Kung Lao may be a warrior, but his idea is that he is a pacifist, gaining more happiness when he promotes peace than by inciting violence and playing Mortal Kombat games. DespitMortal KombatLao Costume will remember the duty of standing up for his family, friends, and Earthrealm. Learn more about Kung Lao Mortal Kombat.

In his outfit, Kung Lao appears very much like his Chinese origins, as his cosplay costume is descended from the Great Kung Lao, who was once a Shaolin monk. He wears a hat with a deadly razor rim, a black Chinese vest, and blue pants. You can look like Kung Lao by following these steps.

About Kung Lao and Mortal Kombat games

Anthony Marquez played the character of Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat III, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

The sleeveless vest worn by Kung Lao hails from Chinese origins.

  • Five-eighths cotton, thirty-seven percent linen, and five percent spandex
  • IMPORTANT – Mortal Kombat tournament
  • Clutch closure with buttons
  • Wash your hands
  • Kung Fu traditional style with frog buttons
  • Solid-colored, sleeveless top
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and fresh. Available in several colors.
  • An elegant, traditional-style vest with buttons that can be worn in summer
  • Machine washable/hand wash recommended

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Short shirt

If you are interested in Kung Lao cosplay,

I saw one of my best friends making an arrangement for a tournament, So I will briefly describe what kind of thing she made for us and all about match ideas. Shmanagesge some additional costumes. Arrange a beautiful match. Almost five players are attending this Mortal Kombat tournament, Like a real game movie, or we are joining as a mobile game.

We also manage a Challenge tower. You know, the kung lao costumes game is a super enable game. I have ever played with different types of characters. 

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As a warrior, Kung Lao appreciates a colorful pair of pants as much as anyone.

  • Polypropylene, 35% cotton, 65%
  • Exports
  • Featuring a drawstring closure
  • Fabric that stretches 360 degrees and fits comfortably
  • Cargo pocket with utility loop
  • With a full drawstring waist, they have a natural rise
  • The cargo pocket has two pockets, one for pens and another for phones
  • There is one back patch pocket
Bright Blue Pants

When the need to fight arises, Kung Lao doesn’t hesitate to wear his comfortable, plain black sneakers.

It’s just a matter of paying for a Mobile game for your purchase. The cost was meager. These shoes surprised me by being so comfortable. I am thrilled with the support. I do not know what was used to make these shoes, but they are the lightest I’ve ever seen. If you need shoes for walking around all day, these are the best. These are items I would purchase again.

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To copy Kung Lao’s loincloth, cut a rectangular piece from the black fabric and sew it on the front of your pants. You should now wrap the red fabric around your waist like Kung Lao’s belt.

  • The width is 60,” and the yardage is 10 yards.
  • There is 10% cotton in the blend and 90% polyester in the blend.
  • It has a regular weave texture. Polyester Cotton Broadcloth fabric is a light and airy fabric with an exceptionally soft touch and is incredibly resilient. It is insulated and very lightweight. It will keep you warm and comfortable during cold winter nights.
  • It is a very lightweight, smooth fabric with no patterns in the thread weave that is very popular for dress shirts. It is similar in quality to pinpoint fabric but has slightly less texture. It is also trendy for bed sheets and home wear.
  • We recommend machine washing at cold temperatures and tumble drying at low temperatures.


Hough Kung Lao works as a peacemaker; he knows he must fight, so he uses a black arm guard to protect himself.

  • 13 and a quarter inches in length
  • Approximately 11.125″ wide at the knees
  • 7.5″ wide at the ankle
  • Leather and brass material for Kung Lao cosplay costume
  • The condition of this item is brand new.

Use Kung Lao’s signature weapon, the razor-rimmed hat, as a base.

  • Black is the color.
  • Fabrics made from polyester and cotton
  • Cotton and polyester
  • Style with the band, simple yet elegant
  • Spring, autumn, and winter are all suitable times to wear them.
  • Please verify the size before purchasing. Circumference: 22.4 inches, Brim: 1.96 inches, Height:3.54 inches
  • Beautifully crafted

You can create the razor effect on your flat hat by painting the rims with metallic silver paint and adding more detail to your hat and leg guards with red paint.

  • Metallic and pearlescent paints that are light-bodied
  • Unique properties for adhesion
  • Weatherproof and lightfast
  • Metallic Silver 2.25-ounce jar
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

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