Asian People Costume Ideas

Super Funny Asian People Costume Ideas for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Costume ideas abound, so you can pick one that works for you. Whether your mood is mind-numbingly frightened or you are laughing out loud, there’s an Asian option for you to check out and enjoy wearing! Find the one that appeals to you the most and use it.

Top 10 costume ideas inspired by Asians:

Rich Chigga

Let’s make Asians rap kings this Halloween! In 2015, Rich Chigga became an internet sensation after his song “Dat $tick” became a viral hit. People loved his preppy style in the video (particularly his fanny pack) because it was paired with his rapping.

The following items are required:

  • Shirt and shorts in light pink, a light backpack, aviator glasses, a bottle of liquor, Rich Chigga 

Sun Wukong (Monkey King)

A costume of the supernatural monkey from the classic Chinese Journey to the West shows you are both humorous (because monkeys are hilarious) and academic (because, you know, it’s a classic novel). His numerous abilities include, among others, his ability to control wind, water, and even freeze humans, demons, and even gods. 

You have the opportunity to express your creativity through the variations in Sun’s appearance, as there are several interpretations. Taobao offers numerous costume options that will help you recreate the Monkey King appearance. Alternately, don some creative red, black, blue, and white face paint, along with a funky hat, shirt, pants, and staff.

asain man mankey costume


Since it’s the Year of the Monkey, it only fits to dress like a primate to show your Middle Kingdom pride. Several ways could be employed to create this costume, ranging from cute to ugly to downright hilarious.

This costume offers many options for you to play around with, so let your imagination run wild. Bananas for days!

Consider changing your monkey costume and becoming a Chinese zodiac animal instead, since a horse mask is a much more appropriate choice.

Goku from Dragon Ball costume

Goku from Dragon Ball

The trick-or-treating season is upon us, so be a Saiyan this year! Dragon Ball, an anime and manga from the 1980s, features Goku as its main protagonist. By wearing his iconic look this Halloween, you can channel the bravery and purity of his heart.


Sadako was already terrifying the Japanese community long before Samara Morgan graced the big screen. You don’t need to worry! She and Samara look alike, and they are technically the same. Be that Asian girl in the well and make people faint!


Three simple costumes can be replicated from the first Asian woman and the first Asian Canadian to host Golden Globes and Saturday Night Live.

You can become the iconic character, Cristina Yang, from Grey’s Anatomy by sporting blue scrubs, a white coat, and a Cristina Yang badge. Dress as Eve Polastri from the renowned Killing Eve in a brown trench coat and a button-up shirt if you want to be an agent of MI5. Grab Oh’s iconic shirt if you’re going to be simple.

funny costume


Which Asian martial arts characters and movies are more well-known? Yes, that’s right! It’s all so good! Is there anything better than sushi as a food costume? As you pass people, have their mouths water as they imagine you to be the delectable dish. Take a look at this hilarious and tasty take!

What you will need:

  • The best sushi includes lightweight foam, paints, underlining fabric, felt paper, and fabric dyes


It’s hard to imagine Awkwafina without her iconic looks, from rapper to actress. 

Make yourself into the signature look of Awkwafina: wear a dress from Crazy Rich Asians or a pair of clear aviators. For character development, you may want to memorize a few lines from her songs. 


During the Halloween season, you might see a superhero or two. Thank goodness Shang-Chi is finally getting some long-awaited screen time. 

Because the movie has not yet been produced, do not expect to see Shang-Chi costumes on store shelves anytime soon. You should still have the potential to become an Asian superhero despite that.

Yes, I would like to say he is a superman in the costume world. :))

I think you get an enough idea about Asian funny costume. So, I like to highly recommended to you read another Artice about- Annie Get Your Gun costume ideas.

supper funny costume


If you are unfamiliar with this Chinese cryptid, it’s similar in many ways to the North American bigfoot and rumored to live in the mountainous regions of Hubei province. Generally described as larger in stature than a human, this creature is alleged to sport a thick coat of grey or red (or both) fur. While, in theory, this costume may be difficult to replicate, you could have a memorable (albeit hot) night in a gorilla outfit, scaring children and crushing empty Tsingtao cans over your thick yerin skull. 

This costume also comes with outstanding re-wear value, as no party is truly complete without a man in a gorilla outfit. Gorilla costumes can be found in abundance on Taobao.

asain funny panda costume idea


There are few animals in China (if any) that are more iconic than the panda. This is largely because the panda is only found in China, while other notable Chinese creatures – like the tiger – are found in neighboring countries. 

The advantage of sporting a panda outfit this Halloween is that it’s cute and decidedly hard to hate on (who doesn’t love pandas?). Someone can easily purchase onesie panda pajamas on – you guessed it – Taobao. If you’re not a fan of internet shopping, many clothing markets carry various forms of panda apparel.

Bruce Lee costume

Bruce Lee

Another iconic person in Asian history is the martial artist slash actor Bruce Lee. Before Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee was already wowing his audience with his amazing combat skills. Channel your inner martial arts skills this Halloween as the yellow-clad hero!

What you will need:

  • Bruce Lee, wearing a yellow leotard, black sidelining fabric, and a black wig and nunchakus


Are you a DC fan more than anything else? Those interested in dressing up as Katana can also dress up as him for Halloween. As a result of its appearance in Suicide Squad, Katana costumes are available in costume stores – but if you want to DIY the look, grab a leather jacket, a couple of swords, and a mask. You’re done.


Make sure you have hair, makeup, and clothes down – Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress as your favorite Kpop stars.

G-Dragon’s hairstyles or even Dara’s pineapple hair are good choices when it comes to styling your hair. Make sure that you have dramatic makeup, such as the rainbow eyeshadow on Sunmi’s cheek in Lake Lalay or Chungha’s in Rollercoaster. The clothes are important as well. The RYFL music video fits Tiffany Young’s feature harnesses and deep tones like Monsta X, vibrant colors like Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb, and dramatic outfits like Monsta X’s RYFL. 


If you want to go classic Asian, dressing up like a samurai warrior might be the most timeless way to go. Not only are they very famous in pop culture, but they also have a big place in history. You’ll never know, but you might have been descended from a real samurai. Don’t worry if you’re a girl. Asian women can still definitely go as samurai if you want to!

What you will need:

  • Satsuma, cloth, brown boots, EVA foam, paper clay, acrylic paint, dark long-sleeved sweater, dark pants, dark sweater, dark pants, black pants, brown boots, shoes

Glenn Rhee from Walking Dead

If you’re more into recent and contemporary topics, Glenn Rhee from The Walking Dead series might be up your alley. What’s more Halloween-y than going as a zombie-killing, apocalypse-living Asian guy, right?

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