Paul Stanley Costume Halloween 2023 -Starchild (Kiss)

The complex rock artist Stanley Bert Eisen is better known by his stage name, Paul Stanley because he was born Stanley Bert Eisen. KISS’ rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist is a singer-songwriter best known as the band’s rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist.

In addition to the metal details and black leather that Paul Stanley wears in his KISS persona, his KISS persona has a very distinct punk-goth style. In addition, he paints his face with black and white paints like the other members of the band ( Paul Stanley Costume).

 How to Make Paul Stanley Costume

Paul Stanley Costume
Paul Stanley Costume

Kiss Starchild Costume

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You can always buy this Starchild-inspired shirt if you’re not confident about showing your top.

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Men’s Slim-Fit Casual Stretch Khaki

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To keep in line with the goth theme of your outfit, pair your top with a pair of slim-fit black pants to complete your look.

  • It is fitted through the hips and thighs and has a tapered leg for a flattering look. Below the waist, it sits at a comfortable level.
  • With a gentle stretch, this cotton twill is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear

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Ellie Shoes Men’s Platform

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A pair of silver platform boots will give you a rock star vibe, making you feel like a rock star.

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Black & White Water Based Face & Body Paint Fancy Dress Set

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To get KISS and Starchild’s signature look, you must apply black and white face paint.

There is no doubt in my mind that this stuff is fantastic! Initially, I tried two trial runs with the product because I was told it would be easier to blend if you heated it as other reviews suggested. Still, it ended up smearing on so thickly and not being very blendable. Even after I tried wetting sponges/brushes the second time, it still didn’t give me the thickness I was looking for, especially regarding the white. Spraying the paint with water is the best way to activate it! With my succulents, I use a little spritzer that mists the perfect amount of water for my brushes to pick up. The facepaint should also be set with translucent powder or baby powder and then sprayed with either setting spray or hairspray. After using Snazaroo for a while, I’ll only use it from now on.

Black Rocker Costume Wig

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The iconic 80s hairstyle of Paul Stanley can be achieved with a long, curly black wig.

In order to make this fabulous wig, we tried many different hairstyles in order to create a look similar to the famous 80s rocker parties. Our size was increased, especially to fit an American male’s average head size. Heat-resistant fibers can be permed with iron and look natural.

A lot of hair wefts make it complete, especially at the top. But, with just a good shake and a little tease, you will be able to recreate the fried look of the 1980s and be a hit at an 80s-themed party or event.

  • A black curly wig is what you are looking at. You will achieve a more natural appearance and a less shiny look with high-quality heat-resistant soft fibers. It is not a one-time use wig.

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About Paul Stanley / The Starchild

The unique voice of Paul Stanley earned him the nickname “The Starchild” during his Kiss days. Hit Parader ranked him among the Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time, and ranked him among the Top 25 Frontmen.

Known by his stage name Paul Stanley, the Starchild, Stanley Eisen (born January 20, 1952) was born in Queens, New York. He is the rhythm guitarist, lead songwriter, and frontman of KISS. Most of the band’s top-charting hits were written or co-written by him, including Rock And Roll All Nite, Detroit Rock City, Hard Luck Woman, I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Crazy Crazy Nights, and Forever, as well as God of Thunder, Strutter, and “Black Diamond.”

I think it is for all the right reasons that musicians like Otis Redding, The Temptations, and Isaac Hayes are not the names that come to mind when one considers the four-decade-old band known for spitting fire, drooling blood, outsized tongues, and platform boots as big as their egos when one thinks of KISS, the theatrical rock band best known for spitting fire, drooling blood, spitting blood, and

KISS’s frontman (a.k.a. Starchild) is earnest as he performs at The Canyon in Agoura Hills with Paul Stanley’s Soul Station, a revue covering iconic soul songs from the Motown and Stax eras of black music.

A recent warming-up gig at the Roxy on L.A.’s Sunset Strip was packed. “Everybody is doing it because of passion,” Stanley says. The formula seems to work: At a recent warm-up gig at the Roxy, “The place was packed.” “It’s about re-creating those songs, the sweat that created them.”

Eric Singer, who is currently the drummer for KISS, is part of Stanley’s passion project. Alessandroni is joined by Alex Alessandroni (Babyface, Toni Braxton, Natalie Cole) and Ely Rise (Macy Gray) on keyboards, while Moreira plays guitar (Pink, Steven Tyler, Sheryl Crow). Hurley plays bass (John Mayer, Ringo Starr, Annie Lennox), and Alessandroni plays keyboards. Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and Whitney Houston have all performed with Nelson Beato, Crystal Starr, and Lauren Beato. In Stanley’s opinion, Otis Redding’s music is the best he has ever heard live. I needed to ally with this great music that I saw, Otis and The Temptations.

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