Juliet Starling lollipop chainsaw cosplay for Halloween 2023

Lollipop chainsaw cosplay costumes stars a girly, sexy, and playful protagonist like a Western-style anime. Juliet Starling wears a blue cheerleading crop top and pleated skirt, a red belt, white stockings, red boot cuffs, white and red sneakers, pink rubber bands, a pink watch, and a black and white wristband. Keep a chainsaw on hand as a prop. Hey, you have a question and would like to know- lollipop chainsaw Juliet outfits, lollipop chainsaw cosplay costumes, lollipop chainsaw outfits, lollipop chainsaw alternate costumes, Juliet Starling lollipop chainsaw cosplay.

Juliet Starling lollipop chainsaw cosplay
Juliet Starling lollipop chainsaw cosplay

To make a Juliet Starling costume, you will mostly need a cheerleader outfit and a few other pieces. The following are all the Juliet Starling lollipop chainsaw Juliet costume options you can create with the Lollipop Chainsaw video game.

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How to Make Lollipop Chainsaw’s Costume

Cosplay Juliet Starling Dress – (lollipop chainsaw cosplay costumes)

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Dress in lollipop chainsaw Juliet outfits with a crop top, a skirt, a red belt, and a black and white wristband.

The cheerleader uniform that the character wears will be the basis for your own Lollipop Chainsaw costume. It’s fine to use any cheerleader uniform, but we recommend a replica of the uniform worn by the character with the lollipop chainsaw costume.

  • lollipop chainsaw cosplay costumes for Ya-cos Swimsuit Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling
  • Each set of clothes we make is carefully crafted from carefully selected materials. This is just to let you know that lollipop chainsaw cosplay costumes have a high quality and price reduction (for high-quality anime fans).

High Stockings for Garter Belt 

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You should wear white stockings to make perfect lollipop chainsaw Juliet costumes.

  • A garter belt or suspender belt is usually worn with classic stockings. Artisans from Europe usually handcraft it.
  • Smooth, soft finish with a garter belt attached to the reinforced opaque top part. Appearance is semi-opaque, with 40 deniers. These stockings will be a great choice in the year’s cooler months.
  • The feel of the microfiber does not disappoint. Comfortable, warm, and breathable with a lollipop chainsaw costume.

Neon Leg Warmers from Forum Novelties.

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Red boot cuffs are a must-be great design with lollipop chainsaw Juliet costumes.

They were a great addition to the ’80s-themed party I was holding, and I am really happy with the purchase. Their fit was perfect, and their quality lollipop chainsaw costume exceeded my expectations.

Flat Skate Walking Shoes

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Make yourself look taller and sexier by wearing red sneaker high heels with the outfit.

For this Juliet Starling fancy dress, you will need to wear stockings. This is because the character’s socks are written on the side. In addition to the opaque white pantyhose, it is possible to use white opaque tights.

  • Side zipper sneakers are a great choice for everyday casual wear paired with t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, jeans, denim jackets, simple sweaters, and other lollipop chainsaw Juliet outfits.
  • With two side zippers, the Padgene slip-on shoes for women are easier to put on and take off; the dual zipper design will not cause a hasty exit.
  • With platforms, your entire foot is in contact with the ground, so your balance is better, and you’re less likely to trip over your ankle.

Medium Brown Anime Cosplay Wig 

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A perfect costume for anime parties, lollipop chainsaw cosplay, lollipop chainsaw all costumes, costume parties- lollipop chainsaw cosplay, and more.

It is made from 100% synthetic fiber, which is heat resistant. Using an electronic hair stick, it can be curled or straightened under 120 degrees Celsius.

 Two adjustable straps make the net more durable and breathable. It measures approximately 22.5 inches in circumference. As a result, most heads can fit in its lollipop chainsaw cosplay.

About Lollipop Chainsaw

In 2012, Lollipop Chainsaw was released as an action comedy-horror game. The plot revolves around a cheerleader named Juliet Starling from San Romeo High School. Juliet finds herself in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Juliet must use her cheerleading skills and a chainsaw to fight off these flesh-eating creatures.

Fun facts: Lollipop Chainsaw results from a collaboration between game designer Suda51 and filmmaker James Gunn. Yep, it’s the director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

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