8 Best Amethyst Steven Universe Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Amethyst, a cheerful character full of laughing and pleasure on the Cartoon Network Steven Universe show, is frequently utilized as comic relief. Pearl often judges her for her laziness and harsh tongue. Despite her nasty demeanour, she is a highly protective and devoted character. Amethyst is the Gem that will entertain Steven Universe the most. She is typically open to engaging in human activities with him.
While Amethyst is lighthearted most of the time, she also has a lot of self-loathing because of her roots in Kindergarten and the tragic past it carries. Amethyst feels out of place compared to the other Gems, especially when contrasted to Pearl or Garnet. Amethyst has poor self-esteem; when depressed, she can be chilly and irritable with others.

Amethyst Steven Universe
Amethyst Steven Universe

How to make Amethyst Costume or How to Dress Like Amethyst

Amethyst Light Grey Tank Top

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Amethyst’s laid-back demeanor focuses on comfort, so she favors donning a tank top in a light grey color.

Amethyst Black Sports Bra

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This black sports bra is an excellent analog for the layered look that Amethyst often sports, which she usually wears.

Amethyst Black Leggings

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Amethyst is the epitome of contemporary comfort, as seen by the pair of black leggings she always wears.

Amethyst Purple Star Stickers

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Amethyst gives her outfits a unique and personal touch by adhering two purple star stickers to the top of each garment.

Amethyst Plain White Boots

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Amethyst wears a pair of essential white boots, which go well with the purple hue of her hair.

Amethyst Lilac Body Paint

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Make your skin look like Amethysts with this purple body paint.

Amethyst Acrylic Amethyst Gem

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Amethyst wears a piece of Amethyst on her chest in the form of a stone. This acrylic analog might be the finishing touch to your look if you want to wear it.

Amethyst Long White Wig

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Putting on a long white wig is the finishing touch to your Amethyst costume.

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About Amethyst

Michaela Dietz, who earlier portrayed the baby dinosaur Riff in Barney & Friends, plays Amethyst.

Of the Crystal Gems, Amethyst is the most eager to indulge Steven’s whims. She enjoys having fun and is prepared to attempt anything for enjoyment. Amethyst is usually easygoing and cheery, yet she also has self-doubts and flaws. On the other hand, her friends don’t let it bother her.

Like the popular hue of her name, Amethyst is a lilac-colored person with white hair. She is dressed in a grey tank top, black leggings with purple stars on the knees, and white sneakers. Everything you need to appear like Amethyst is right here.

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Amethyst Halloween Costume Ideas

Amethyst is a member of the Crystal Gems and one of the final known Gems to be created on Earth as part of the Gem Homeworld’s Kindergarten project. If you want a unique Halloween costume, go no further than the character from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe! Amethyst is shorter than many other Quartz Gem warriors (around the same height as Steven Universe) and has a stocky body due to her extra 500 years beneath the Earth. Her purple color really sets her apart, which compliments her crystal. With this Amethyst costume guide, you can have the appearance of one of the few living Gems on the planet.

To complete Amethyst’s appearance, you’ll need a cut glass diamond gem, purple star patch, long hair wig, black fitness crop top, grey tunic tank top, black leggings, and knee-high white boots.

Cosplay Amethyst Costumes

While locating the components required for your Amethyst costume may appear simple, putting it together might not be easy. It would be best to have a style that is easy and tough for cosplay. You must be able to pull off the purple look and Amethyst. While looking for a comparable wig, try to select a light purple hue, exactly like Amethyst’s hair. Identical apparel should be easy to find in your wardrobe or a friend’s closet. You can always make your own star patch if you’re crafty enough.

To construct a group cosplay with Amethyst and the other Crystal Gems from the show Steven Universe, we recommend enlisting the help of a few friends who are willing to dress as Steven Universe, Pearl, Jasper, and Ruby to make the appearance even more authentic. We’d love to see your creativity while designing this Gem’s dress! Please email us images of your completed outfit so we may display it in the cosplay gallery and inspire others to dress up like Amethyst.

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