Jill Valentine costume for Halloween 2024- (Resident Evil) jill valentine cosplay

The Jill Valentine costume will appeal to anyone who enjoys video games. However, there is more to this costume than just a Resident Evil video game costume. The costume is complete with Resident Evil movie accessories.

You will need several clothing items and props to create your homemade Jill Valentine costume. Nevertheless, a Jill Valentine costume is relatively simple and inexpensive to make. I have compiled a list of everything you need to make your own Jill Valentine costume.

Make a cosplay of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil.

Jill Valentine costume

1. Jill valentine cosplay Top

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The first clothing you’ll need for this Resident Evil costume is a top. The top should fit tightly over your body.

You will also need a strapless top made from thick material.

This high-quality tube top is a must-have for any fashionista. The USA-made Mynx Fiber offers a smart four-way stretchy and ultra-comfortable fit that provides maximum comfort. This breathable and lightweight fabric helps you stay cool and dry during any high- or low-impact exercise. This bandeau is made of lightweight UV Protective Fabric for ladies who like to spend time outdoors.

  • Almost like an extra layer of skin, this shirt slims anyone. This top enhances curves and body shape with unique ribbed sides while ensuring that it won’t slip down or ride up. This slim-fit top gives ladies an effortless seamless look with a long length. There are no sleeves or bra straps, so your arms are free, and you can move freely. Colors that are vibrant and fun and beautiful, neutral shades are available.
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2. Jill Valentine Skirt

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To make a Jill Valentine costume, you’ll need a skirt. In addition, the dress you wear must be relatively short and tight.

It is also important that your skirt is black.

  • Double layered, Pull-on Closure, Fitted Body-con fit, Mid-rise Waist, No waist elastic band.
  • Matches with any top for any occasion. It can be worn every day, on vacation, for dinner, for cocktails, on the beach, etc.
  • Check our measurements in the last picture of each color or the product details below.

3. Jill Valentine Shirt

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I don’t think this is an essential part of a Jill Valentine costume, but it is a nice touch. In many scenes of the movie and video game Resident Evil, the character wears a gray or white shirt.

The way she wears it is unusual, however. Instead of tying it around her waist, she ties it around her arms. If you want to wear a Resident Evil costume, I recommend replicating this.

4. Jill valentine cosplay Boots

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If you want to wear boots on your feet, you will need them. Please make sure they are black calf-high boots.

It would be best to choose boots with no laces and a zipper on the inside.

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  • Thanks to the nearly flat rubber soles, you can stand and stride in confidence all day long without worrying about tripping or aching feet. You can wear them again and again.
  • Despite how soft your sock is, the inside of this slip-on is snag-free, so you can zip them up without running or tearing.

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5. Jill Valentine Drop Leg Holster

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The Jill Valentine costume requires two different types of gun holsters. You will first need a drop leg holster.

This should be worn on your right leg.

  • This can be adjusted to fit your leg size.
  • Weight is evenly distributed, the holster is kept vertical, and pockets can be used
  • Fast mounting/dismounting of holsters with quick-disconnect swivel buckles
  • Leg straps are rubberized to prevent sliding
  • Accessories such as pouches, knives, magazine cases, etc., can be mounted here.
  • Mounting Blackhawk Duty Gear requires the Duty Accessory Mounting Screw Kit (sold separately)
  • Designed to fit Blackhawk Injection-molded concealment holsters and duty holsters

6. like the Jill Valentine cosplay shoulder holster

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You will also need a shoulder holster for your Jill Valentine costume. It is ideal to have the gun on your left side in a shoulder holster made of leather-type material.

It is also recommended that the holster be black.

  • Ambidextrous pistol holster for the shoulder
  • that can be worn either right-handed or left-handed
  • Attaches to harness Double magazine holder
  • Tie-down straps; adjustable thumb break

7. Jill Valentine Tactical Belt

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In Resident Evil’s movie and video game version, Jill Valentine, the cosplayer, wears a tactical belt. Wear a tactical belt with your Jill Valentine costume. You can choose between canvas and leather.

The belt should also be black.

  • Web belts are attached to buckles using heavy-gauge metal buckles. The maximum bearing weight is 1100lbs/500kg. It is widely used in military training or expeditions in the great outdoors.
  • Quick Release Belt Buckle When you push down both golden tabs simultaneously, the belt buckle releases intuitively and smoothly. It will still hold and fully re-lock on its own if only one account is engaged.
  • A 1000D nylon belt that is eco-friendly and fast-drying. This belt is extremely comfortable and breathable.

8. Jill Valentine Guns

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Your Jill Valentine fancy dress costume will start with a gun as the first prop you’ll need. The character carries two weapons. There were two guns in her holsters, one on her shoulder and one on her drop leg.

Instead of carrying a real weapon, we recommend using a toy or airsoft gun.

9. Jill Valentine Hair 

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Copying Jill Valentine’s hairstyle is the final step in making your own Jill Valentine fancy dress. The hairstyle is bobbed and black.

To replicate Jill Valentine’s outfit hairstyle, it is easiest to buy and wear a wig that closely resembles the character’s hairstyle.

  • The rose net is 100% breathable, so you can wear it comfortably. The wig has two adjustment straps at either side, which can be intertwined to a fixed position to fit different head sizes
  • The synthetic fiber used in eNilecor’s bob wig is highly resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, it is lightweight and extremely soft. The wigs can be restyled below 130 degrees centigrade (266 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • The length of the wig is approximately 12 inches, and the weight is about 200 grams. (Tips: There may be slight color differences between various monitors; store the wigs on the wig stand when not wearing them.)

About Jill Valentine

It has been portrayed that Jill Valentine is a sexy fighter, and her clothes reflect that.

A bright blue strapless top and white jacket are worn over it, black skirt, gun holster harness, fingerless gloves, and high boots complete her look.

She would look great at your costume party, wouldn’t you agree? Here’s everything you need.

The character of Jill Valentine appears in the Resident Evil franchise, both in the game and the movie (live-action and animation); she is also known as Biohazard in Japan.

She plays a character in a franchise that revolves around zombie survival. Valentine’s arc is very interesting; she goes from being a leader in the fight against Umbrella Corporation and the zombie hoarse it creates to being an antagonist to others.

In the end, Valentine is the central character of the franchise. However, fans around the world know her personality as well.

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