Francis Begbie Costume Cosplay and Halloween 2024

The main antagonist of Trainspotting and T2: Trainspotting is Francis “Franco” Begbie. Robert Carlyle portrays him in both films.
Robert Carlyle might seem like a friend to the main characters, but they all fear him in return. He isn’t addicted to heroin and, despite being an alcoholic and a chronic cigarette smoker, actively views them as chemical dependency. Robert Carlyle will, however, gladly indulge his real addiction to violence at any opportunity, from picking fights at pubs to mugging unsuspecting tourists.

Francis Begbie Costume
Francis Begbie Costume

Begbie is a self-described brute, combative, and temperamental character – accepted by his group simply because he can supply them with cash. Psychopaths probably should not be trusted around Begbie. However, he supports Hibs like everyone else in the group.
If you want to dress like a character from Trainspotting, you can easily make your own DIY Francis Begbie costume. This costume is very easy for friends to put together. The characters in Trainspotting can differ from one another.

Trainspotting Costume – Francis Begbie

Making a Francis Begbie costume can be accomplished in several ways. However, our focus will be on the clothing used by the character when telling his story for this version of Francis Begbie’s costume.

Francis Begbie wears a jacket
Francis Begbie Jacket

Francis Begbie wears a jacket.

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To complete your Francis Begbie costume, you will need a suitable jacket. It probably would make more sense to choose a simple light blue denim jacket here.

French Begbie Pants and shows
French Begbie Pants and Shoes

French Begbie Pants

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You should choose pants that are appropriate for this Trainspotting costume. In the movie Trainspotting, this character wears beige-colored formal pants that seem cheap.

Christian Louboutin Shoes

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You will need to pay careful attention when choosing shoes for your Francis Begbie fancy dress. A stylized black leather loafer is worn throughout Trainspotting.

T-shirt with Francis
French Begbie T-shirt

T-shirt with Francis Begbie’s face

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Wear a white t-shirt under the denim jacket you will be wearing. An appropriate top would be a collared polo shirt with a button-up neck.

Begbie Moustache by Francis Begbie

Your last step is to recreate the facial hair of the character. Choosing the right style will depend on your preference. A fake mustache can be used if you do not have time to grow one.

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Describe your appearance

Begbie possessed long, slick, dark brown hair and a thick, full mustache in his prime. Begbie favored wearing geometric jumpers over other pieces of clothing, and he wore simple trousers and shoes with these. Begbie often wore a grey suit, a pink shirt, and a black-tie on special occasions and for the heroin deal.

Begbie became much more muscular in prison for twenty years, and he assumed a threatening and intimidating appearance as he got older. His hair was greying and shortening hair contrasted with his aristocratic mustache, a tired face, and several missing teeth. His mustache was the same size. The prisoner had to wear a green prison uniform throughout his time there. Still, after escaping, he took several pieces from his own home as disguises: a black jumper with geometric patterns in the middle, a black bomber jacket, greyish black jeans, and black shoes. After his escape, he wore sunglasses and a sunhat to disguise himself.

What Francis Begbie is all about

Angus Begbie was cruel, maniacal, and sadistic, and he enjoyed inflicting pain on people without reason. In addition, he had a nasty temper, beating, stabbing, and insulting anyone who annoyed or insulted him. To make himself seem grander to his peers, he often distorted the truth and misrepresented the facts. Apart from being somewhat pretentious, he also admired himself for not taking drugs over his drug-addicted friends.

His family, however, was a soft side to Begbie. As an old drunk who barely saw his son, Begbie didn’t see his dad with much respect and decided that making amends with his estranged son and wife was the last thing he wanted to do before exacting revenge on Renton.

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