When life gives you lemons costumes Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Let us help you incorporate your love of puns into your costume if you’re the king or queen of crafting puns. You can choose solo costumes, couples costumes, or even costumes that include your entire group. Punny Halloween costumes that make your family and friends laugh can’t be beaten, whether it’s a classic idiom or a tongue twister. It won’t take much for your loved ones to figure out what each one means, but it’ll be fun watching them. (To make this roundup more fun, hold your hand over the words and try and guess the pun!)

lemon costume

The tradition of silly pun Halloween costumes isn’t going anywhere in 2019, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. Furthermore, most require between one and three items to make. Even though some of these may require a brave heart, we guarantee you’ll be the talk of the party. Here are some ideas for costumes and spooky Halloween makeup tutorials (PS: Don’t miss our Halloween makeup ideas!) And because you’re likely a master of words, you’re bound to find a great caption for your Instagram. Let’s get started! These are the punniest Halloween costumes you’ll find this year from the best bloggers and editors.

cut perfectly your cloth

As Nicole, the creator of the costume for ‘When Life Gives You Lemons,’ has described it:

My choice to create this costume was based on trying something different this year. I wanted something more creative and out-of-the-box. Hence, I took the famous adage “when life gives you lemons.” and turned it into a video.

Maybe someone next year will dress up as Lemonade along with their significant other for a Couples costume.

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look at your cutting size and style

Climate-controlled greenhouses

Are you good at taking care of plants? Then, it’s your chance to dress up as the greenhouse this year. For a quick and easy craft, check out this awesome (not to mention, easy) iron-on costume from The House That Lars Built.

Your shoulder is chipped.

Choosing an outfit that reflects how you feel will help you to feel in the right mood. One piece of yellow paper, scissors, and boom would be ideal. You will be the talk of the town with this clever costume.

Animals at a party

Halloween costumes don’t get easier than this. You only have to pick up a pair of animal masks and dress to the nines.

Guacamole de Santo

A beloved (and punny) phrase comes to life with this heavenly combination of avocado and angel.

Smart Cookie

Although you’re trying to show off your brains, this might earn you enough votes to win Best Dressed.

Hawaiian Punch

A vacation-inspired boxing outfit inspired by an island vacation … We Koolaid Man-approved it.

Our team thought it would be fun to celebrate Punny Halloween again this year, especially since we’re having a Costume Party!

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