6 Best Fiji Water Girl Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2024

Kelleth Cuthbert is a Canadian actress and model who rose to prominence after performing at the Golden Globes Awards. She was in charge of holding a tray fullof with FIJI water bottles on the red carpet as celebs were photographed. The brand’s strategy, which they had used for many years, was to have stars bring water with them to stay hydrated throughout the evening. Of course, providing free water would imply that A-list celebs would be photographed with the iconic water bottle. But, things happened a little differently this time.
Due to the frigid weather, few celebrities accepted free bottles. Kelleth was spotted photobombing in multiple images instead of celebs clutching a bottle of fresh FIJI Water. Some believe it was an accident, but others believe it was a brilliant marketing strategy. The photographer for FIJI Water was instructed to capture images of the bottle and celebrities in the same frame, so perhaps they had to get a little creative?

Fiji Water Girl Costumes
Fiji Water Girl Costumes

How to Create a Fiji Water Girl Costume

Wear this Fiji water girl costume to the red carpet:

Fiji Water Girl Blue Dress

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Blue Dress This blue dress is the perfect starting point for the outfit.

Fiji Water Girl Blue Sleeveless Dress

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Blue Dresses Without Sleeves You also have the option of wearing this dress in its place.

Fiji Water Girl Fiji Water

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Fiji Water Once you’ve done that, grab some Fiji water bottles.

Fiji Water Girl Clear Tray

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Transparent Drawer Layer This transparent drawer layer is also available to you as a tray.

Fiji Water Girl Wig

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Wig Put on a brown wig, as well.

Fiji Water Girl Heels

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Heels Put on a pair of high heels to complete the look of the costume. She caused a stir when she photobombed A-list celebrities during a big awards show and garnered a lot of attention. The combination of her natural beauty and her frank demeanour in images taken at top star events ensured that she would attract the attention of internet users. You, too, may be the centre of attention by donning this costume, which consists of a brown wig and a blue maxi dress. Then you should carry a transparent tray containing Fiji water bottles.

About Fiji Water Girl

There is a brand of artesian water called Fiji Water that originates from the water sources in Fiji. It is a brand of water that is considered to be of high quality. It generated about 12 million USD worth of mileage at the 76th Golden Globe Awards, when it made news thanks to Kelleth Cuthbert, also known as the Fiji brand girl.

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Guide to the Greatest Fiji Water Girl Halloween Costumes

A model and a water bottle went viral during the 2019 Golden Globes Awards. The award ceremony is usually a glamorous and high-profile affair attended by A-list celebrities. FIJI Water has been attending these prestigious events for some time. Typically, their marketing resources are focused on persuading celebrities to drink their water and then pose with their water bottles in hand. This Fiji Water Girl costume guide will help you achieve the look of the photobombing model.

Kelleth Cuthbert, a model and FIJI Water ambassador, rose to prominence after being seen in the background of multiple celebrity images holding a tray of FIJI Water. Some believe it was a coincidence, while others say it was a deliberate marketing campaign by FIJI Water. In any case, she went viral in an instant. You, too, can begin lurking in the shadows like the FIJI Water Girl. A Women’s Tier Dress, Heeled Sandal, Pink Lipstick, Serving Tray, and FIJI Water are required for this appearance.

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Cosplay Costumes for Fiji Water Girls

Kelleth Cuthbert, a Canadian model, is noted in the modelling industry for almost always wearing all black. Being the wonderful model that she is, she can also pull off any other appearance she wants. The attire she wore on the Golden Globes red carpet was more brighter than anything she wore on her Instagram page. It’s a deep electric blue gown with three levels that resemble a gentle waterfall. Her lipstick resembles the pink blossom in the centre of the company’s logo, and the blue is identical to that on the Fuji water bottle.

It’s a wise decision for the company to “accidentally” stand out in many of the celebrity photographs. Despite the fact that the Fuji Water Girl is only carrying bottles of water in the background, Kelleth Cuthbert is immediately identifiable in her gorgeous costume. Therefore, if you’re scared about being ignored all night in your FIJI Water Girl costume, don’t be!

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