Costume for Vanessa Kensington wearing a silver dress in 2024 (DIY Costume Guide for Austin Powers Fans)

Make your own Vanessa Kensington costume if you are a fan of the Austin Powers movies. Elizabeth Hurley portrayed her character. The great thing about this costume is that your partner will dress up like Austin Powers as well, making it an excellent choice for couples. You can choose from two outfits.

How to Create Vanessa Kensington’s Austin Powers Costume

Costume of Vanessa Kensington in a silver dress


Vanessa Kensington wears the silver minidress with knee-high boots from Elizabeth Hurley in her first costume. Find all of the costumes and supplies you will need below.

Dress in Silver

Vanessa Kensington Dress in Silver

This sexy costume requires a dress as its primary item of clothing. Therefore, you should wear a silver dress. Also, make sure the dress is concise.

It may prove difficult to replicate the collar on the dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley. However, it is possible to use a simple mini dress with strings for shoulder straps instead.

Knee-high boots by Vanessa Kensington

Secondly, knee-high boots are a must. Silver knee-high boots are appropriate. The boots should have zips on the inside, and they should be fastened with zips. In addition, they should feature a block heel and have high heels.

Vanessa Kensington black boots

You will also need a pair of boots to complete your Vanessa Kensington costume. Black high heels are recommended. However, it would be best to opt for a simple pair of high heel ankle boots with zips on the inside.

Vanessa Kensington silver

About Vanessa Kensington silver

Louis and Marie Kensington had a daughter named Vanessa Kensington at an unspecified time. She had a relatively obscure childhood. Following in the footsteps of Mrs. Kensington, Vanessa became an agent after she retired from British Intelligence. Her name is placed in the Basil Exposition as one of the best agents.

The cosmetics company Estée Lauder has been Elizabeth’s employer for over 15 years since she gave her her first modeling job when she was 29. Since 1995, she has represented and modeled their products, including perfumes such as Sensuous, Intuition, and Pleasures. Her best-known films as an actress include Vanessa Kensington in Mike Myers’ spy comedies, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997), and the Devil in Bedazzled (2000). Her eponymous beachwear line was founded in 2001.

Austin Powers’ Vanessa Kensington is a fictional character. She was a spy for the British Intelligence and worked there. Vanessa is well recognized for playing the second lead in several films as Austin Power’s wife. She was also a fembot, it turns out.

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