Dress up as the Wild Things From Where the Wild Things Are

Make some DIY Halloween costumes and start the rumpus, right? These costume ideas from Where the Wild Things Are bring to life the beloved story by Maurice Sendak. This homemade costume will make you want to devour it.

Max’s costume idea wears a fierce costume in the film. Check out the tutorials here for instructions on how to make his wolf suit and crown, and don’t forget the pottery barn kids costume idea.
Above all, the homemade costumes for the Wild Thing are amazing. I’m astounded at the level of detail on these impressive family costumes or birthday party costumes with your favorite book costumes.

costume where the wild things are

Although I enjoy making costumes for them, my kids (a little girl and a little boy too) usually opt to head out trick-or-treating in $20 store versions. But what of this little fellow? Dressing up an adorable almost-one-year-old for Halloween is just too much fun! How about we start with the basics? The wild thing from Where the Wild Thing Are

There is a costume for Lala Loopsy and a costume for Where the Wild Thing Are

In my opinion, I am “craft-handed” instead of right or left-handed since I have always been super crafty. Last Halloween, I decided that, what the heck, I would make my kids’ costumes myself! So that’s what I did. Due to a lack of funds and a sewing machine, I have relied on my very reliable, trusty hot iron to stitch. 

Homemade Wild Thing Couple Costume

Homemade Wild Thing Couple Costume

With its polyester filling, the monster head is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. Made from fabric and cardboard, with Styrofoam balls for the eyes and nose, pottery barn kids, DIY costumes, cardboard boxes, and filled with polyester, the monster’s hat is lightweight and comfortable. 

The Wild Things Are Carol Costume from “Where the Wild Things Are”

As an industrial designer in NJ, I am passionate about bringing iconic characters to life at Halloween. As a child, I loved the character Carol from “Where the Wild Things Are,” who would make the perfect Halloween costume. It took me three days to complete Carol. 

I know you are enjoying reading my blog. Now I’d like to share some bonus costume idea for you.

1. Pottery barn kids

2. Max costume

3. Faux fur

4. Wild Rumpus

5. Max’s wolf suit

6. Book character costume ideas

7. Big Monster

Halloween costumes for toddlers

Books have become a passion for my son, Coen. He enjoys the book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. This is his first Halloween, so I thought I’d make his costume myself since he knows what’s going on. It was a decision I had to make 

Get into the wild rumpus with the Where the Wild Things Are family costume!

Reading books to my one-year-old son is his favorite activity. While I was a kid, I loved the book “Where the Wild Things Are,” and I bought the movie when my husband and I saw it. “Let the wild rumpus begin!” Max shouts halfway through the book.”

Halloween costumes that are original to Where The Wild Things Are

As a middle school art teacher, I help students develop their artistic skills. Immediately after school began, the kids began discussing their Halloween costumes for this year. Of course, it was always better to make costumes yourself rather than buy them. 

You can apply this costume ideas this days

1. Birthday party 

2. When your little girl is in angry mode.

3. Your family party or friends party too.

4. Maybe you can apply this costume character to World Book Day. If you don’t know, when is world book day ? You should visit the World Book Day website. 

cardboard box costume


Is it possible to dress up like a wild thing in their costumes?

DIY costumes are the perfect way to start the wild rumpus! These Where the Wild Things Are costumes capture the essence of Maurice Sendak’s classic tale. You will want to eat these homemade costumes. Take a look at the DIY costumes of Max, the fierce protagonist.


Are the Wild Things in the book I’m looking for?

He loves the Maurice Sendak book “Where the Wild Things Are.” As this is his first Halloween, I decided to make his costume myself since he has an idea of what is happening.


Where did Max wear his clothes when the Wild Things were there?

Max wore a pair of Chucks in the movies, so I guess the Chucks look cute too. A gold foam crown with a faux fur border at the bottom is the only accessory. Without a wand, a Max costume would be incomplete, wouldn’t it?

Where did Jim wear what he wore to see the Wild Things?

Using a Sharpie, Moishe’s scales were doodled on grey infant sweats. I whipped up a skull hat and a horned headband for Jim at the last minute. There are wild things in this family! Want to know what makes these costumes so unique?

Thoroughly Modern Millie Costumes

Thoroughly Modern Millie Costumes

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