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Annie Get Your Gun costume Cosplay and Halloween 2024

Is there a problem between men and women in this production? The situation is not unique to you. Her troubles plague Annie Oakley as well. When Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show arrives in town, this gun-toting gal finds her capabilities suddenly tested. When she meets Frank Butler, another sharpshooter with a penchant for gentile women, she becomes deterred. Annie is not Frank’s thing. Annie, how will you approach Frank?


The wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the production’s costume needs. I meant this to give you a feel for costume styles and the necessary costume changes. These costumes are available in standard adult sizes. 

gun costume

However, substantial and small sizes may not be available. We do not list specific fabrics and colors due to new designs or availability in stock (except where noted). There may be differences between accessories and styles.

The cast and costumes consist of the following:

Annie Oakley:

  1. Shirt dress styled after the hillbillies
  2. Western skirt and period blouse
  3. Beaded cowgirl jacket, hat, blouse, and skirt (not too fancy).
  4. Wear this outfit with a dress, hat, and a western blouse
  5. Costume and headpiece of an Indian ceremonial
  6. Costumes for cowgirls of the past
  7. Medals, a wrap around the neck, a headpiece, an elaborate evening gown
  8. Costumes for cowgirls

Dolly Tate:

  1. An outfit and a hat for travel
  2. Kimono that sings loudly
  3. Cowgirl outfit with fancy accessories
  4. Tiara & ballgown
  5. A corporation and a hat for travel

Nellie, Jessie, Minnie:

  1. Dresses for ragged hillbillies
  2. Nightgowns & pajamas
  3. Dresses for summer that are plain
  4. Coats & hats should be added
  5. Organdy frocks or dresses with eyelets
funny gun costume


  1. Dress and jacket for a cowgirl
  2. Shirts and pants for daytime
  3. Dress for the second day
  4. Dress and headpiece for evening

Frank Butler:

  1. Coat, shirt, hat, pants, and string tie of a period cowboy
  2. Bandana, vest, chaps, and shirt all in flashy styles
  3. Second pair of chaps and vest
  4. Tails coat, vest, shirt, tie, pants, one medal
  5. Western costume

Buffalo Bill:

  1. The costume consists of a western jacket, shirt, hat, pants, and a string tie
  2. A frock coat, a vest, a sweater, a connection, and trousers
  3. Shirt, tie, pants, vest, tailcoat, vest

Charlie Davenport:

  1. Tie, shirt, and hat with checkered patterns
  2. Dressed in sporty clothing, wearing a cowboy hat
  3. It’s another loud suit
  4. Shirt, tie, pants, vest, tailcoat, vest

Little Jake:

  1. The overalls or pants are raggedy, the shirt is tattered, and the cap is a coonskin
  2. Ankle-length pants and a shirt
  3. The simple suit, tee, tie, and hat for a child
  4. They have changed the case
  5. Shirt, connection, and claim for a child

Sitting Bull:

  1. A fringed blanket, a vest with feathers, and a headpiece with fringes
  2. The headdress should be long and ceremonial
  3. Shirt, pants, and hat in Indian style
  4. Coat with tails, vest, shirt, tie, derby trimmed with feathers and Indian designs
  5. Shirt, Indian pants, vest, cutaway coat, collar, tie, derby

Pawnee Bill:

  1. Hat, coat, and pants with fringe
  2. A tailcoat, a vest, a shirt, and a tie


  1. Pants, vest, bandana, feather headband, shirt with Indian print
  2. Shirt, pants, and vest in fancy prints
  3. Pants, shirt, vest, tassel, tailcoat

Conservative suit, hat, shirt, and tie for Foster Wilson

  1. The dress and headpiece of Mrs. Sylvia Porter were elaborate
  2. They required a uniform and a cap for conductors
  3. A train waiter wears an apron and uniform
  4. The uniform and lid of the Pullman Porter
  5. I wear a plaid suit, a shirt, a tie, and a cowboy hat
  6. Native American costumes and headdresses made of sandwich signs
  7. Costumes for comic Indians: Indian Squaws
  8. White jackets, white shirts, black ties, and black pants for Brevoort Ballroom Porter and Waiter
  9. Shirt, striped trousers, cutaway jacket, tie, vest
  10. Frank Butler-style man dressed in a suit and tie

Child’s period dress: Little Girl

Dancing Girls:

  1. Parasol dresses for summer
  2. Shirt, skirt, corset, vest
  3. Dresses and headpieces for the ball

Singing Girls:

  1. Parasol dresses for summer
  2. Clothing, hats, and parasols from various eras
  3. Dresses and headpieces for evening

Dancing Men:

  1. Cowboys, cutaways, and various Sack suits
  2. Cowboys who dress up
  3. Headpieces, loincloths, and trousers of Indian origin
  4. Cowboy clothes reminiscent of “Dancing Girls.”

Singing Men:

  1. Sack suits, cutaway figures, and cowboys assorted
  2. Clothes, pants, and headpieces of Indian origin
  3. Coat with tails, vest, shirt, tie, and pants

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