7 Best Anton Chigurh Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2024

Anton Chigurh appears to be dressed in a brown button-down shirt, a dark denim jacket, dark denim slacks, and leather boots. In addition, he has an iconic hairstyle for a villain, a bowl cut. Still interested? If so, please refer to the list below to recreate Anton Chigurh’s rustic approach.
At some point, Anton Chigurh learns that another bounty hunter, Carson Wells, has also been contracted to retrieve the money. Chigurh murderess Wells after learning that Wells agreed with Moss to provide him with protection in exchange for the money, offers to spare Moss’ wife if Moss agrees to give him the money. Moss declines and is ultimately murdered by Mexican assassins. Chigurh appears after the crime scene has been cleared, retrieves the money, and returns it to the investor.

Anton Chigurh Costumes
Anton Chigurh Costumes

How to Dress Like Anton Chigurh

Anton Chigurh Rustic Brown Buttoned-down Shirt

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Obtain a long-sleeved brown button-down blouse with a plain design. 

Anton Chigurh Dark Denim Jacket

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A dark denim jacket should be worn over the brown blouse.  

Anton Chigurh Dark Rustic Jeans

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Pair your top with a pair of rugged dark denim.  

Anton Chigurh Brown Leather Belt

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Choose a straightforward brown belt with a rustic accent.  

Anton Chigurh Brown Leather Boots

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Obtain a pair of western-style brown leather boots.

Anton Chigurh Dark Bowl Cut Bob Wig

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To replicate Anton Chigurh’s iconic hairstyle, acquire a long, dark-coloured bowl-cut wig.

Anton Chigurh Oxygen Cylinder Tank

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As Anton Chigurh’s most recognisable prop is a cylinder tank, use a tank connected to red tubing as a substitute.

About Anton Chigurh

Anton Chigurh, portrayed by Javier Bardem, is the antagonist in the 2007 drama/crime film No Country for Old Men. The film depicts the chaotic and violent events that occur after a hunter stumbles upon the horrific aftermath of drug dealing and steals two million dollars in cash.

Anton Chigurh, a merciless assassin and unstoppable machine, is recruited to track down the hunter who stole the money. Anton Chigurh is portrayed as a genuine psychopath with a core of remorselessness and a taste for cruelty. When it comes to murder, he is extremely deliberate and cautious. Anton can also find pleasure in murdering elderly persons.

Chigurh is recruited in 1980 to retrieve a satchel containing $2.4 million from a botched drug transaction. During this assignment, Anton uncovers that a local welder, Llewelyn Moss, found the money while hunting and fled town with it. From Anton Chigurh’s perspective, the storyline involves his pursuit of Moss to retrieve the money. There are multiple altercations between Moss, Chigurh, and even a Mexican mob during Chigurh’s subsequent goose pursuit to retrieve the money from Moss.

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Greatest Anton Chigurh Costume Guide

Anton Chigurh is the primary character in the film adaptation of No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy. Anton Chigurh was depicted by actor Javier Bardem in the 2007 film that received widespread critical acclaim. Bardem won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA for his performance as Anton in the film. However, Anton Chigurh is regarded as one of the finest fictional antagonists in film history. Even Empire Magazine ranked him as one of the 100 finest film characters ever. In the novel and film, Anton is a ruthless assassin without remorse, regret, or compassion.

With the help of this Anton Chigurh costume guide, you can achieve the appearance of the emotionless killer in no time. Start by pairing a brown shirt with black trousers and a brown belt. Wear a black jacket and brown cowboy boots to finish off the ensemble. Remember to bring the bullwhip.

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Cosplay Anton Chigurh Costumes

Carson Wells, a significant character in No Country for Old Men, characterises Anton Chigurh as a psychopath in his 30s with eyes “as blue as lapis… as wet stones.” In both the novel and the film, Anton’s use of a coin to determine the fate of some of his victims is a defining characteristic, demonstrating that he murders without compassion or remorse. He frequently views himself as the hand of fate and is described as having his own set of values, regardless of how twisted others may view him. He may not murder arbitrarily or aimlessly, but his motives for killing are frequently quite abstract.

If you mimic Anton Chigurh’s psychotic stare, you will undoubtedly attract attention despite Anton Chigurh’s simple attire. Invite your friends to complete the ensemble by dressing as characters from the novel, such as Llewelyn Moss, Carson Wells, and Sheriff Ed Tom Bell.

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