Nebula and Zenon – Girl of the 21st Century Costume for Halloween 2024-How to Make Zenon and Nebula’s Costume

There is no doubt that Zenon and Nebula are best friends and have matching clothing, just as many best friends do. Each is wearing a set of pink body suits with blue vests and skirts (although they are wearing different shades of blue). In addition, there are a variety of accessories that Zenon wears, such as necklaces and bracelets. Adding a blonde wig to Zenon’s look and a black wig to Nebula’s look would be the best way to complete the look. In both of these hairstyles, the hair is pulled back in pigtails.

Nebula and Zenon - Girl of the 21st Century Costume
Nebula and Zenon - Girl of the 21st Century Costume

How to Make Zenon and Nebula’s Costume from 21st Century Zenon

For Zenon costume

Zenon costume-Pink Body Suit

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This bodysuit is the perfect way to start your cosplay.

Whether going to a carnival, a sports event, a party, or just having fun with your family, this Full bodysuit will suit your needs perfectly. Make your Halloween costumes perfect for this year’s Halloween party. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! You can order yours right now!

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Zenon costume -Blue Vest

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The light blue vest is a great way to add a layer to your outfit.

With a windproof, lightweight fabric that does not absorb moisture, this 33,000ft softshell vest for women will keep you warm and dry as long as you wear it.

A specially treated outer fabric keeps the core of the garment dry and comfortable even in the light rain while the outer fabric repels water and breathes.

The wearer can move freely within the garment with the shell made from a four-way stretch fabric. There will be no restriction on your movement. You can move thanks to elastic cuffs and flexible soft fabric freely. This 33,000ft sleeveless windbreaker is ideal for hiking, trail running, camping, climbing, cycling, fishing, golf, travel, work, and jogging.

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Zenon costume
Zenon costume

Zenon costume –Blue Skirt

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Your vest should be paired with a skirt that matches.

Mesh skirt with mini pocket and phone pocket/ inner drawcord/ elastic closure

Wash by machine or by hand

For Mother’s Day, give her the tennis skirts for women, tennis skirts with built-in mesh liner shorts, which don’t ride up and aren’t tight.

Zenon costume –Gem Studs

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The skirt can also be embellished with gems.

 High-quality acrylic, random color, made from high-quality materials. Perfectly cut surfaces reflect different flashes of brilliance depending on the color.

A purple storage bag with tweezers is included for storing loose diamonds and loose rhinestones and separate opp bags for each style of the loose rhinestone.

Zenon costume -Bangles

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To complete your look, don’t forget to add this bangle.

A transparent geometric resin bangle bracelet adorned with colorful acrylic.

They are made of acrylic. The diameter of the bracelet is 6 cm/2.3 in. They weigh 36 grams.

There is something stylish about acrylic bracelets. You can wear them with so many outfits! Style can be added to any company or glance! Personalized, fashionable, and charming will make you stand out. As well as being suitable for date nights, parties, weddings, and celebrations, it is also ideal for all occasions.

Zenon costume –Bracelets

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The opposite wrist should be worn with this set.

With a multilayer environmental bracelet, this teal leather wrap bracelet is not fade, is not pungent, and is comfortable to wear. The leather bracelet is decorated with teal crystals, blue opal, and super shiny cubic zirconia. Wearing this bracelet is easy because of its super strong magnetic clasp.

Zenon costume –Necklace

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This pyramid-inspired necklace will keep your look relaxed.

We are featuring the all-seeing eye of Providence on a triangular talisman (1.20 grams).

Handcrafted in sterling silver with a perfect polished finish in 925 sterling silver

This item comes packaged in a special gift box for free.

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Nebula Costume
Nebula Costume

Here is some cool homemade Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Costumes shared with us by costume enthusiasts worldwide. You’ll also find homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration here, along with costumes. 

For Nebula Costume

Nebula Costume-Pink Body Suit

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Keep it matching with Zenon with this body suit.

Our cool Zentai Cosplay Costumes feature a superb stretchy design that will fit your body build. You’ll love the breathable & flexible construction that will give you the comfort you deserve.

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Nebula Costume-Blue Vest

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Nebula also wears a blue vest in a different shade.

