12 Best Link The Legend of Zelda Costume for Halloween 2023 – How to Dress Like Link

It’s possible that you can relate to Link more than you realize. Every narrative begins with him sleeping off or relaxing, which gives the impression that he is somewhat unmotivated. However, when the time comes for him to defend the world from impending doom, he morphs into a ruthless warrior. His prowess with a sword and shield is unparalleled, and he routinely dispatches foes that are far larger than he is. Additionally, he possesses an exceptional intelligence level, enabling him to rapidly decipher the intricate mechanisms and problems that stand in his way. In addition to this, he does not require any training to utilize new weapons.
Link is the hero who repeatedly pulls off the impossible and rescues Princess Zelda. But what truly sets him apart and makes him remarkable is his tremendous bravery, profound kindness, and incredible combat abilities. Moreover, his capacity for altruism is so impressive that he occasionally assists those once his adversaries. The most recent installment of his exploits may be found in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, recently released for the Nintendo Switch.

Link The Legend of Zelda Costume
Link The Legend of Zelda Costume

Zelda – Breath of the Wild: How to Dress Like Link

Link Beige Shirt and Pants

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With a simple pair of pants and a beige undershirt, you can start your outfit ideally.

Link Green Tunic

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Over your shirt, wear a green tunic that covers your shoulders.

Link Brown Shoe Covers

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It can be made to look as if you are wearing medieval boots by wearing these show covers.

Link Green Fleece Hat

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Wear a green fleece hat with your tunic to complete the look.

Link Fake Ears

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To look more like Link, you should wear a pair of fake elven ears to make you look like him.

Link Sword Leather Belt

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Keep your weapons handy by adding a sword leather belt to your wardrobe.

Link Brown Belt

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It is a good idea to wear a brown belt around your waist.

Link Brown Fingerless Gloves

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A pair of fingerless gloves in brown color will keep your hands warm and protected from the elements.

Link Brown Bracers

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You can keep your arms safe with a pair of brown leather bracers.

Link Sword Prop

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It would be best to arm yourself with a sword to defend yourself.

Link Shield Prop

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With the help of a shield, you can protect yourself from harm.

Link  Full Costume Set

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If you have this costume set instead of making your outfit, you won’t have to do any DIY work on your company.

About Link

The first time the character Link was given a voice was in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which was released in 1998. Fujiko Takimoto provided the child version of Link’s voice, while Nobuyuki Hiyama provided the voice of Link’s adult counterpart. Hiyama is well-known for her appearances in Gurren Lagann, Seiju Sentai Gingaman, Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Takimoto is also renowned for his roles in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Grandia, and Namco x Capcom.

You may get more information about Link and the other characters in The Legend of Zelda by visiting the following websites:

Link, the primary protagonist of “The Legend of Zelda,” is typically presented as a young child with no extraordinary abilities who evolves into a renowned hero and saves the world through his numerous exploits. He is famous for his fearless behavior and the skill with which he wields a sword and shield.

The medieval clothing that Link wears is what people remember most about him. His undershirt and leggings are both beige, and he wears a green tunic, brown belts, brown knee-high boots, a green fleece cap, brown fingerless gloves, and brown arm bracers.

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A guide to the best Link (Breath of the Wild) Halloween costumes

Link is one of the most famous fictional characters in video games. He is the main character in the Legend of Zelda video game series, which Nintendo developed. It is believed that he is a character who is no more than nineteen years old at most. He travels across vast nations and delves into dark dungeons on his quests for adventure, where he fights evil and collects wealth along the way. The designer of Link drew influence from the character Peter Pan, and Link has substantial similarity to Peter Pan in both his blue costume and his young age. Use this tutorial to create a cosplay version of Link’s outfit from the most recent The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild video game.

Wearing a Link Cosplay Wig will give you the same haircut as the character, which is the first step towards dressing up as Link. Next, acquire some Latex Alien Elf ears so that you may complete your transformation into an elf. After that, put on your unique blue Link costume, complete with Link Brown Boots and a Link Belt. Lastly, arm yourself with the weapons necessary to fight the powers of darkness, such as the Wooden Viking Shield, the Sword of Time, and the Recurve Bow.

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Dress up as Link (Breath of the Wild) in a cosplay costume

There is a good explanation for why Link is so well-liked. When you consider his age concerning his great deeds, he is a highly motivating character to portray in a costume. Given that the events of Zelda take place in a made-up country, the likelihood of your having any of Zelda’s attire lying about is relatively low. The most extraordinary thing about this particular cosplay is getting dressed up. The only other thing that should be taken into consideration is practicing the movements of your sword and shield.

If you want to make things more fascinating, you and your pals may construct a costume based on Nintendo that is enjoyable and features characters from the video game company. Your buddies have the option of donning costumes representing characters such as Princess Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Ganon, Toad, or Donkey Kong. This incredible cosplay has a good chance of being your finest one ever! You may also go through the many costume guidelines available on Costume Wall for more ideas. Finally, please share some photographs of your finished Link cosplay to inspire others.

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