Thoroughly Modern Millie Costumes Cosplay and Halloween 2024

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A popular show every year. Your show is sure to be a huge success when you rent our Thoroughly Modern Millie costumes. Luckily, with our Thoroughly Modern Millie costumes, you can be assured that your show will look fantastic while remaining within a reasonable budget. Please check back regularly for updated photos of Thoroughly Modern Millie costumes as we continually update and enhance them.

Thoroughly Modern Millie Costumes

The cast and costumes are: 

Millie Dillmount:

  1. Dresses for everyday wear that are simple and unassuming
  2. Dress in hat and scarf similar to modern-day fashion
  3. Adding a scarf to another bright day dress
  4. A day dress and hat for the office
  5. An evening gown with a wrap in a bright color
  6. A wrap coat and hat (2/3 of the costume rate)
  7. An evening gown in black
  8. Middy style long sleeve day dress
  9. Shirt and apron in red

Dorothy Smith:

  1. Caplet, frilly day dress, straw hat
  2. Dressed in a nightgown and robe
  3. The evening dress is bright and beautiful
  4. (Billed at half the costume rate)
  5. I wore a day dress and straw hat

Jimmy Smith:

  1. Three-piece grey set. Merchandise
  2. This is a nice 3 PC. Bright shirt and suit
  3. Add an apron to a black tuxedo and white bow tie

Muzzy’s Boys: Shirts, vests, and pants in black and fuchsia to coordinate with Muzzy

Office girls: Dresses with navy/white stripes, collars, cuffs, and tights with bright accents

Office Guys: Jackets, pants, and shirts in navy/white stripes, black arm garters

Modern Girls: A variety of pastel dresses with matching hats

Modern Guys: Three pastel pieces assorted. A contrasting shirt and hat in pastel colors, suits.

Jazz babies Women: Sailor dresses in dark colors

Jazz babies Men: A variety of suits, a few Zoots, some vests, a few hats

Butler/Maid: Period Livery

Policeman: Police uniform including coat, pants, hat, nightstick, badge, and hat, double-breasted

Chef: Apparel for chefs

Costumes for 80+ kids on a tight budget are always challenging, but if the show is set in the 1920s, the challenge becomes unbearable. I found myself there after auditioning for the Yorba Linda Spotlight’s “Thoroughly Modern Millie” show for teens and young people. My infamous costume spreadsheet was born after auditions, casting, and the first rehearsals, after the excitement of the show dying down.
The panic began when this happened. How did I prepare to design daytime, nighttime, and work looks for all of these amazing kids without going over budget?

We welcome you to CYT San Diego.

The costumes available for rent for “Millie” in the area were not up to our high production standards – well, none that was, anyway. CYT, however, came to mind. In San Diego, there is a huge warehouse covered completely wall-to-wall in costumes. There is an adult-sized “Millie” costume available for rent there, and it will be ready when we need it. HOORAY! I think I have solved the problem… almost.

Kids-size flapper duds were still missing from the junior cast. Is there a place where I can find fancy, affordable suits and drop-waisted dresses for kids in the 6-13 age range? Unfortunately, we couldn’t rent them -‘ Millie, Jr.’ hasn’t been performed around here, at least no one has kept the costumes. To find a low-cost costume, I went to my favorite websites – Walmart, Target, and Kohls. Perhaps now you are thinking, “how are costumes supposed to be found there?”?I did not have a disappointing experience at my favorite stores. There are some cute boy’s suits on for a lot less than I expected! I selected pastel-colored suits because they were close to Easter. Wonderful! As soon as I saw I could return them (hey, they’re returnable, right?) I ordered them all, and they were delivered to my home.

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It was now just a matter of worrying about the girls. The 1920’s look would not be complete without drop-waisted dresses. On wholesale dress sites, I searched for what was available. There were maybe 2 or 3 U.S. sites that offered you some options. I wouldn’t be able to order 40 dresses that are the same and modify them, so they were unique. A bit unsatisfactory.

Wholesale China Dresses are presented here. 

I was ecstatic to discover this website. In addition to having over 20 drop-waisted dresses, they were all in light pastel colors that matched the boys’ suits perfectly and were well within my budget! My jaw dropped when I saw what was happening. China seems to be reviving the 1920s. I had to be certain about how I would wear these dresses as these were final sales, and I didn’t know the sizes I would need. Also, I had no idea when and if they would arrive at my doorstep since they were coming from China. My final decision was to order them, and I am so glad I did! I received them a week later, and they did everything I expected. I’m relieved! For now, that’s all I have to say. This will be one of Spotlight’s best shows! I can’t wait to see how the costumes turned out!

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