The fit is close but comfortable, and the movement is easy

The fabric is water-resistant and durable, and it is filled with a warm filling

A full-length zipper closes the front of the jacket

Nebula Costume-Blue Skirt

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Don’t forget to wear a matching blue skirt.

It can be hand washed or machine washed. Bleach should not be used.

It is made of silk satin, a soft fabric that is lightweight and easy to wear. Skirt with lining in a mini length.

Women and teens can wear this short-length, floral printed bodycon mini skirt above the knee with an invisible zipper.

It’s cute and fashionable. For a 90’s retro-chic look, wear your short A-line flower skirt with a cami top or t-shirt.

Nebula Costume-Sneakers

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In addition to Zenon’s sneakers, she has her own.

Look stylish and sexy with the latest fashion and trends

(approximately 1.25″ in height). Platform Sneaker

Cushioned foam for maximum comfort, Padded socks

Nebula Costume-Curly Wig

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In addition to having black hair, this wig can be helpful if you do not have it.

Pruning can be less hassle for more extensive, thicker, and heavier afro curl wigs. To achieve a natural and complete look, we adjust the size of the curls of these afro curly wigs for black women. Weight: 300 grams, length: 14 inches in curly afro wig style. You will have more time to enjoy it.

In curly wigs for black women, two adjustment straps can be adjusted to your best size. (Afro curly wig with bangs) The size of the curly afro wig is M (about 21.5 “-22”).

Nebula Costume-Hair Rings

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Wear hair rings to complete her look.

With two colors to choose from, you can easily make different hairstyles. Each color comes with 100 pieces.

The braid rings we offer are flexible and stretchable without damaging your hair.

Close the opening of the ring after placing it on your hair. Braid your hair, then place the call on your hair.

The perfect accessories for your braided hair: braids, extensions, updos, dreadlocks, etc.

About Zenon and Nebula

Two main characters in a Disney show titled Zenon Girl of the 21st Century are referred to as Zenon and Nebula. In the Zenon trilogy, Zenon is the main character and the main protagonist of the story. Her home is a space station where she lives as a teenager. Her best friend is Nebula, whom she meets later in the story. A video tablet is often used to communicate between them.

Zenon Kar

Among the main characters in Zenon, the trilogy is Zenon Kar, the titular protagonist. Her family lives on a space station orbiting the Earth, where she is a teenage girl. Zenon was born in 2036, and he has a very outgoing personality. As a result of her adventurous nature and outgoing personality, she often finds herself in trouble. Helping others is always on her mind. The term “fetus Iapetus” is often used by Zenon to express exclamation. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century portrays her as a troublemaker. Free-spirited, brave, and bold, she is a great role model.

Nebula Wade

In Disney Channel’s Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Trilogy, Nebula Wade is Zenon Kar’s best friend. She was born sometime between 2035-2036 to Carla and Mr Wade. Zenon Kar became Nebula’s best friend after meeting her at some point.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

The Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century was directed by Kenneth Johnson and starred Kirsten Storms. Marilyn Sadler and Roger Bollen wrote Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, which served as the basis for the film. It was initially intended as a pilot for a possible television series. Zenon: The Zequel (2001) was the first sequel among Disney Channel Original Movies. Zenon: Z3 (2004) is the third and final installment in the Zenon series. The year is 2049, and Zenon Kar is a 13-year-old living on a space station orbiting the Earth. Zenon’s parents send her to Earth to live with her aunt Judy after she gets into trouble with Edward Plank, the space station’s commander. The name Zenon, stories about space stations, and slang she uses on Earth make her feel out of place among other kids. Likewise, the students at Zenon’s school are woefully out of touch with pop culture. On Earth, Zenon becomes friends with Andrew and Greg (with whom she develops a relationship). The kids learn to accept one another and look beyond first impressions along the way.

Zenon uncovers Parker Wyndham’s plot to crash the space station and collect insurance money using a computer virus during her stay on Earth. Zenon tries to warn her parents about the danger, but Commander Plank, who sees all children as troublemakers, convinces them not to listen. According to Plank, her story was just a ploy to get back onto the space station to attend a concert by her idol, Proto Zoa, and his pop-rock group, Microbe.

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