Eleven Stranger Things Costume for Halloween 2023 ( Make Eleven from ‘Stranger Things Costume )

Netflix’s Stranger Things series has captivated millions with its improbable heroine Eleven. Eleven’s curious love of Eggo waffles and pink borrowed dress make her a force to be reckoned with. But unfortunately, her psychokinetic abilities are exploited for international espionage by the Hawkins National Laboratory in Hawkins, Indiana, where her mother participated in Project MKUltra.
It’s almost impossible to believe she’s just a little girl with exceptional abilities. In an effort to rescue Will Byers, she uses her powers for good to protect her new friends Dustin, Lucas, and Mike. Eleven has an unlikely champion in Sheriff Hooper, who fights to protect her while El fights to protect everyone. Eleven is kind, brave, and willing to sacrifice herself to stop the creatures from the dark dimension from overtaking Hawkins, IN. It is easy to cosplay her since she is such a beloved character! Let,s make Eleven Stranger Things Costume.

Eleven Stranger Things Costume
Eleven Stranger Things Costume

How To make Eleven from ‘Stranger Things Costume

Eleven Stranger Things Pink Frock dress with a white collar

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On the torso of the dress, there is a slight pleat or ruffle, and the same pattern is repeated on the cuffs of the sleeves as well.

Eleven Stranger Things Knee high white socks.

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The top of the garment has colored stripes on it. There is a similarity between these socks and the ones worn by soccer players.

Eleven Stranger Things Navy Blue collared, bomber jacket

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It has a front zip fastening that makes it easy to wear. When the collar is unzipped, it spreads wide as if it were spread open.

Eleven Stranger Things Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor shoes

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A white, weathered, worn, and dirty shirt that is thoroughly weathered, worn, and dirty.

Eleven Stranger Things Blond wig

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Hair that is straight and has side bangs with side swept bangs.

Eleven Stranger Things Fake blood

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This is a nose ring that is designed for noses

Eleven Stranger Things Eggo

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One of Eleven’s favorite foods is pizza

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The story of Eleven

In an era when the 80s dominated pop culture and films, Stranger Things has become a cult hit of the year. As a group of kids befriend a mysterious girl with her secret, they encounter supernatural threats and monsters from the beyond.

This young girl is Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, a young girl with hidden powers who was experimented on by a shadowy organization to control her for nefarious purposes. From a young age, Eleven was raised in a lab with minimal social skills and speech that is even less developed than her social skills. However, with the help of some new friends and a quirky sense of fashion, Eleven struggles to adapt to her new life in the real world as a functioning young girl.

Eleven Cosplay Costumes

Do you want to cosplay an unlikely hero? Stranger Things Eleven would be a perfect choice. A guy or a girl can cosplay this character because of her shaved hair close to her head! A Halloween party could bring the entire Stranger Things crew together, even if Eleven is the true star. With a simple trucker hat and flannel shirt, you can look like Dustin Henderson, while 80s fashion would give you Nancy Wheeler’s look or Barb Holland’s doomed friend.

Lucas Sinclair, Mike Wheeler, and the newly discovered Will Byers complete the group! It’s always a good idea to ask family members to cosplay as Stranger Things. What if your mom cosplayed Joyce Byers, the chain-smoking, emotional wreck? What if your uncle dressed up as Chief Jim Hopper and wore a sheriff’s hat? Eleven’s Eggo Waffles are available while you’re in costume! See more cosplay ideas in the featured pictures, and let us know what you’re wearing!

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Choosing the best Halloween costumes for Eleven

As one of the main characters in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown plays Jane “Eleven” Ives, often referred to as El. An escaped Hawkins National Laboratory employee, and Eleven has psychokinetic gifts and a mysterious past. The key to finding Will Byers, Mike Wheeler’s missing friend, may lie with Eleven.

With a costume consisting of a Long Blonde Wig, Doll Collar Short Sleeve Dress, Men’s Lightweight Navy Jacket, Over Calf Tube Socks, and Chuck Taylor All-Star II Sneakers, you will look just like Eleven. Adding El’s accessories, like a Waffle Teething Toy and Graftobian Stage Blood, will complete her cosplay look.

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