10 unique Cammy Street Fighter Costume for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Cammy White is a girl who appears in a series of video games called Street Fighter. When her name is Killer Bee, you know she is a tough fighter. She is just the second woman to fight in one of Capcom’s Street Fighter games. She didn’t appear in the series until Street Fighter II. Since then, she’s been in most of the other Street Fighter games, though her character’s style and personality have changed a bit.
Cammy was first an assassin for Shadaloo. Later, she became a spy for MI6 and worked for the British government. She uses the skills she learned in Shadaloo and Delta Red to fight in the game. Even though she is nice, respectful, and sure of herself, she can be mean to people she doesn’t like. Cammy White never hurts more than she has to when she fights, but if I wanted to hurt her, I wouldn’t cross her path.

Cammy Street Fighter Costume
Cammy Street Fighter Costume

How to Make Cammy’s Costume from Street Fighter or How to Dress Like Cammy White

The following is a list of goods that you may acquire to complete your Cammy costume:

Cammy Street Fighter Green Leotard

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Grab a green leotard.

Cammy Street Fighter Chest Harness

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After that, a chest harness should be placed on top.

Cammy Street Fighter Nude Tights

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You might even cover the legs with nude tights if you choose.

Cammy Street Fighter Leg Holster

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Then add this holster for your leg.

Cammy Street Fighter Red Fingerless Gloves

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These pair of red gloves will serve as a striking contrast accent.

Cammy Street Fighter Red Socks

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If that’s the case, put on this pair of socks.

Cammy Street Fighter Black Boots

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Put these boots on your feet.

Cammy Street Fighter Braids

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Put on a blonde wig and style it in braids.

Cammy Street Fighter Red Beret

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Be sure to round off the ensemble with a vibrant beret.

Cammy Street Fighter Green body paint

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Sketch some stripes on your hands and legs using this green paint.

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About Cammy

In the game Street Fighter, Cammy is a female character. The game series is one of the most popular and has led to many other one-on-one games.

Cammy White’s name is Killer Bee, and she first appeared in Super Street Fighter II. She is the second woman fighter after Chun Li but works for Shadaloo first. As the game goes on, she joins MI6 and works for Britain.

How to Dress as Cammy for Halloween

Even though the first Street Fighter game was popular in 1987, Cammy White didn’t show up until 1993, when Street Fighter II came out. Her character is called the Killer Bee, probably because she is a fierce fighter with a sweet personality. Cammy used to work for Shadaloo as a deadly assassin, but she broke away and is now an MI6 agent for the British government. She works in the British special forces team called Delta Red. With this Cammy White costume guide, you can look like the second woman fighter in the Street Fighter series.

Use a Kelly Green Turtleneck Leotard, a Red Wool Beret, an Extra Long Blonde Braids Wig, Military Lace up Combat Boots, Cammy Gauntlets, and Light Green Body Acrylic Paint to cosplay Cammy White’s street fighting style. Her style stands out, just like her combat skills!

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Cammy Costumes for Cosplay

With this cosplay, it’s time to show off your moves! Here’s how to get the cute and sassy look of Cammy White from the Street Fighter video game series. Some of the parts of this costume can be bought in stores, but for a few of them, it’s best to buy them online, where you’ll have more options. If you don’t already have them, you can buy her red beret, combat boots, and body paint at almost any store. Since you want to look just right, finding the rest of the Cammy cosplay items online is best.


Even though you could wear this costume by yourself, it would be even more fun if you did it with a few other people. Get a few friends to dress up as Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li, Sagat, or any other characters from Street Fighter. If you follow this guide, we want to see a picture of your Cammy White cosplay.

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